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How To Watch UFC 257? Conor McGregor Vs. Dustin Poirier

How to watch UFC 257? The major match was broadcasted live from "Fight Island" in Abu Dhabi, where the UFC had hosted several of its pay-per-view events since the coronavirus outbreak.

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How to watch UFC 257? The major match was broadcasted live from "FightIsland" in Abu Dhabi, where the UFC had hosted several of its pay-per-view events since the coronavirus outbreak.
As with every UFC event starting in 2020, safety regulations forbid spectators from attending, and all competitors and members of their teams must pass a COVID test in order to enter the ring.

When Does UFC 257 Begin?

The main event of UFC 257 took place on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.

How To Watch UFC 257 Full Fight Online Live?

The main event of UFC 257 paired "The Diamond" Poirier against MMA legend Conor McGregor, who wanted to solidify his place among the all-time greats.
Even though it was only January 2021, the rematch between the Notorious (McGregor) and the Diamond (Poirier) ranked among the year's most thrilling battles.
You must have to see for yourself if Poirier's machine gun-like volume punching or McGregor's sniper left hand was the deciding element in this match, so of course, you should watch the fight.
But not everyone has the money or the desire to purchase the UFC 257 pay-per-view, which costs $70.00. If you fall into this category, there is excellent newsfor you: you can watch the fight for free using VPN technology and a free streaming service situated in the Netherlands! You don't need to speak Dutch to do it, and it's very simple.
All UFC events are televised on a free Dutch streaming service named Kijk. This streaming service is entirely legal to use as it is connected to the network (Veronica), which holds the Dutch UFC rights. However, this service is typically only accessible in the Netherlands.
Thankfully, individuals from the US and other nations can quickly access this site by utilizing a VPN. In any case, a VPN can divert your internet traffic to a Dutch server.
Your IP address will be changed to a Dutch IP address as a result. By doing this, you may access and watch UFC 257 without having to pay for the pricey pay-per-view! You may use the incredibly simple instructions in the article below to use a VPN to watch UFC 257 for free.

People Also Ask

How Can I Watch UFC 257 For Free?

There isn't a free way to watch UFC 257 online, but current ESPN+ subscribers can watch the preliminary matches without charge or you can use the Kjik service. If you want to see the main card, you will still need to sign up for the pay-per-view bout of ESPN+.

Can I Watch UFC 275 On Hulu?

Yes, you can. After purchasing, you can stream UFC 275 instantly on any compatible device,, or the Hulu app.

Is UFC Free On Hulu?

No. it is not. You can buy UFC 281 directly for $69.99 if you're qualified and already have a Disney Bundle or ESPN+ on a Hulu subscription.

How To Watch UFC On Disney Plus?

Buy UFC 281, then sign up for The Disney Bundle (which includes Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+), and you can watch the event live on Hulu.


How to watch UFC 257? You'll need an ESPN+ subscription if you want to watch the fights on your TV, desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. Or you can use a good VPN or Kjik service.
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