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How To Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package 2022?

The Royal Caribbean drink menus show that buying drinks individually from the bar can cost even more. So, to save money you need to know how to cheat Royal Caribbean drink package. The price of drinks is quite high as mentioned below.

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The Royal Caribbean drink menus show that buying drinks individually from the bar can cost even more. So, to save money you need to know how to cheat Royal Caribbean drink package. The price of drinks is quite high as mentioned below.

Royal Caribbean International Drink Package Price 2022

The cost of the Royal Refreshment package is between $29 and $38 per person, per day. A day's worth of unlimited drinks up to the value of $12 or $13 is included in the Royal Caribbean alcohol drinks package, which ranges in price from $63 to $89 per passenger.
Well, there are several ways how to cheat Royal Caribbean drink package so you can save a good amount of money.

Sharing A Package

What if you only buy one package of alcoholic drinks and use it to buy drinks for everyone in the group? Since the drink package lets you have as many drinks as you want every day, you might want to think about it.
Some people wonder if they can get the Deluxe Beverage Package for one person and a cheaper Refreshment Package or Soda Package for the other, then swap drinks sometimes.
Well, this is against the rules of the Royal Caribbean. They also make it hard for anyone to do that in real life.

Sneaking Booze On Board

People also sneak their own alcohol on board to get around the Royal Caribbean drink package. So, instead of buying a package of drinks, you would just drink your own alcohol.

How to make Royal Caribbean's drink package work for you!

A flask that looks like a shampoo bottle is the most common way to sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship.
Guests can bring up to two 750-ml bottles of wine per stateroom on a Royal Caribbean cruise. These must be in your carry-on bag so that it's easy for port workers to check that your alcohol isn't over the limit.

You Can Drink Your Own Wine In Bars

Royal Caribbean says that the two bottles of wine per stateroom that you can bring on board must be drunk in your stateroom. If you want to drink it in public, you have to pay $15 per bottle as a corkage fee.
So you can't just bring a bottle of wine from home to a restaurant and expect to drink it without paying more. Of course, the corkage fee could be worth it if it's a special bottle of champagne or something. But it probably isn't most of the time.

People Also Ask

How Do You Cheat On A Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

  • Sharing a package with a group of friends.
  • Bringing your own wine to the bars.
  • Benefit from the free drinks.

Do You Get Free Drinks In The Casino On Royal Caribbean?

Yes, as a perk of membership in Club Royale, Prime, Signature, and Masters members are entitled to free beverages at the casinowhenever it is open.

Is It Worth Getting The Drink Package On Royal Caribbean?

While the price may appear excessive, it's actually quite simple to consume more alcohol than what the Deluxe package would cost, considering that beer might cost $7, a mixed cocktail $13, a glass of wine $10, a specialty coffee $6, fresh-squeezed juice $10, and soda might cost $4.


It costs a lot for the Royal Caribbean drink package so there are three ways shared above how to cheat Royal Caribbean drink package. I hope that helps.
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