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How Much Is A Tiktok Universe Worth On TikTok LIVE Studio In 2023?

The TikTok Universe present is one of the most talked-about gifts recently. So, you must wanna know how much is a TikTok universe worth. People commonly receive and send gifts through the Tiktok application.

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The TikTok Universe present is one of the most talked-about gifts recently. So, you must wanna know how much is a TikTok universe worth. People commonly receive and send gifts through the Tiktok application.
Tiktok was the most popular app in 2021, with over 1,000,000 users. Certain patterns are well-known in the application, such as a lifetime of gift-giving.
This application is fascinating and amusing. It is gaining popularity throughout the world, with the majority of users residing in Asia and North America.
Creators entertain viewers by uploading short video clips showcasing their skills and passions. If users wish to assist their favorite creators, they can send them gifts. However, how much are these TikTok Universe gifts?
The gifts have gotten scant official information from TikTok, hence the existence of this article. Discoverthe value of TikTok gift points and how to purchase or redeem them. Similar to Twitch TV contributions, these points are rewards for content creators.
The most prominent TikTok influencers can make hundreds of dollars per post. Because the company utilizes virtual gifts and diamonds to govern in-app income flow, it is crucial to comprehend how this digital money operates. This article will discuss how much is a TikTok universe worth.

TikTok Gifts

Send a cosmic gift if you want to demonstrate to a creator that you are a diehard fan. TikTok generates in-app revenue via virtual items and diamonds. To be eligible to receive gifts from fans, a creator must have at least 1,000 followers and go live.
These "gifts" range from virtual pandas to lions to drama queens, and each one has a different monetary value. The creators then exchange these presents for virtual diamonds, which they subsequently exchange for cash via PayPal or another secure method.
Fans who wish to give something as a present must first acquire coins. The user then selects a symbol, such as a panda, and clicks the pink gift button while viewing a TikTok Live video. You must be at least 18 years old to send TikTok gifts.
Once you reach 1,000 followers, TikTok will allow you to receive gifts from your fans during your Live videos. There are virtual presents ranging from pandas to drama queens. Each of these presents has a distinct monetary value.
Once you've accumulated all of your gifts, you can trade the virtual symbols for virtual diamonds. The gems can then be traded for cash using PayPal or another secure payment method.
Within the TikTok app, coins are used to purchase gifts. These coins are the only option for purchase within the application.
By clicking the pink gift button when watching a TikTok Live video after purchasing coins, you can transmit the virtual symbol to another person.
TikTok gifts section
TikTok gifts section
It is important to note that only those older than 18 can send TikTok presents. After people kept complaining, the company had to come up with a policy to protect younger customers from scammers.
The following are the costs associated with each gift:
  • Panda - 5 Coins.
  • Italian Hands - 5 Coins.
  • Love Bang - 25 Coins
  • Sun Cream - 50 Cents
  • Rainbow Puke - 100 Coins.
  • Concert - 500 Coins.
  • I'm very Rich - 1000 Coins.
  • Queen of Drama - 5000 Coins.
When the maker receives the gifts, they can convert them into diamonds and eventually cash. Although TikTok has not published a clear breakdown of how much each gift is worth, the breakdown is as follows:
  • Coins are worth half as much as diamonds.
  • TikTok charges a commission of 50%.
This means that if you give a Drama Queen, which costs 5,000 coins, as a gift, the recipient will receive many diamonds worth approximately 0.5 cents apiece.
When seen in these terms, it is not much, but exceptional producers can earn multiple gifts during a single live feed, thus money can be made.

How Much Is A Tiktok Universe Gift Worth?

The value of the TikTok Universe gift is believed to be $500. Popular software called Tiktok enables users to create short videos showcasing their skills and abilities.
Individuals can assist artists by sending them gifts. If the creator is well-known, the creator has a greater probability of receiving gifts when going live. If a TikTok creator has approximately 1,000 followers, they may receive gifts from their admirers.

TikTok Universe Gift

When the application is online, a user with one thousand followers will have access to the function that allows them to receive presents from the audience. Regardless of the circumstances, you must pay to acquire the goods.
Each gift comes with a certain number of coins that must be purchased, and the coins must be purchased with a certain amount of dollars. Five pennies are required to purchase a panda gift. You should spend a specified sum on the coins. The estimated cost of 100 coins is $1.29.
TikTok Universe Gift is valued at around 34999 coins and costs $500. Receiving a gift from the universe during one's lifetime is fascinating, and the recipient is astounded and amazed.
This Universe gift is too expensive for every creator to obtain, therefore many creators must wait to receive their first Universe gift. To purchase gifts on Tiktok, users must be at least 18 years old.

People Also Ask

How Much Is The Universe In TikTok Gifts?

According to a variety of sources, the TikTok Universe gift costs approximately 34999 TikTok coins, which is equivalent to $500 in real money. This indicates that the recipient is a well-respected content provider on the network.

How Much Is A TikTok Galaxy Worth?

The TikTok galaxygift costs 1,000 TikTok coins. This is roughly comparable to $13 to $15, depending on the package in which the coins are purchased.

How Much Is A Lion Or Universe On TikTok?

A TikTok Lion gift is worth 29,999 coins or $400, whereas the universe is worth 3,499 coins or $500.


In 2017, TikTok added a feature to its live streaming section that enables fans to offer their favorite creators a variety of unique presents. These presents range from roses to sunglasses and can cost anything between a penny and several hundred dollars.
Gifts can only be purchased with Coins, TikTok's native currency, with prices beginning at 65 Coins for $0.99.
The most expensive gift available, however, is the TikTok Universe, which sticks out among the vast selection of available items. But how much is a TikTok universe worth?
A TikTok Universe is only available for purchase through the "Gifts" section of the app and costs a stunning 34,999 Coins, or nearly $500. The most prestigious present TikTok has to offer comes at a high price.
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