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Jelly Baby Ice Lollies Discontinued - Other Famous Items That Just Disappeared

You definitely remember the amazing taste of the wobbly jelly baby ice lollies but these jelly baby ice lollies discontinued for some unknown reason. Snacks from your youth have a way of taking you back in time. Perhaps it was a bowl of sugary cereal that instantly transported you to those carefree Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons.

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You definitely remember the amazing taste of the wobbly jelly baby ice lollies but sad to say, these jelly baby ice lollies discontinuedfor some unknown reason.
Snacks from your youth have a way of taking you back in time.
Perhaps it was a bowl of sugary cereal that instantly transported you to those carefree Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons.

Jellybaby Ice Lollies!

Or did you expect to find a specific cookie in the elementary school cafeteria when you cracked open your lunchbox, the one that everyone was trading for?
But for some 2000s kids, it is actually jelly baby wobbly lollies but unfortunately, these jelly baby ice lollies discontinued breaking the hearts of many.
First, learn how and when these ice lollies came into the market.

Jelly Baby Wobbly Lollies

The largest independent ice cream producer in the UK, Fredericks Dairies, dominated freezers in 2008's summer with the introduction of Bassetts Jelly Babies wobbly lollipops.
The distinctive lollipops, which were available starting in March, were a first for the ice cream industry and were undoubtedly appeal to the enormous fan base of the confectionery brand with their "wobbly" concept.
With more than 1 billion Jelly Babies sold annually, the Bassetts Jelly Babies brand was currently valued at £69 million.
Similar to the candies, Bassetts Jelly Babies wobbly lollipops were available in four fruity flavors: orange, strawberry, blackcurrant, and lime.
Each lolly had more than 25% real fruit juice and only 65 calories per stick.
It also had no artificial flavors or colors.
Each variation was available with its sweet counterpart with a great cool twist while maintaining the same wobbly texture as a real Jelly Baby.
Jelly Baby Wobbly Lollies on an orange background
Jelly Baby Wobbly Lollies on an orange background
The new line boasted an eye-catching, simple-to-read packaging design that achieved maximum stand-out in the freezer and was a must-stock line for retailers in 2008 summer and beyond.
It was available in an assorted 8-pack (8 x 45ml) with an RRP of £1.99 and an impulse format at 50p per 45ml stick.
“The launch of the new Bassetts Jelly Babies wobbly lollies displays our enthusiasm and commitment to providing innovative products that will inject excitement into the ice cream category and drive consumers to the freezers," said David Taylor, sales and marketing director at Fredericks Dairies.
The new range is guaranteed to entice Jelly Baby and ice lolly fans in-store and drive fantastic sales opportunities for retailers throughout 2008.

Where Can I Buy Jelly Baby Ice Lollies?

You can buy jelly baby ice lollies from Tesco.
Including this, there are also some other popular items or snacks that were wiped out from the market for an unknown reason.

Nostalgic Snacks

Below is the list of some really popular nostalgic snacks that are going to revive your childhood memories for sure.

Starburst Lollies Discontinued In Australia

It's time to bid a fond farewell to an old favorite.
In Australia, the Starburst candy line has been retired.
Since Mars Wrigley stopped importing candies in recent months, the widely consumed fruit-flavored chews, snakes, jelly babies, and other candies have started to vanish from supermarket shelves.
The choice, according to a Mars Wrigley spokesperson, was made in an effort to emphasize Australian-made goods more.
The spokesperson said,
We regularly review our Mars Wrigley product range to ensure we're offering our consumers great tasting products that are also great value for money.
As with many companies that import goods from other countries, "Our Starburst products are imported from Europe and like many businesses that are importing products from overseas, the brand has been exposed to supply chain difficulties and rising cost pressures over the last two years."
After reviewing all options, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue the brand in Australia from June 2022.
As a proud Australian manufacturer for more than 60 years, we are taking this opportunity to prioritise and invest in the brands and products we make locally in Australia such as M&Ms, Malteasers, Skittles, Snickers, Extra and Eclipse.
Due to "poor sales," some supermarkets in 2018 stopped carrying Starburst products.
Yellow, orange, red, and pink colored Starburst Lollies
Yellow, orange, red, and pink colored Starburst Lollies

Gator Gum

The manufacturer of sports drinks Gatorade also experimented with gum.
Gator Gum made its debut in the 1970s and disappeared by the 2000s, but it enjoyed some success in the 1980s.
It was available in orange and the original lemon-lime Gatorade flavor.
Some people were unable to comment on how effectively it did what the packaging claimed—quench your thirst.

Space Dust/Cosmic Candy

In order to capitalize on the popularity of Pop Rocks, General Mills introduced the "Space Dust" candy in 1976, which was essentially a powdered, ground-up version of the treat.
However, there was one issue: parents were worried that "Space Dustpowdery "'s texture and name were too similar to illicit substances like "Angel Dust," also known as PCP.
The candy was renamed Cosmic Candy, and its creator assured parents that the sweets are secure in an open letter to parents that is preserved on the website of Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries.
The candy's creator, Bill Mitchell, wrote:
I have brought a lot of fun into the world with this candy; I guess, but I am.

Jell-O 1-2-3

This Jell-O trick is one mix that separates into three layers.
There were several flavors of Jell-O 1-2-3, including mixed berry, strawberry, and orange.
The three-in-one dessert had a Jell-O-like texture in addition to pudding and mousse.
Although the packet is no longer available, Kraft Foods has a recipe that uses a Jell-O packet and Cool Whip to make a similar dessert.

Pink Panther Flakes

A bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons just go together.
The Pink Panther theme song was used in the advertisement for the sugar-coated pink flakes.
"Pink Panther flakes are... pink," the cereal's jingle begins.
Although it's not the most creative jingle, it is true.
Even spy kits were included in some of these cereal boxes.

Keebler Magic Middles

In the 1980s and 1990s, Keebler Magic Middles, a shortbread cookie with fudge inside, was the sought-after treat in lunchrooms all over America.
There was also a peanut butter flavor available.
There is a Facebook group devoted to bringing back Magic Middles cookies because they were great for dipping in milk and garnered so much attention.
Keebler Magic Middles packet on a white background
Keebler Magic Middles packet on a white background

People Also Ask

What Food Came Out In The 2000s?

The following is the list of the foods that came out in the 2000s:
  • Lunchables Fun Snacks.
  • Baby Bottle Pop.
  • Cinnamon Flavored Tic Tacs.
  • Yoplait Trix Yogurt.
  • Pretzel Stix.
  • Planters Cheez Balls.
  • Gripz.
  • French Toast Crunch.
The list of 90s most popular snacks is given below:
  • Fruit Gushers.
  • Planters Cheez Balls.
  • Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal.
  • String Thing.
  • Dunkaroos.
  • Yoplait Trix Yogurt.
  • Lunchables.
  • Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks.

What Are Discontinued Snacks?

Below is the list of some discontinued snacks that were wiped out of the market suddenly:
  • Shark Bites.
  • Oreo Big Stuf.
  • Jell-O Pudding Pops.
  • Keebler Magic Middles
  • Gator Gum.
  • Nintendo Cereal System.
  • Smurf Berry Crunch and Smurf Magic Berries.
  • Hi-C Ecto Cooler.


Which of these snacks from your youth do you wish would come back?
Most people still miss jelly baby wobbly lollies.
These jelly baby ice lollies discontinued a long time ago but people still can't get over it.
What about you? Were you a fan of these ice lollies in your childhood?
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