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How To Play Roulette With 90% Win Rate

Ever wanted to try your luck with roulette while you were in Las Vegas? It may be a little scary if you don't know how to play roulette.

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Ever wanted to try your luck with roulette while you were in Las Vegas? It may be a little scary if you don't know how to play roulette, but there is a reason why it is one of the most exciting and popular table games on the casinofloor.
The rules are simple and can be a big win. Even if you are bettingfor the first time, you can get the hang of it right away. The goal of the game is one. That is, landing the ball at your number. But you already knew it, didn't you?
Anyone can play roulette online, but the game isn't just about choosing numbers and colors.
The complete beginner's guide will explain the basic rules, bets, and payments. We will also introduce several different roulette game variations so that you can start a fully equipped bet.

Basics Of Roulette

As soon as you enter the casino, you will see the roulette table. There are wheels with slots for numbers from 1 to 36 and one or two slots for zero.
Roulette number bar with coins
Roulette number bar with coins
Numeric fields are red or black and zero fields are green. Players stand around the table where the roulette wheel is placed and bets are placed here.
Players can place bets until the dealer ends the betting session. When all bets have been made, the dealer spins the wheel and throws a small marble-sized ball that spins in the opposite direction.
The ball will eventually fall into one of the marked slots and determine which bet will receive the payout.
If you place a bet that matches the color or number of the slot, you will receive a payment.

How To Place A Roulette Bet

There are two basic betting groups that every player needs to be familiar with when deciding to pay for roulette.
Roulette spin board with multiple arrows showing game strategy art
Roulette spin board with multiple arrows showing game strategy art
The first group is called the inside bet and the second group is called the outside bet. The roulette conditions for these bets are important when players join the table.
Inside and outside show where the bet is placed on the roulette board. Bets placed on numbers are called "inside" and bets placed in other areas of the playing field are called "outside".

Inside Bets

If you are a risk-taker, inside bets may suit your gameplay. In general, these bets come with larger payments! Here are the inside bets you can make.

6 Lines

This bet covers 6 numbers and pays 51 odds.

Corner Bet

This bet covers four adjacent number squares and gives you 81 chances.


If you make 3 bets straight on 3 different numbers, the bet can pay 111.


Bets on split double numbers will be paid 17 to 1.

Straight Up

If you bet on a single number, it pays 351.

Outside Bets

External bets are more likely to win overall, and the odds are lower. The outer bets are the following.

1-18/19-36 Strategy

You can bet on the numbers between these two brackets, and if you win, you can even win.


All numbers are covered by this bet, but zero counts as a loss on both bets. If your number wins, you also win money.

Red / Black

Similar to the above, you also win if the ball lands in the predicted color pocket.

Column Bet

12 consecutive numbers pay 21.
As a beginner, you can start with a simpler bet until you feel the game. Once you have a bankroll that you can play with confidence, you can try different bets. It's easy to see which one is best for you.

How To Play Roulette Online

With online roulette, you can significantly improve your odds and bet on the computer that will start the wheelspin. Game results are monitored using a random number generator (RNG).
Online roulette has better payments, mainly because online casinos are cheaper to play games than in-store casinos. This means you can get more online back with the same bets made at physical casinos.

Roulette Strategy Hot Tips

Now that we know what to bet on, you are probably wondering how to turn those bets into winning spins and how to play roulette like a pro.
A girl pointing to the roulette winning tricks
A girl pointing to the roulette winning tricks
Every player has their own tastes and lucky charms, but there are some popular approaches to consider. Check out roulette-winning tricks with proof for some strategies.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. When you Pay attention to the minimum bet. If you have a limited budget, it's a good idea to look for a roulette table with a low minimum bet.
  • If you're looking for a bigger payout, look for a high roller table.
  • Many experienced players will tell you to go with your gut.
  • There are many things you can do with mathematical strategies. You really never know what can happen at a roulette table!
  • Good strategies can help you make a winning bet, but keep in mind that no strategy can affect the outcome of your spins.
  • Some players like to bet on the term "hot number", which refers to the latest winning number. This method has mixed results but is popular with certain groups of players.
  • In American roulette, the house edge is about 5.3 percent.
  • Playing European roulette makes it more popular as the house edge drops to about 2.7%.
  • If you want to spend more time at the table, keep in mind that inside bets are more volatile.
  • Statistically, payouts are low, but you often win with external bets. For example, bet on black or red, odd or even, or column bets.
  • Talk to your dealer! No matter how much you think you know about roulette, your dealer will almost always know more.

Roulette - How to Play and How to Win! • The Jackpot Gents

People Also Ask

What Number Hits The Most In Roulette?

Ask the dealer for the most popular roulette number and they will definitely say 17. It may be part of the attraction, as the 17 pockets were also the focus of some amazing historic roulette wins.

Is There A Roulette Secret?

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when playing roulette as a casino beginner is to stick to the minimums on the table and focus on playing only the outer bets. Bet on either black or red for each new spin and enjoy a 1:1 payout while covering potential combinations of 18/38.

What Is The Safest Bet In Roulette?

The Fibonacci system is one of the safest roulette strategies, especially when compared to other progressive methods such as the martingale. Despite the fact that it's fairly safe to use, Fibonacci can still bring you some benefits.


Hope you know all the basics of how to play roulette to win. The more you play, the more confident you will be, the more you will like certain types of variations and the more you will be able to enjoy certain bets.
Do not participate in roulette games without knowing the odds or get used to the minimum bet limit on the table. You don't want to get stuck in a game where the smallest bets take you out of your comfort zone.
However, as with all casino games, the most important thing to remember is playing a game of chance. So don't forget to gamble responsibly so you don't get lost.
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