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Japanese Fans Clean Up World Cup Stadium Even After Losing To Croatia

Japanese fans clean up World Cup stadium even after losing to Croatia. Once more, spectators could be seen carrying blue trash bags as they manually removed trash from the Al Janoub Stadium's seat bases.

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Japanese fans clean up World Cup stadium even after losing to Croatia. Once more, spectators could be seen carrying blue trash bags as they manually removed trash from the Al Janoub Stadium's seat bases.

Japanese Cleaning Stadium After Match

Even though the stadium was mostly empty, Japanese fans were praised for how clean they were during the World Cup.
And even after being eliminated from the tournament, Japanese fans clean up World Cup stadium even after losing to Croatia. They continued to act with dignity despite losing 3-1 on penalties after the game ended 1-1 after 90 minutes and extra time.
Along with their own group stage encounter against Germany, Costa Rica, and Spain, Japan fans were also seen getting ready for the tournament's opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.
One fan was seen carrying a trash bag full of plastic bottles and a big football hat while wrapped in a Japan flag. When two security guards at the stadium seemed to give the crowd a fist bump of thanks as they handed them some trash bags, it was a sweet moment.
The country has gotten a good name for being kind and well-behaved at international competitions in the past. And it's become normal to see Japan fans leave no sign that they were there.
They left their locker room at the Khalifa International Stadium immaculate after their match against Germany. Fans of Japan have given an explanation for why they pick up trash and clean up after games that do not include their country.
"Our heart is clean, so the stands must be clean. This means the team reaches its destiny,"one supporter told.
In 2018, they gained a lot of respect when they cleared the Rostov Arena following a painful loss in the dying seconds of their World Cup last-16 match against Belgium.
On the field, Japan was eliminated at the last 16 stages for the fourth time, failing to duplicate the historic victories over Germany and Spain in the group stage.
They seized the lead in the first half two minutes before the break thanks to Ritsu Doan's ferocious inswinging cross, which Croatia failed to stop as they labored in the first half.
The second half began similarly to the first, without any sense of urgency, until Perisic gave Croatia the lead with a beautiful header that he guided inside the post from a full 12-yards out following a cross that Dejan Lovren had swung over, rather naively, from deep.

Japan fans clean up the stadium after defeat to Croatia

People Also Ask

Why Are The Japanese Obsessed With Cleaning?

Nearly 80% of Japan's population practices Shintoism, the most popular religion in the country. According to Shintoism, virtue and evil are equated with cleanliness and dirtiness, respectively.

Are Japanese Obsessed With Cleanliness?

Yes, Japan and its people are very concerned with cleanliness, as shown by their love of baths and their strange, luxurious toilets.

What Happens To Trash In Japan?

It is disposed of properly and with proper management. The best waste incineration facilities are found in Japan. In Japan, the main waste disposal practices include landfilling, backfilling, recycling, and incineration.


After a 1-1 draw and a loss to Croatia on penalties, Japan was eliminated from the 2022 World Cup (1-3). Japanese fans clean up World Cup stadium even after losing to Croatia before they left.
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