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Julia Roberts Movies - A Journey Through Iconic Movies And Memorable Performances

Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's most beloved and iconic actresses, known for her charismatic presence and versatile performances. With a career spanning several decades, Roberts has captivated audiences in a wide range of Julia Roberts movies, showcasing her talent and charm.

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Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's most beloved and iconic actresses, known for her charismatic presence and versatile performances. With a career spanning several decades, Roberts has captivated audiences in a wide range of Julia Roberts movies, showcasing her talent and charm.

Julia Roberts Movies List

Check out these Julia Roberts movies:

Pretty Woman

"Pretty Woman" is a classic romantic comedy that solidified Julia Roberts' status as a leading lady and catapulted her to worldwide fame. Directed by Garry Marshall, the film follows the unlikely love story between Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), a charismatic and vivacious prostitute, and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a wealthy businessman.
The film takes place in the glamorous world of Los Angeles, where Vivian and Edward embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and romance.
Roberts' performance in "Pretty Woman" is nothing short of iconic. Her portrayal of Vivian Ward is a perfect blend of charm, vulnerability, and strength.
Roberts captivates audiences with her infectious smile, natural charisma, and the undeniable chemistry she shares with Richard Gere. She brings depth and humanity to Vivian, a character who defies societal expectations and learns to believe in herself and her worth.
The film's success can be attributed, in large part, to Roberts' magnetic presence on screen. Audiences fell in love with her relatable and endearing portrayal of a woman striving to overcome her circumstances and find love and acceptance. Roberts' performance earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and solidified her status as one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses.
Pretty Woman poster
Pretty Woman poster

Flatliners (1990)

In the same year as "Pretty Woman," Julia Roberts took on a completely different genre and role in the psychological thriller "Flatliners." Directed by Joel Schumacher, the film explores the concept of near-death experiences and the consequences of tampering with life and death. Roberts stars alongside a talented ensemble cast that includes Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin, and Oliver Platt.
In "Flatliners," Roberts plays the role of Rachel Mannus, a medical student who becomes part of a group experiment where they purposely stop their hearts to experience the afterlife briefly. As the characters delve deeper into their experiment, they face supernatural consequences and confront their own past mistakesand guilt.
Roberts brings a sense of vulnerability and emotional depth to her character in "Flatliners."
Rachel's journey in the film is a fascinating exploration of the blurred boundaries between life and death, and Roberts effectively portrays the internal conflicts and moral dilemmas faced by her character. Her performance contributes to the suspenseful atmosphere and psychological tension that permeates the film.
"Flatliners" stands out as a thought-provoking thriller, and Roberts' presence adds to its appeal. The film's exploration of themes such as guilt, redemption, and the afterlife allows Roberts to showcase her range as an actress. While "Flatliners" may not have achieved the same level of commercial success as "Pretty Woman," it remains an intriguing entry in Roberts' filmography and demonstrates her willingness to take on diverse and challenging roles.

Flatliners (1990) Trailer

Runaway Bride

"Runaway Bride" is a delightful romantic comedy that reunites Julia Roberts with her "Pretty Woman" co-star Richard Gere. Directed by Garry Marshall, the film tells the story of Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), a woman infamous for leaving her fiancés at the altar.
Ike Graham (Richard Gere), a journalist, becomes intrigued by Maggie's story and travels to her small town to investigate. As Ike spends more time with Maggie, he begins to question his assumptions and discovers there is more to her than meets the eye.
In "Runaway Bride," Roberts once again showcases her natural charm and comedic timing. She effortlessly brings Maggie to life, infusing the character with a mix of vulnerability, independence, and a sense of adventure.
Roberts' portrayal of Maggie allows her to explore the complexities of a woman who grapples with commitment and self-discovery. The chemistry between Roberts and Gere is palpable, making their on-screen romance both heartwarming and captivating.
The film's lighthearted humor and touching moments make it a crowd-pleaser. Roberts' ability to bring depth and relatability to her characters shines through in "Runaway Bride," as she navigates Maggie's journey of self-realization and learning to trust her own instincts.
The film's exploration of themes such as authenticity, societal expectations, and the pursuit of true love resonates with audiences, and Roberts' performance elevates the material with her charisma and warmth.

Runaway Bride (1999) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir, "Eat Pray Love" follows the story of Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts), a woman who embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery after a painful divorce.
Feeling lost and unfulfilled, Liz sets off on a year-long trip around the world, spending four months each in Italy, India, and Bali. Through her experiences, she learns to reconnect with herself, find balance, and ultimately rediscover the joy of living.
In "Eat Pray Love," Roberts portrays Liz with a remarkable blend of vulnerability and strength. She captures the emotional turmoil and growth that Liz undergoes throughout her journey, bringing authenticity and relatability to the character. Roberts' performance allows audiences to empathize with Liz's quest for meaning and inner peace.
The film's picturesque locations and sumptuous visuals serve as a backdrop to Liz's personal transformation. Roberts shines as she immerses herself in the different cultures and embraces the unique experiences each country offers.
From indulging in the pleasures of Italian cuisine to seeking spiritual enlightenment in an ashram in India, Roberts convincingly portrays Liz's desire to explore, heal, and find her own path.
"Eat Pray Love" is a soulful and introspective film that resonated with audiences worldwide. Roberts' nuanced performance captures the essence of Liz's journey, and her ability to convey complex emotions makes the character's inner struggles and triumphs palpable. The film's exploration of themes such as self-discovery, love, and spirituality invites viewers to reflect on their own lives and find inspiration in Liz's transformation.

