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Japanese People On Twitter Are Going Crazy On This Realistic Cat Backpack

Japanese people on Twitter are going crazy on this realistic cat backpack - A life-size cat backpack made of artificial fur is causing ripple effects on Twitter in Japan.

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Japanese people on Twitter are going crazy on this realistic cat backpack- A life-size cat backpack made of artificial fur is causing ripple effects on Twitter in Japan. The sacks are hand-sewn by Miho Katsumi, a Japanese housewife situated in Fukui prefecture. The backpacks sell for $1,000 per piece and the reaction of Japanese people to realistic cat backpacks is just amazing.
In Japan, Japanese people on Twitter are going crazy on this realistic cat backpack that very closely resembles genuine cats.
The cat-formed backpack is a production of the Twitter client, who made a little run of the feline rucksacks and sold them in their shop. As of their post on April 17, 2021, they've expressed that they are not tolerating new requests for the sack, but rather will make another post on their Twitter and Instagram pages when they in all actuality do have new feline rucksacks available to be purchased.
The rear of the cat backpack has an enormous zipper opening that allows you to store huge loads of your effects within it. Besides, since the zipper opening is along the feline's back, nobody will truly see that it's a genuine sack and not a genuine feline! I can't envision how many individuals that will need to pause and pet the feline that is lashed to your back if you somehow happened to wear this in the open anyplace!
Made by Japanese housewife Miho Katsumi, who is situated in Fukui prefecture, the hand-sewn sacks include cats with pink paw cushions, colossal glimmering eyes, and shaggy tails. Katsumi has made consistent with life copies of Persian, Munchkin, and British Shorthair cats. The sacks are normally made of false fur, which Katsumi colors herself, per her authority site.
Making the packs is no simple accomplishment. Katsumi told that it requires her multi-week to configure each sack and one to 90 days to make it.
"It may take more time to achieve a satisfactory result," Katsumi explained.
The cats are sewn piece by piece. A little example ordinarily requires 22 hand-sewed bits of texture, while a bigger model, like the knapsack, is comprised of around 80 distinct pieces, Katsumi said.
On April 15, Katsumi presented four photographs on Twitter of the cat sack presented outside. One of the photographs highlighted the cat grasping a toy fish; one more showed the pack with its zipper open. "The weather was good today and I was able to shoot outside," Katsumi composed. Until this point, the post has been retweeted in excess of multiple times.
A close up shot of realistic cat backpack that is holding a fish soft toy
A close up shot of realistic cat backpack that is holding a fish soft toy
The remarks on the tweet illuminated individuals saying they thought the sack was a genuine cat, with many communicating their inclinations in purchasing a piece.
"Who else thought this was a real cat at first," Twitter user @emlynx commented.
However, cat darlings quick to get their hands on Katsumi's manifestations should stand by. She got such countless orders last year that she's not tolerating new requests until additional notification.
"I am very happy to have many people praise the work. Right now, we are making the orders we recruited last year. Thank you for your understanding!" Miho wrote on Twitter on April 17.
Until now, Katsumi has sold 70 of her realistic cat backpackmanifestations. Each feIn Japan, cats are viewed as eminence, per Nippon. In Japanese fables, cats bring the best of luck and have defensive abilities. line knapsack retails for 140,000 Japanese yen ($1,074).
But there is a different kind of cat backpack too in which a cat can stay inside it, and this is what people have to ask about it.
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Note: The questions below are about the bubble cat backpack.

People Also Ask

How Long Can Cats Stay In Cat Backpack?

Cats can commonly be in a cat backpack however long they can securely be in a cat transporter, which is around six hours. By then, they should be let out to ease themselves and drink water.

Are Those Cat Backpacks Cruel?

Cat backpacks aren't horrible inasmuch as the cat appreciates being inside one. You could need to prepare your pet to be open to sitting in one however that is valid for all transporters. Cat backpacks are brutal, nonetheless, assuming that you keep on compelling your cat into one when they're clearly exceptionally bothered by it.

Are Cats Comfortable In Backpacks?

Obviously, you likewise believe your kitty should be agreeable, so pick a knapsack with delicate internal coating and great ventilation. All things considered, don't pick a rucksack that is excessively huge. Cats love comfortable little spaces, and in the event that your transporter is too huge, they could get shocked around when you walk.

Why Do Cats Love Backpacks?

One more explanation cats are drawn to backpacks as a result of the little bound space they give. It's normal to see a cat cuddled within drawers, containers, boxes, cat transporters, or other little spaces. Being in a little space gives them solace, warmth, and assurance from outside risk.
A man wearing a realistic cat backpack; inside view of a realistic cat backpack
A man wearing a realistic cat backpack; inside view of a realistic cat backpack
"That's gonna be a no from me."
_itsmyfirsttimegoeasy (Reddit)
_jjj49er (Reddit)
"Can it scratch my back?"
_commonlycommon (Reddit)


Katsumi announces herself as a cat sweetheart on Yahoo! After the reaction of Japanese people to realistic cat backpacks, she is really overwhelmed. Barters page where she sells her packs. Backpacks are not by any means the only thing Katsumi makes: She's likewise made cat totes and suppressors.
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