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How Kentucky Derby Futures Pool Sets The Stage For Horse Racing's Biggest Event

The world of horse racing is not only about the exhilarating races and triumphant finishes; it's also about the anticipation, the speculation, and the excitement that come with predicting the next big champion. The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to peer into the future of this iconic sport.

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The world of horse racing is not only about the exhilarating races and triumphant finishes; it's also about the anticipation, the speculation, and the excitement that come with predicting the next big champion. The Kentucky Derby Futures Pooloffers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to peer into the future of this iconic sport.
It's a gateway to discovering the rising stars, the underdogs, and the contenders that might just steal the show at the legendary Kentucky Derby. With each pool, bettors embark on a thrilling journey, analyzing odds, evaluating performances, and placing strategic bets on the horses they believe will make history.
The Derby Futures Pool is where the excitement of the race meets the anticipation of what's to come, making it a must-engage experience for horse racing aficionados and bettingenthusiasts alike.

2023 Kentucky Derby Future Pool 5

Pool Five of the 2023 Kentucky Derby Future Wager has drawn to a close, and it's no surprise that the talented Hopeful (G1), Breeders' Futurity (G1), and Breeders' Cup Juvenile (G1) victor, Forte, stands as the favorite at 3-1. With Todd Pletcher as the trainer, Forte has been making waves in the racing world.
Tapit Trice, another Pletcher-trained contender, boasts an 8-1 chance after securing victory in the Tampa Bay Derby (G2). Following closely behind is the mutuel field of all other 3-year-olds, offering odds at 10-1.
The total handle for Pool 3 reached an impressive $341,637, with $250,906 of that being wagered to win, and $90,731 going into the exacta. These numbers emphasize the growing excitement surrounding the Kentucky Derby. When taking into account all five Derby pools, enthusiastic horse racing fans have bet an astounding total of $1,306,177.
It's important to note that any horses under the tutelage of Bob Baffert or other suspended trainers are excluded from earning points towards Derby qualification. However, they are still included in the mutuel field. If they change trainers before the February 28 deadline, they can earn points and become separate betting interests in later pools.
Wet Paint, the winner of the Honeybee Stakes (G3) and a Brad Cox-trained horse, emerges as the favorite at 4-1 in the single Kentucky Oaks Future Wager pool for 2023, which ran concurrently with Derby Pool 5. Wonder Wheel, the 6-1 second choice and Mark Casse's protégé, is following closely behind.
Wonder Wheel, a Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies (G1) winner, finished second in the Suncoast Stakes. Meanwhile, Hoosier Philly, who secured third place in the Rachel Alexandra (G2) under trainer Tom Amoss, holds the 7-1 odds.
The Oaks Future Wager attracted a total of $70,208 in wagers, with $53,340 going into the win pool and $16,868 in the exacta pool.
The Kentucky Derby Future Wager requires a minimum bet of two dollars, with no refunds if your selected horse doesn't make it to the race. Betting options include both win and exacta wagers. The Derby pools have been taking place on various dates, with Pool 6 set for March 30 to April 1.
The 149th Kentucky Derby, presented by Woodford Reserve, is slated for Saturday, May 6, while the 149th Longines Kentucky Oaks will be held on Friday, May 5. Detailed rules and information about the wager are available here.
Real-time odds during open pool times can be monitored here, while win wager will-pay prices and exacta pay-offs will be accessible after the wagering period concludes. For those interested in past performances, free BRISnet past performances for Derby Pool 5 can be found here, and the Oaks Pool past performances can be accessed here.
It's worth noting that Mandarin Hero, listed as horse 24 in the Derby Pool, is missing past performance lines from Japan and is categorized as a "first-time starter."

