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How Much Money Is A Rose On Tiktok In 2023?

One of the most popular live presents individuals can give to TikTok is a rose, but how much money is a rose on Tiktok? Today, the majority of social media apps provide live broadcasting.

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One of the most popular live presents individuals can give to TikTok is a rose, but how much money is a rose on Tiktok? Today, the majority of social media apps provide live broadcasting.
There are numerous ways to start a live video stream and share it with your friends and followers, regardless of whether you have Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.
In addition to these apps, TikTok has grown in prominence as a significant immediate streaming platform. The live stream feature is equally as crucial as the normal TikTok videos, which are still the app's mainstay.
Regular live streams will show up on your page, and the "Live" button on TikTok will start a live stream. People frequently use TikTok Live for dancing, getting ready, working out, etc.
The TikTok Live gifting system is one of its best features. Viewers can send virtual presents live while watching someone on TikTok Live. These gifts, stickers or augmented reality (AR) effects, let you show your appreciation for the video.
The cult rose is one of the most popular presents on TikTok Live. Clicking the "Gift" button or only the "Pink" button will bring up a rose in the TikTok Live video. So, what are some Tiktok gift price lists and how much money is a rose on Tiktok?

TikTok Gifts Price List

In a relatively short period of time, TikTok rose to prominence as one of the largest social media networks. New influencers emerge along with the growth of a new platform.
Many Tik Tok superstars have seen their followings mushroom seemingly overnight, and other game streamers have used the platform to dramatically grow their audiences elsewhere.

Gifts in TikTok EXPLAINED!

Creators now have the option to live stream on the site, offering them an additional revenue stream. The streamer can accept "gifts" from viewers. You can send a creator numerous various presents, ranging from a rose to a yacht.
What is the value of each gift on Tiktok live? Let’s see the summary of the value of Tiktok live gift coins from the lowest to the highest or most expensive below:
  • Tennis: 1
  • Football: 1
  • Mini Speaker: 1
  • Coffee: 1
  • Ice Cream Cone: 1
  • Barbell: 1
  • Rose: 1
  • TikTok: 1
  • Pandas: 5
  • Heart Finger: 5
  • Mic: 5
  • Hi: 5
  • Magic Letter: 7
  • Hand Waving: 7
  • Bottle of Hope: 9
  • Snowboard: 9
  • Mirror: 30
  • Donuts: 30
  • Origami: 99
  • Hat: 99
  • Heart: 100
  • Confetti: 100
  • Butterfly: 169
  • Musical Notes: 169
  • Witch’s Hat: 177
  • Heart: 199
  • Glasses: 199
  • Ski Goggles: 199
  • Padlock and key: 199
  • Glasses: 199
  • Rock n’ roll: 299
  • Bridal Veil: 299
  • Boxing Gloves: 299
  • Tumpeng Rice: 300
  • Campfire: 388
  • Swing: 399
  • Necklace: 400
  • Marine trap: 400
  • Coral: 499
  • Money Rain: 500
  • Ice Machine: 538
  • Love Balloon: 699
  • Goose: 699
  • Shoes: 700
  • Pearl: 800
  • Train: 899
  • Gold Mine: 1000
  • Mirror Flower: 1000
  • Fireworks: 1088
  • Bombom Car: 1288
  • Flower Arrangement: 1500
  • Champion: 1500
  • Drinking Time: 1777
  • Tree House: 1799
  • Fast Boat: 1888
  • Magic Album: 1999
  • Makeup Box: 1999
  • Autumn Candle: 1999
  • MusicBox: 2399
  • Travel: 2888
  • Motorcycle: 2988
  • Old Famous Car: 2999
  • Superstars: 2999
  • Ringworm: 3000
  • Spilled Flowers: 4000
  • Pirate Ship: 4888
  • Private Jet: 4888
  • Pool Party: 4999
  • Submarine: 5199
  • Airplane: 6000
  • Race Car: 7000
  • Yachts: 9888
  • Aquarius: 9999
  • Interstellar: 10000
  • Planets: 15000
  • Rocket: 20000
  • Lion: 29999
  • TikTok Universe: 34999

How Much Is 1 Rose On TikTok Worth?

One of the most affordable presents on TikTok is the rose. If you frequently use TikTok Live as a way to pass the time, you must be aware of the virtual gift that each viewer gives to their favorite creators.
A rose is one of the most popular gifts on TikTok Live, but stickers and AR effects are also acceptable. Perhaps though, some people still inquire about the cost of a rose on TikTok.
In essence, TikTok coins, which can be bought with real money, are used to purchase stickers and other TikTok gifts.
The sticker can be purchased for 1 coin to 34999 coins. To find out, for example, how much 300 roses cost on TikTok, let's look at the price list for TikTok coins or the cost of the next TikTok gift.
TikTok gifts section
TikTok gifts section
One of the least expensive presents you may send to TikTok Live is a TikTok Rose, which costs one penny. A wish bottle, an ice cream cone, and the TikTok logo are examples of other 1-coin gifts.
One of the most identifiable flowers, though, is the rose. This is the simplest, loveliest, and most straightforward present on TikTok Live (thanks to the dedicated button).
How much actual money is this one coin rose worth? TikTok's cheapest coin pack costs 65 coins and 99 cents. That works out to around 1.5 cents for a coin and 1.5 cents for a rose.
You can send 65 roses if you spend 99 cents on 65 coins. Additionally, there are coin packages that cost more money. You can send 330 roses if you spend R$4.99 on 330 coins.
Are there any more amazing TikTok gifts? Absolute. While the TikTok Universe Gift video is surrounded by numerous pieces of TikTok memorabilia, the famous Lion Gift incorporates a living virtual lion.
However, these gifts are worth their respective 29,999 and 34,999 coin prices. Not just a straightforward one-coin rose. Perhaps the rose isn't the most amazing thing. If you're on a tight budget and want to surprise your favorite creator, roses are an excellent choice.

People Also Ask

How Much Is 1,000 Roses On TikTok?

If you have questions about how much 1,000 roses cost on TikTok, read on. Simply multiply $6.49 by two if 500 flowers are worth $6.49. Therefore, it will cost you about $12.98 to purchase 1,000 flowers.

How Do You Get TikTok Roses?

The legendary Rose is one of the most popular TikTok Live presents. A TikTok Live video's "Gift" button or the specific "Rose" button can both be used to locate the Rose. No matter where you locate it, TikTok Live's sending a Rose will cost you one TikTok coin.

Do Roses Give Tiktokers Money?

Roses are a type of new money source for Tiktok influencers referred to as "Gifts." If viewers enjoy a streamer's content, they may give them gifts. Each prize is subsequently converted into diamonds in the creator's account, which may be used to make additional Tiktok purchases.


This is a review of how much money is a rose on Tiktok and the prices for various presents on TikTok, such as the Lion, private aircraft, TikTok universe, and others during Livestream. In addition, you can start by providing engaging content, such as gaming clips or anything else, if you want to get popular and gain a lot of TikTok viewers.
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