Watch the Official EAT PRAY LOVE Trailer in HD

August - Osage County

"August: Osage County" is a powerful drama based on Tracy Letts' Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name. Directed by John Wells, the film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Set in rural Oklahoma, the story revolves around the dysfunctional Weston family, who reunite after the disappearance of their patriarch. As tensions rise and long-held secrets are revealed, the family must confront their troubled past and navigate the complexities of their relationships.
In "August: Osage County," Julia Roberts delivers a standout performance as Barbara Weston-Fordham, the eldest daughter of the Weston family. Roberts portrays Barbara as a strong-willed and fiercely protective woman who finds herself caught in the middle of her family's turmoil.
As the film progresses, Roberts expertly conveys Barbara's emotional journey, from anger and resentment to vulnerability and compassion. Her portrayal is nuanced and layered, capturing the character's complexities with depth and authenticity.
One of the film's most memorable scenes features a powerful confrontation between Roberts and Meryl Streep, who plays Barbara's volatile and pill-addicted mother, Violet. Their intense and emotionally charged performances create a riveting dynamic on screen, showcasing the depth of their acting abilities. Roberts holds her own alongside Streep, demonstrating her talent and command of the material.
"August: Osage County" delves into dark and uncomfortable themes such as family dysfunction, addiction, and buried secrets. Roberts' performance helps anchor the film, providing a relatable and humanizing presence amidst the chaos.
Her ability to convey a range of emotions, from anger and frustration to moments of tenderness and compassion, adds depth and dimension to the character of Barbara.
The film received critical acclaim, with particular praise directed towards the performances of the cast. Roberts garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role, solidifying her reputation as one of Hollywood's most versatile actresses.
Her portrayal of Barbara in "August: Osage County" showcases her ability to tackle complex characters and bring them to life with authenticity and emotional depth.
Beyond Roberts' performance, "August: Osage County" is a compelling exploration of family dynamics and the impact of past traumas on present relationships. The film is a testament to the power of strong storytelling and exceptional acting, and Roberts' contribution is a key element in its success.
Her performance, along with those of the talented ensemble cast, elevates the film into a gripping and memorable cinematic experience.
Julia Roberts' performance in "August: Osage County" is a testament to her acting prowess and ability to embody complex characters. As Barbara Weston-Fordham, Roberts captivates audiences with her nuanced portrayal of a woman grappling with family dysfunction and personal struggles.
Her presence adds depth and authenticity to the film, complementing the stellar performances of her co-stars. "August: Osage County" stands as a powerful exploration of family dynamics and showcases Roberts' remarkable talent as an actress.

August Osage County Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Meryl Streep Movie

People Also Ask

What Is Julia Roberts' Most Famous Movie?

Julia Roberts' most famous movie is "Pretty Woman" (1990), where she played the role of Vivian Ward, a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy businessman.

Did Julia Roberts Win An Oscar For Any Of Her Movies?

Yes, Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in "Erin Brockovich" (2000), where she portrayed the real-life environmental activist.

How Many Movies Has Julia Roberts Been In?

Julia Roberts has appeared in numerous movies throughout her career. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, she has starred in over 60 films.

Has Julia Roberts Acted In Any Romantic Comedies Besides "Pretty Woman"?

Yes, Julia Roberts has acted in several romantic comedies throughout her career. Some notable examples include "Notting Hill" (1999) with Hugh Grant and "Runaway Bride" (1999) with Richard Gere.

Has Julia Roberts Ever Worked With Director Steven Soderbergh?

Yes, Julia Roberts collaborated with director Steven Soderbergh on multiple occasions. They worked together in films such as "Erin Brockovich" (2000) and "Ocean's Eleven" (2001), where Roberts played the role of Tess Ocean, Danny Ocean's ex-wife.

Which Is The Julia Roberts George Clooney New Movie?

The new movie of Julia Roberts and George Clooney is Ticket to Paradise.

What Is Julia Roberts Age Today?

She is 55 years old as of now.

Where Is George Clooney And Julia Roberts New Movie Streaming?

This can be streamed exclusively on Peacock by Premium and Premium Plus subscribers.

How Many Movies Have George Clooney And Julia Roberts Made Together?

They have collaborated on a total of six films.

How Many Julia Roberts Children 2022?

She had three children as of 2022.

What Are Some Julia Roberts And George Clooney Movies?

  • Ticket to Paradise.
  • Money Monster.
  • Ocean's Eleven.

Which Is The Latest Julia Roberts Movie?

Her latest movie is Leave the World Behind.

What Are Julia Roberts Movies 2022 On Netflix?

Her 2022 movies include Ticket to Paradise.

Who Is Part Of Julia Roberts Family?

  • Emma Roberts.
  • Daniel Moder.
  • Eric Roberts.
  • Lyle Lovett.
  • Hazel Moder.
  • Nancy Motes.


Julia Roberts's movies are filled with a diverse range of roles and memorable performances. From the iconic "Pretty Woman" to her Academy Award-winning role in "Erin Brockovich," Roberts has proven her talent, versatility, and ability to connect with audiences.
Whether it's in romantic comedies, thrillers, or dramas, Roberts consistently brings depth, charisma, and authenticity to her characters. Her contributions to the film industry have left a lasting impact, making her one of the most respected and celebrated actresses of her generation.
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