Kentucky Derby Future Pool 1

Horse racing enthusiasts have a thrilling opportunity to make their mark on the 2024 Kentucky Derby as Pool 1 of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager (KDFW) opens its gates for a three-day betting extravaganza from Tuesday to Thursday.
The anticipation is palpable as bettors delve into the potential of their picks, aiming for substantial betting value if their chosen steed secures a coveted spot in the starting gate on the first Saturday in May.
Starting at noon ET on Tuesday and concluding at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday, the betting frenzy kicks off, allowing participants to place their $2 Win and Exacta bets.
Accessible through FanDuel Racing, the platform provides not only an exciting betting experience but also a lucrative opportunity. New users are welcomed with a $100 No Sweat Bet, usable on any race across the country, enhancing the thrill of the stakes.
In a prelude to the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve (G1) on Saturday, May 4, the KDFW has witnessed an impressive surge in enthusiasm.
The pari-mutuel field of “All Other Colts and Geldings” emerged as the odds-on 4-5 favorite in Pool 1, reflecting the widespread anticipation surrounding the upcoming Derby season. Breeders' Futurity (Grade 1) winner, Locked, managed to capture attention as the 14-1 second choice, setting the stage for an exhilarating race.
Additional contenders such as Dornoch (19-1), a full sibling to this year's Kentucky Derby champion Mage, and Timberlake (20-1), the Champagne (G1) winner, also stirred interest among bettors. The betting choices, each with their respective trainers, Pool 1 odds, and $2 Win Will Pays, paint a vibrant picture of the diverse field vying for victory.
The total handle for the October 31 to November 2 KDFW pool reached an impressive $164,278, marking a significant 43% increase from the previous year. This surge in wagering enthusiasm underscores the fervor and excitement surrounding the 150th Kentucky Derby.
This event marks the inauguration of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, which has continued its legacy for 26 consecutive years, captivating fans and bettors alike.
With future wagering pools scheduled for November 23-26 (Pool 2), January 19-21 (Pool 3), February 16-18 (Pool 4), March 15-17 (Pool 5), and April 4-6 (Pool 6), the journey to the 150th Kentucky Derby promises to be an exhilarating ride.
Additionally, the Kentucky Derby Sire Future Wager, introduced in 2015, allows bettors to wager on the winning sire for next year's Kentucky Derby winner and will be held concurrently with Pool 2.
The Kentucky Oaks Future Wager will align with Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 5, adding to the excitement of the upcoming racing season. Get ready for an extraordinary Derby experience, where every bet tells a story of anticipation, strategy, and the pursuit of victory.
Horses with riders are running in race.
Horses with riders are running in race.

Kentucky Derby Futures Pools To Come

The Road to the 2024 Kentucky Derby is set with the commencement of Pool 1 of the Kentucky Derby Futures. With the much-anticipated 150th running of the Kentucky Derby scheduled for May 4, this year's Derby promises an extravaganza of exciting possibilities.
The schedule for the Kentucky Derby Futures Pools is as follows:
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 2 (Pool 1)
  • Nov. 23-26 (Pool 2)
  • Jan. 19-21 (Pool 3)
  • Feb. 16-18 (Pool 4)
  • March 15-17 (Pool 5)
  • April 4-6 (Pool 6)
Excitement is building as the Kentucky Derby Sire Future Wager, introduced in 2015, is set to run concurrently with Pool 2, offering bettors a chance to wager on the winning sire for next year's Kentucky Derby champion. Furthermore, the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager will align with Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 5, promising a thrilling racing season.
Pool 1 of the Kentucky Derby Futures boasts 40 betting interests, with the "All Other Colts and Geldings from the 2021 Foal Crop" leading as the 3-5 morning line favorite.
This bet encompasses a field bet, presenting enticing odds for wagering enthusiasts. The pool features a diverse range of odds, including 99-1 odds for many entries due to the horses not having established themselves on the 2-year-old circuit.
Locked and Timberlake, the current favorites, have odds of 15-1 and 20-1, respectively, for the Kentucky Derby. However, their odds are subject to change depending on the outcome of the $2 million Breeders' Cup Juvenile on Friday at Santa Anita. Locked, with a notable 96 Beyer speed figure at 1 mile, stands as a strong contender in the 1 1/16-mile Juvenile race.
Bettors seeking an edge have various angles to consider, including head-to-head matchups and training pedigree. With Brad Cox training eight betting interests in Pool 1, the options for strategic wagers abound.
Additionally, there's the intriguing prospect of betting on lesser-known horses who have yet to stretch out to championship distances, providing room for improvement in their odds.
The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool presents a unique betting opportunity, emphasizing the importance of choosing bets wisely, as they are non-refundable. Bettors must bet on the horse's entry into the Kentucky Derby and its potential victory, making it essential to treat the pool as a prop bet with calculated risk.
The allure of longshots in the pool is undeniable. Some horses flying under the radar today could emerge as stars in the spring, offering the dream of buying a low-priced stock that soars in value.
Bettors are drawn to this pool for the opportunity to secure great value bets and the chance to witness underdogs turn into champions. As we await the 150th Kentucky Derby, the pool promises an exhilarating journey full of surprises and unforgettable moments.

