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How Old Are The X2twins? The Famous Gaming Duo Age Reveal

Delve into the intriguing world of the X2Twins and satisfy your curiosity about their age. Explore the journey from their birth to gaming stardom, uncovering the mystery behind the question: How old are the X2Twins? Discover the fascinating timeline of these identical twins and their rise in the gaming community.

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The X2Twins, Jesse and Jordan Eckley, are identical twins based in Australia. The twins rose to prominence in the gaming community for their exceptional skills in Fortnite, a popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games. Many fans ask the question: how old are the X2twins?

Quick Facts

Name Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley
Profile Namex2Twins
Date of Birth (Age) May 28, 2000
Date of Joining (YouTube)May 4, 2014
Total Videos990
Net WorthAround $1 million
Nationality Australian
ResidenceBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

X2twins - The Famous Duo

Australian gamers Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley, often known as x2Twins, are Twitch and YouTube streamers. The gaming team has competed in numerous esportscompetitions and is well-known for its Fortnite gameplay. In 2018, they began their career as paid Fortnite players and posted videos to YouTube.
The pair only plays Fortnite when they stream on Twitch. The duo has 6 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.1 million followers on Twitch. Additionally, they are active on other websites including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Since they are devoted and actual Fortnite gamers, they only share video from their gaming on all of the official handles.
As their popularity soared, the X2Twins attracted partnerships and collaborations with gaming organizations and brands. These collaborations not only provided additional support for their professional gaming endeavors but also expanded their reach to a wider audience.


In 2018, shortly after the twins received their high school diplomas, they began participating in and streaming eSports. They claimed that their family had been very supportive and helpful in fostering their career. They even went so far as to purchase some of the tools for their kids.
They soon began to broaden their channel. When Jesse triumphed in the Australian Summer Smash competition in the year 2019, their YouTube channel gained a lot of notoriety and renown.
As they worked so hard to find additional players of their caliber to compete with them at LAN events and started to push their objective to professional status, they decided to form their own squad named Twinsanity sometime in 2018. They took part in the rivalry between Fresh and Cizzorz as well.
They signed on with Renegade ms in August 2018 after receiving a Twitch partnership some time in July 2018. The couple posts its videos to a YouTube channel as well. They have been able to gather a sizable number of followers through their channel. Over 3 million people subscribe to them, and his videos have received over 816 million views overall.

YouTube Content

The x2Twins have millions of subscribers on Twitch and YouTube, where they stream. They routinely upload gaming videos on YouTube, where they have 3.05 million subscribers. On reaching the milestones of millions of views and subscribers, YouTube awarded them a silver play button and a golden play button.

Streaming Hours

Their timetable is erratic because they now prioritize tournaments. However, they typically stream for at least 5 hours per session numerous times per week.

Personal Life

The gaming couple want to keep their private lives private, and they retain their anonymity by not disclosing information about their complete names, parents, life partners, addresses, hobbies, and other personal matters.
About who the twins are currently dating or spending out with is currently unknown. Perhaps they maintain a brief profile of their personal information and other pertinent facts about themselves. If anything changes, we'll let you know when it does so.

X2twins Age Disclosed

If you are a fan of X2twins, you might wonder how old are the X2twins. X2twins born on May 28, 2000. So, they are 23 years old in 2023. X2twins are becoming quite well-known because to their Fortnite channel. Here is all the basic information you require about them.
Australia-based x2Twins are a YouTube and Twitch channel. In high school, they mainly played CS: GO, with sporadic forays into PUBG and H1Z1. They began playing Fortnite in 2017 and advanced swiftly.
After finishing high school in 2018, the twins decided to pursue careers in streaming and eSports. Their family supported their choice and even helped them with the cost of their equipment.
Their YouTube channel expanded gradually, but it didn't really take off until Jesse won the Australian Summer Smash competition in 2019.
X2Twins in their gaming studio
X2Twins in their gaming studio

X2twins Wikipedia

Even though they are well-known because of their streaming, the streamers do not yet have a Wikipedia article.
They struggled to find other players of their caliber to remain competitive with them in LAN events, so they decided to start their own team, Twinsanity, in the middle of 2018. They started working diligently toward becoming professionals.
They started sparingly competing with Cizzorz and Fresh in the middle of 2018. After gaining a Twitch partnership in July 2018, x2twins signed on with Renegades in August 2018. Due to the fact that tournaments are currently their top priority, they have an erratic schedule. They do, however, stream for at least five hours each time, several times a week.

