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How To Initiate Sex Like A Pro In 2023

It can be difficult to know when and how to initiate sex, whether you are having trouble with your partner or are just getting back into dating. "Sex with another person is complicated," explains Brianna Rader, developer of To be successful, it takes a lot of things: permission, confidence, vulnerability, coordination, and direction."

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It can be difficult to know when and how to initiate sex, whether you are having trouble with your partner or are just getting back into dating.
"Sexwith another person is complicated," explains Brianna Rader, developer of To be successful, it takes a lot of things: permission, confidence, vulnerability, coordination, and direction."
Sexual experiences require empathy, consent, and communication on both sides. While you don't need sex to have a nice date or physical interaction, the first question to ask when initiating sex is: what are you seeking for, and how does this match up with what the other person wants?
We'll go over some dating-specific methods for beginning sex, while some of them may be good for long-term partners as well. Check out our post on Spontaneous Sexfor tips on how to start sex in a relationship.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

A Woman Wanting To Initiate Sex.jpg
A Woman Wanting To Initiate Sex.jpg
If you're just searching for a hookup, be upfront about it right away so you can discoversomeone who shares your goals.
If you're dating online, you can start by stating this in your profile. "My name is Matt, and I enjoy hiking, cooking, and mountain biking," you could say.
I'm searching for something laid-back, yet I'm willing to try new things." Remember that just because the other person is searching for something informal doesn't imply they don't want to learn more about you as a person.
Perhaps mountain biking and then hooking up afterwards would be the ideal day for them.
If you're asking someone out in person, make your intentions plain and don't overthink it. If you're in a pub and notice someone you like, try to speak with them within a minute.
If you wait too long, you may become engrossed in your thoughts. Starting early also demonstrates confidence, which may be extremely seductive.

When Flirting, Be Confident

A Woman Initiating Sex
A Woman Initiating Sex
Flirting is an important component of attraction; not only does it help you create a relationship, but it also helps you meet new people.
It will not only help you build rapport with your possible partner, but it will also aid in arousal when it comes time to initiate sex. Not everyone is elicited in the same manner.
Learning about the five love languages can help you approach flirting in new ways. Physical contact is vital for certain people.
Acts of kindness are the best way to be on the good side of others. Try a variety of things to see what works best for them.
If you're not sure how open they are, a simple statement like "Hey, I'm loving this date/flirting with you" clarifies your sentiments and allows you to measure their response.
Is there a smile on their faces? Do they appear to be having a good time? Touch their shoulder or arm. Do they appear to be interested in this? Do they return your touch?
It's also crucial to flirt without any preconceived notions. It's fine to want sex, but don't expect it just because someone else is flirting back; flirt just for the sake of flirting!
A Man Initiating Sex In The Shower
A Man Initiating Sex In The Shower
If you're unsure about boundaries when it's time to get physical, don't be hesitant to ask.
Some individuals worry that asking "may I kiss you?" would ruin the moment, but you'll get a clear answer and start a conversation about what you want and don't want.
Understanding what permission is and what it looks like is the first step toward obtaining it.
Consent is an enthusiastic yes to a specific activity, whether physical or sexual, that is offered freely and without coercion.
Brianna explains "True consent entails more than simply asking if you want to have sex. Instead, you should converse with your spouse during the process to learn not just what they are comfortable with, but also what they enjoy.
By obtaining consent throughout the process, you will not only ensure that people are enjoying the growth, but you will also receive feedback on what works and what does not."
If you're unsure about permission, there are many of options available, but it usually begins with honest and open conversation about your boundaries and desires.

Keep Talking!

A Cartoon Depiction Of A Man Initiating Sex
A Cartoon Depiction Of A Man Initiating Sex
Even if your spouse agreed to sex early on, the conversation doesn't end there - there's still plenty to discuss!
Try expanding the definition of sex to include penis-in-vagina intercourse. By broadening the definition of sex, you and your partner can focus on activities that you both enjoy, which can lead to a more adventurous encounter.
Throughout the process, communicate with your spouse, letting them know what you enjoy and don't like, and being responsive to their requirements.
Ask a lot of questions when you first start touching each other, such as "does this feel nice to you?" and "what do you enjoy?"
Check out our blog post on Dirty Talk for additional information on talking during sex.
Feel free to express what makes you happy and what you find enjoyable. This takes the uncertainty out of the equation and raises the chances of a successful encounter.
Who knows, if the sex is good the first time, this could become a regular occurrence!

How To Initiate Sex | Make Your Partner Go Crazy!

People Also Ask

How Do You Initiate Sex In A Sexless Relationship?

Start a conversation about your sexual desires and preferences. Change your typical sexual routine and menu by incorporating new activities in the bedroom.
Wearing heels, listening to sexy music, experimenting with new sexual positions, or having sex in a different section of the house are all examples of this.

How Can I Initiate Sex Without Making It Awkward?

Make foreplay a priority, send romantic texts, lavish your lover with compliments, demonstrate your desire, and do more kissing, stroking, massaging, or embracing. Turn on some music and light some fragrant candles to make your bedroom more welcoming.

Why Is Initiating Sex So Hard?

She claims that "we put a lot of pressure on guys to begin sexual engagement." As a result, women are under pressure not to initiate to gatekeep or regulate sex access.
We may believe that we are immune to cultural forces, but it is one thing to perceive them and another to be resistant to them.

How Can I Initiate Sex Better?

  • Reduce the stakes. Don't take it personally if you initiate sex and your partner isn't interested.
  • Make preparations ahead of time. Building excitement for sexual activity is not only fun, but it can also help your partner anticipate your approaches.
  • Make time for some foreplay.
  • Make use of props.
  • Make a point of being specific....
  • Communicate.


A Couple Initiating Sex
A Couple Initiating Sex
Sex is never straightforward, but being clear and speaking often will help you quickly determine if you and your partner are on the same page and continue in a way that is beneficial to both of you.
Always be respectful and attempt to make the experience enjoyable for both you and your partner.
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