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Indian Con Man Has Two Years Free Stay At Posh Delhi Hotel

In a surprising turn of events, a man in India has reportedly pulled off an audacious scheme, managing to stay at a five-star hotel in Delhi without paying any bill. The Indian con man has two years free stay at posh Delhi hotel.

Author:Morgan Maverick
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Jun 23, 2023252 Shares125.9K Views
In a surprising turn of events, a man in India has reportedly pulled off an audacious scheme, managing to stay at a five-star hotel in Delhi without paying any bill. The Indian con man has two years free stay at posh Delhi hotel.

Indian Con Man Has Two Years Free Stay At Posh Delhi Hotel, Owes Over $70,000

The Roseate House, located near Delhi airport, recently filed a complaint with the police after discovering the alleged scam, which has left the man owing over 5 million rupees(approximately $70,000).
The incident has raised questions about the involvement of hotel staff in assisting the man in evading payment. Although no arrests have been made, the case has come to light, gaining significant attention in the local media.

The Elaborate Scam

The incident came to the attention of the hotel management on 24th May, when they finally realized that the man had been enjoying an extended stay for an astonishing 603 days. According to reports, the man initially booked a room for a single night on 30th May 2019at the Roseate House.
However, one of the staff members allegedly colluded with him, continually extending his stay without proper payment.
The Indian Expressnewspaper revealed some details about the modus operandi employed by the man and the complicit staff members. The scheme involved manipulating other guests' bills or swapping them altogether, allowing the man to prolong his stay unnoticed. This cunning tactic, combined with the negligence of hotel staff, enabled him to exploit the system undetected for an extended period.

Police Investigation And Pending Arrests

Upon receiving the complaint from the Roseate House management, Delhi police promptly launched an investigation into the matter. While no names have been disclosed, authorities suspect that multiple hotel staff members might have been involved in facilitating the man's prolonged stay and concealing the accumulating bills.
The police gave a statement regarding hotel rules, revealing a potential oversight in following established procedures.
If a guest owes more than 50,000 rupees to the hotel, the staff has to inform the seniors and push the guest for payment. However, this was not done.- Police officer to the Indian Express

The Impact On Roseate House And The Hospitality Industry

The incident has sent shockwaves through the hospitality industry, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in hotel management and billing systems. The Roseate House, renowned for its luxurious accommodations and impeccable service, now faces a significant financial setback due to the substantial debt accumulated by the guest.
This incident also raises concerns about the need for stricter controls and improved oversight within hotels to prevent such fraudulent activities from recurring.

Response From Roseate House Management

In response to the incident, the management of Roseate House expressed their shock and disappointment. In a statement, they emphasized their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of guest service and safety.
They assured the public that they are cooperating fully with the police investigation to uncover any lapses in their internal procedures and to hold accountable those found complicit in the scam.


The alleged two-year-long stay at the Roseate House by an individual who managed to evade payment raises serious questions about the security measures and oversight within luxury hotels. As the investigation continues, the authorities are determined to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice.
This incident serves as a reminder to the hospitality industry to strengthen internal protocols and maintain strict vigilance to prevent such fraudulent activities from occurring in the future.
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