Net Worth

Taking into account their 500 subscribers and subtracting income from winning tournaments, sponsorships, advertising, and tips, they would make $1,250 USD every month. Jesse earned 3/6 Victory Royales in the Solo Summer Smash, where he took home $100,000 USD.
YouTube adsare x2Twin's primary source of income, but they also receive money from sponsorships, contributions, collaborations, and other sources. Their expected yearly earnings are $49.5K - $792.5K, and their estimated monthly earnings range from $4.1K to $66K.
As a result, their projected net worth in 2022 was about $3 million. According to insiders, the pair earns up to $7k a month and about $84k annually from their Twitch streaming.
Now, Although x2Twins's exact net worth is unknown, networthspot.comestimates that it to be greater than $3.93 million. According to some estimates, x2Twins's net worth may actually be higher than that. The net worth of x2Twins might reach $5.5 million if we take into account all of their sources of income.
How much money does x2Twins make is a common question from fans. The YouTube channel for x2Twins receives roughly 16.38 million views every month, or 546.11 thousand views per day.
For every a thousand views of a video, monetized channels make money by playing video advertising. For every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7. These calculations allow us to determine that x2Twins makes $65.53 thousand each month, or $983 thousand annually.
However, it's possible that Net Worth Spot is understating x2Twins's income. On the upper end, x2Twins might earn $1.77 million annually.
Influencers rarely depend on just one cash stream, though. In addition to advertisers, popular YouTubers can make more money by promoting their own goods. They could also receive spoken presentations.
X2Twins playing games on PC
X2Twins playing games on PC

Interesting Facts

  • In the Australian solo Summer Smash, Jesse took first place.
  • The oldest twin is named Jordan.
  • The duo streams many times a week for five hours each time.
  • Over 11,000 followers and over 200,000 unique views were accumulated by Twinsanity in a single year. He shared a video of his brother winning a battle royal in Fortnite using a Dwayne Johnson avatar in January 2022.

Social Media

In terms of their online presence, X2Twins can be found on Instagram, where they have acquired a total of 182k followers. Their widespread presence as a YouTube and Twitch team has helped X2Twins gain followers on all of their other platforms for informal communication.
The young decorators can also be found on Twitter and TikTok, where they have gained 127.8k and 1.7 million followers, respectively, in addition to Instagram. As of right present, neither X2Twins nor the nuances distinguishing their relationship status have been revealed.

How Old Are The X2twins? FAQs

What Did Jordan Eckley Do Before Fame?

After seeing that most other teams looking for new blood were only looking for one player, he and his brother made the decision to skip attending college in favor of streaming and starting their own team.

Who Is Jordan Eckley?

He joined the Renegades as a professional Fortnite player when the esports company bought the Australian Twinsanity team. He has a Twitch channel alongside his twin brother Jesse that has more than 3.1 million subscribers. He belongs to the X2Twins web community as well. On his 160,000-follower x2twinss Instagram account, he posts gameplay videos.

What Is The Birth Sign Of Birth Sign Of Jesee Eckley?

The birth sgin of Jesee Eckley is gemini.

What Is The Birthplace Of X2twins?

The birthplace of X2Twins is Australia.


How old are the X2twins? They are 23 years old as of now. The X2Twins, Jesse and Jordan Eckley, have established themselves as prominent figures in the gaming world. From their early days as passionate gamers to their current status as professional Fortnite players and content creators, their journey reflects not only their dedication to gaming excellence but also their ability to connect with a globalaudience.
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