2023 Kentucky Derby Future Pool 4

Churchill Downs has released the horses who will compete in Pool 4 of the 2023 Kentucky Derby Future Wager (KDFW). The wager will be available at different locations around the country, including online at, beginning at noon ET on Friday and running through Sunday at 6 p.m. You may bet $2 to win or on the exacta.
Individually, the morning line favorite is #13 Forte, the defending juvenile champion. The odds on the #40 mutuel field option are 2-1.
On Saturday, many horses from Pool 4 will go for the win in the Withers (G3) at Aqueduct and the Sam F. Davis (G3) at Tampa Bay Downs. The Sam F. Davis is expected to be headlined by Remsen (G2) winner #10 Dubyuhnell and #27 Litigate, while the Withers, postponed from last weekend, is expected to include #2 Arctic Arrogance and #22 Hit Show.
Two further KDFW bets, in Pool 5 from March 10-12 and Pool 6 from March 30-April 1, will be held. On March 10-12, you may place your one and only Kentucky Oaks Future Wager (KOFW) and Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 5 bets.
The Kentucky Derby Future Wager is non-refundable. If, at any point during the three-day pool this week, Churchill Downs officials determine that one of the wagering interests has suffered an injury, illness, or other circumstance that would prevent the horse from participating in the Kentucky Derby (G1), betting on that horse will be immediately suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool Work?

The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool allows bettors to place wagers on potential Kentucky Derby contenders well in advance of the race. You can bet on horses you believe will qualify for the Derby, and if they do, your wager stands.

When Do The Kentucky Derby Futures Pools Open?

The Kentucky Derby Futures Pools typically open several months before the actual Derby. They are held at different times throughout the year, offering multiple opportunities for betting.

What Are The Advantages Of Betting In The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool?

Betting in the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool offers the advantage of locking in potentially higher odds for your favorite horses, which can result in more significant payouts if they perform well in the actual race.

Can You Change Your Bet In The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool?

Once you place your bet in the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool, it's non-refundable and non-transferable, so you cannot change your bet or get a refund.

How Do I Place A Bet In The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool?

To place a bet in the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool, you can visit an authorized betting location or use an online betting platform. Select your preferred horse(s), choose your bet type, and confirm your wager.

Final Words

The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool is a thrilling journey that allows bettors to get a sneak peek into the future of horse racing's most prestigious event, the Kentucky Derby. With multiple pools leading up to the grand 150th running of the Derby, there are ample opportunities to place strategic bets and discoverhidden gems among the young contenders.
The allure of longshot bets, head-to-head matchups, and the unpredictability of lesser-known horses make this pool a treasure trove of possibilities. As we anticipate the historic 150th Kentucky Derby, the Derby Futures Pool adds an extra layer of excitement, giving racing enthusiasts a chance to engage in the action long before the horses hit the track on that first Saturday in May.
With each pool, the betting landscape evolves, and odds change, making it a dynamic and engaging experience for bettors who seek value and the thrill of predicting the next Derby champion. So, whether you're a seasoned handicapper or a novice looking to catch a rising star, the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool is where dreams begin and champions emerge.
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