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GaaSyy - Japan YouTuber MP Expelled For Chronic Absenteeism

Japan Youtuber MP expelled for chronic absenteeism. Yoshikazu Higashitani, better known as GaaSyy, has made history as the first Japanese lawmaker to be expelled from parliament for never attending a single session.

Author:Raven Noir
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Mar 15, 202341 Shares693 Views
Japan Youtuber MP expelled for chronic absenteeism.Yoshikazu Higashitani, better known as GaaSyy, has made history as the first Japanese lawmaker to be expelled from parliament for never attending a single session.

Celebrity Gossip YouTuber Yoshikazu Higashitani Loses Parliament Seat

Higashitani was elected to the upper house last July, representing the Seijika-joshi-48 opposition party. He is a celebrity gossip YouTuber famous for his scandalous videos.
Higashitani was expelled on Tuesday by his Senate colleagues due to his continued absence from parliament. The parliament's discipline committee stripped him of his status, making him the first MP to be expelled for chronic absenteeism. This is the most severe punishment a lawmaker can receive, and it has only happened twice since 1950.
According to Japanese media, Higashitani is currently living in the United Arab Emirates and has refused to attend parliament since his election seven months ago. He fears being arrested over fraud allegations and defamation claims from celebrities. Higashitani's party, Seijika-joshi-48, is a single-issue party that only calls for reforms to Japan's public broadcaster, NHK.
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Last week, parliament demanded Higashitani fly to Tokyo to deliver an in-person apology in the chamber for his absence. However, he failed to show up and announced on his YouTube channel that he was going to Turkey to donate his salary to the Turkish earthquake relief. This move only angered the Senate further, leading to his expulsion this week.
Higashitani's sole party colleague, Hamada Satoshi, argued that it was illegal to expel him because of his absence from sessions. Still, the committee voted unanimously to expel him, making history in Japan's political landscape.
The Seijika-joshi-48 party is known for regularly changing its name for publicity reasons, according to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. However, with Higashitani's expulsion, the party may face further scrutiny over its legitimacy and its ability to serve the Japanese people.


This case has highlighted the importance of attendance and responsibility in politics, and it serves as a warning to future lawmakers who may consider neglecting their duties. Higashitani's case has become a cautionary tale for the consequences of chronic absenteeism in politics.
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