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Jake Paul Punches YouTuber So Hard In The Stomach That He Poops His Pants After Losing Bet

Jake Paul punches Youtuber so hard in the stomach that he poops his pants after losing bet. In order to spend some time slapping another YouTuber in the stomach so forcefully that he puked a little bit, Jake Paul took a break from his preparation for a battle against Tommy Fury.

Author:Scarlet Sunset
Reviewer:Professor Jhiz
Feb 10, 2023
Jake Paul punches Youtuber so hard in the stomach that he poops his pants after losing bet. In order to spend some time slapping another YouTuber in the stomach so forcefully that he puked a little bit, Jake Paul took a break from his preparation for a battle against Tommy Fury.
Sincerely, is there anything about Jake Paul these days that would surprise you?
He has successfully transitioned from being a YouTuber to being a boxer and a promoter, but he can still find some time in his hectic schedule to punch someone in the gut to settle a bet.
Jake Paul punches Youtuber so hard in the stomach that he poops his pants after losing bet. 'The Problem Child' recently delivered some justice to fellow online content producer Preston Lopez after he lost a wager on a college football game.
Preston Lopez is currently in Puerto Rico preparing for his big fightwith the youngest Fury fighter. Lopez and Paul made a bet on who would win the National Championship game between TCU and the Georgia Bulldogs. Lopez chose TCU.
They lost 65-7 in a lopsided game, so that wager was fairly stupid. Lopez realized his wager was "probably one of the worst bets made" because it required Paul to punch Lopez.
Paul has been boxing against MMA fighters and training really hard, whether or not he has faced any actual boxers in his brief career, he hasn't yet.
There's no denying the man's dedication to the sport at this point. Therefore, when he broke one into Lopez's tummy, he slightly embarrassed his fellow YouTuber.
"Oh yeah, I pooped a little bit."he confessed as he collapsed to the canvas. "Did you actually s**t yourself?"Paul questioned. The response was, "It feels a little wet."
At the end of the month, Paul and Fury, who recently became fathers, will face off in Saudi Arabia, but in reality, fans have been anticipating this fight for quite some time.
Fury, who has an eight-win-out-of-eight professional record, has canceled the match twice. Paul is also putting his unblemished record on the line. He has fought six times and won each time, but as we've already mentioned, none of those victories were against professional fighters.
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Paul evidently gave that some thought since he issued a statement that stated:
The moment of truth has finally arrived. On Feb. 26, I will get in the ring with a 'real boxer,' an 8-0 fighter from a storied fighting family and show the world the truth about who Jake Paul, the boxer really is.- Jake Paul
The oddsmakers currently have Paul as a slight favorite over Fury, but as the fight draws closer and more bets are placed, that is almost surely going to alter. On February 26, someone's reputation will be tarnished one way or another.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber, has made it his goal to fight professionally, and he has already had some success. Here are 'The Problem Child's' boxing stats and a list of everyone he has faced so far.
Possibly the leading figure in influencer boxing is Jake Paul. Although his older brother, Logan Paul, as well as KSI and Joe Weller, are to be credited for starting the frenzy, he has taken the proverbial bull by the horns to become one of the movement's most productive sportsmen.
Here is a complete list of everyone Jake has boxed to date, including opponents he almost fought but never had the opportunity to do so, as well as his complete boxing record.

Deji - 2018

Before Jake took up boxing professionally, he fought Deji, the younger brother of British musician and YouTuber KSI.
On the undercard of KSI vs. Logan Paul 1, the two made their boxing debut in 2018. Jake Paul ultimately defeated Deji, despite suffering a bloody nose in the process, which stoked his current desire to compete against the greatest and toughest personalities in combat sports.
Jake Paul wearing white boxing gloves
Jake Paul wearing white boxing gloves
In the fifth round, the referee stopped the fight in favor of Jake Paul.

AnEsonGib - 2020

In 2020, Jake Paul fought British YouTube star AnEsonGib in a match that cemented his reputation as an influencer boxer.
The Problem Child easily beat his opponent because he knocked him out in the first round. This gave him confidence for his next fight with Nate Robinson.

Nate Robinson - 2020

When Jake Paul faced NBA star Nate Robinson, his boxing career significantly advanced. This bout, a high-profile contest between a professional basketball player and a rising YouTube boxer, attracted attention online in part because it took place on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.
Paul had Robinson exhausted before the end of the first round, but the knockout came in the second.

Ben Askren - 2021

Paul raised the stakes for his next opponent, former Olympic mixed martial artist Ben Askren. Jake took part in this fight for the first time, whether it was still going on or not, and it helped him get ready for another big win.
Askren was defeated by Paul in the opening frame of their April 2021 fight. Jake claims that the battle brought in $65 million.

Tyron Woodley - 2021

The fight Jake had against Tyron Woodley, a former five-time UFC champion was his toughest test yet. Before the fight, there was a lot of trash-talk around this match, including a comical wager between the two competitors that, if Woodley lost, he would get tattooed with the phrase "I love Jake Paul."
Although it's questionable whether Woodley actually followed through on his vow, Jake managed to defeat the seasoned combat sports veteran once more, winning the fight by split decision after all eight rounds.
Paul, on the other hand, wasn't happy with the commission's decision and demanded his knockout, which he eventually got in their rematch.

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury

Paul has come dangerously close to fighting Tommy Fury twice as of this writing. The two were scheduled to fight in late 2021, as previously reported, but Tommy's injuries prevented this from happening.
The fight was supposed to happen again in August 2022, but Fury says that he was not allowed into the country because of legal issues. This ended their fight, and Jake gave up on ever fighting "Tommy Fumbles" again.
Now that the battle is reportedly "done" for a February 25 match in Saudi Arabia, the two longtime adversaries are anticipated to finally face off.

Jake Paul Fight Record

With the exception of his amateur bout against Deji in 2018, which he also won, Jake has a total boxing record of 6-0.
Jake has won five matches by way of KO, one by split decision, and two by unanimous decision. It is unknown who Jake's next opponent will be.

People Also Ask

Is Jake Paul A Real MMA Fighter?

Jake Paul will join the Professional Fighters League as he transitions into mixed martial arts. The former social media star and performer who is now a professional boxer revealed on Thursday that he has inked an MMA deal with PFL.

What Boxer Is Jake Paul Fighting?

On February 26, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will square off in Saudi Arabia. Paul gained notoriety on social media but then turned to box, where he compiled a 6-0 professional record with four knockout victories. The brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is Tommy Fury.

How Did Jake Paul Get So Famous?

Paul first rose to fame via Vine videos before switching to YouTube. He also made an appearance on the Disney Channel and as Dirk Mann for two seasons of Bizaardvark. He made a daily vlog and got involved in several contentious episodes as he developed a career on YouTube.


Jake Paul punches Youtuber so hard in the stomach that he poops his pants after losing bet. As he gets ready for his fight with Tommy Fury, Jake Paul strikes a YouTuber so hard that he pees himself.
Preston Lopez left for Puerto Rico to train with Paul for their forthcoming fight after losing a wager with the online personality. In the American football national championship game between TCU and the Georgia Bulldogs, Lopez and Paul placed a wager.
Lopez supported TCU, but they lost 65-7, and Lopez said that it was "probably one of the worst bets made." And when Lopez took Paul's hit, he knelt down in pain and said he had pooped his pants.
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