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House Party 2023 - This Movie Features Party Planning, Friendship, And Unforgettable Moments

In the comedy House Party 2023, two black males named Kevin and Damon decide to "borrow" a wealthy man's home while he is abroad in order to throw a lucrative party. Best pals Kevin and Damon are in desperate need of quick cash. Despite the fact that Damon always seems to lead Kevin into trouble, Kevin agrees to his friend's request to organize the party at the opulent estate where they just finished cleaning.

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In the comedy House Party 2023, two black males named Kevin and Damon decide to "borrow" a wealthy man's home while he is abroad in order to throw a lucrative party. Best pals Kevin and Damon are in desperate need of quick cash.
Despite the fact that Damon always seems to lead Kevin into trouble, Kevin agrees to his friend's request to organize the party at the opulent estate where they just finished cleaning. LeBron James, a professional basketball player, resides in the house. James is now in India on a two-week meditation retreat. What might possibly fail?
House Party 2023 includes some humorous, even clean, moments. However, the comedy is mingled with far too many explanatory moments. As a result, neither the comedy nor the film truly take off.
The resolution of the plot difficulty in House Party 2023's conclusion is a happy one. There are also two pardoned scenes. However, the film contains more than 210 profanities and obscenities, as well as instances of lying and theft, extreme humorous violence in one scene, and jokes about marijuana usage.

Character Descriptions

Get to know each character:

Jacob Latimore As Kevin

Money is tight for Kevin because his parents are about to sell the house, his daughter is in preschool, and he has an I.T. job lined up but he won't be able to start for many weeks. What if you also factor in his daughter's mother's problems, the low income at his cleaning job, and the failure of his musiccareer? Kevin is dealing with both a lot and nothing at the same time, which could not be worse.
You may also be familiar with the actor from his roles as Bo in "Sleight," Dante Spivey in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and Emmett Washington in "The Chi."
Jacob Latimore
Jacob Latimore

Tosin Cole As Damon

Damon is on thin ice; he has already been expelled from his mother's home and is soon to be expelled from his aunt's, but you wouldn't know it from the way he lives his life. He spends every night on the town as a would-be party promoter, seeking to increase his fan base but more so increasing the list of individuals who don't want to tangle with him due to his actions.
Ryan Sinclair in "Doctor Who," Medgar Evers in "Till," and Frank in "Burning Sands" are a few more roles you might recognize the actor from.
Tosin Cole
Tosin Cole

DC Young Fly As Victor

Kevin's preferred DJ is Victor Victor, who has a drinking problem and a tendency to believe he can travel through time when he smokes.
The actor is also noted for playing an unknown role in Mario Van Peebles' upcoming film "Outlaw Posse," as well as for starring in "Wild 'N Out" a "The 85 South Show."
DC Young Fly
DC Young Fly

Kid Kudi Aka Scott Mescudi As Himself

Damon admires rapper Kid Cudi, who is also a bit of a weirdand enigmatic character. one who gravitates toward Kevin and Damon despite being introverted and not enjoying loud laughter.
You may also be familiar with the actor from his roles as Jackson in "X," Jabari in "Entergalatic," and Justin in Brittany Snow's upcoming "September 17th."
Scott Mescudi smiling
Scott Mescudi smiling

Lebron James

Lebron Lebron is James Lebron. As the G.O.A.T., he is quite displeased that someone utilized his home for an unauthorized party.
The actor is also known for playing himself in "Trainwreck," Gwangi in "Smallfoot," and Space Jam: A New Legacy.
Lebron James in Basketball game
Lebron James in Basketball game

Karen Obilom As Venus

Venus, a recent college graduate who works for Damon and Kevin's company in the corporate division, is up for a promotion because of how well she does her job. Although she does squeeze some time for dancing despite the fact that her corporate work pays well, the dream is to be able to pursue it professionally.
You Should Know The Actor From Being: Bj in "Hello Cupid Reboot," Roni Evers in "Doom Patrol," and Brielle in the upcoming "The Wood"
Karen Obilom
Karen Obilom

New House Party Reboot Plot

Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin, better known as Kid 'N Play, made the audience laugh in 1990 with House Party. The humorous film was followed by several subpar sequels. You cannot keep a franchise down given the rapidly declining quality of each iteration.
After the third movie, Kid 'N Play could have been too drunk to continue, but it didn't stop the franchise. The most recent version of the original movie, House Party Reboot 2023, is now available.
The most recent House Party is an entertaining movie with lots of amazing cameos, even though the plot is absurd and shouldn't work. Additionally, there are bound to be some of you who enjoy "stoner comedies" because we don't see enough of them these days.
Jacob Latimore is Kevin in the movie House Party Reboot 2023. He's a decent enough man wanting to provide his daughter with a good life. His closest friend Damon (Tosin Cole), on the other hand, frequently invites trouble. Their current job ends when the two are photographed using marijuana while performing their cleaning task.
However, the pair strikes it lucky when they learn that they are now cleaning LeBron James' house. Once the day is over and the two are off the clock, Damon has a plan. He's an aspiring party promoter and influencer, you see.
Why not simply have a huge party at King James' modest home? It's ridiculous, but if you can buy into that plot, you might enjoy how crazy the party gets.
When you are pleasantly surprised by a movie, you can feel satisfied. It's difficult to predict how well a remake like this would be received by reviewers and contemporary audiences. In the end, all you want to do is laugh and enjoy yourself when watching a movie like this.
And it looked like the little group of critics at the screening was laughing. The film being made is well known to director Calmatic and screenwriters Steven Glover and Jamal Olori.
And this one really does get strange, man. In addition to the F-bombs, the music, and the comedy, there is also a moment that is surprisingly gory and a spaced-out Koala. Not to mention the entire basketball stuff. It's a lot to cram into one silly comedy.
The enthusiasm between Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole has replaced Kid 'N Play. Together, the two actors work well, even when they make an effort to convince you that the plot's premise isn't completely bonkers. As a DJ who needs to avoid marijuana, Allen Maldonado gives a humorous performance.
Andrew Satino gives a fantastic performance as the neighbor who has a koala that is out of control. In her role as Kevin's startlingly perceptive current flame, Karen Obilom is delightful. Insane appearances from Bill Bellamy, Mya, Snoop Dogg, and the talented basketball player with the magnificent home may also appear for a while.
The two leads are ultimately what tie this movie together, despite how bizarre it becomes. Once more, one can't help but wonder at the boldness of these two, but the journey is fun. Even if some of the jokes fall flat, there are still plenty to make people laugh.
With a relatively short running period of about an hour and forty minutes, the movie manages to keep viewers entertained for the majority of the time. The final act does occasionally get strange.
Even yet, it's tremendously rewarding to experience a well-known artist from a radically new perspective. While he doesn't have his name listed for this film on IMDb, we'll let you figure out who it is because he already made an impression with his performance at the start of a recent horror trilogy. He's great either way.
House Party could have easily been dreck, and many detractors still believe that it is. But we discovered that we were savoring the madness for what it was. It's a funnyfeature that's been made decently.
The cast is enthusiastic, the humorous portions are effective, and the music is thumping. Despite the fact that people do have a weakness for the long-standing genre of "stoner comedies," they are glad that this movie got the basics right enough to allow for an enjoyable viewing experience.
You could find some solace in watching a lame comedy about two guys hosting a party at LeBron James' house after sorting through the most recent Academy Award-worthy newsduring the past few months. So, enjoy this movie if you want a chill night with your friends.

HOUSE PARTY Trailer (2023)

House Party Reviews

Rashawna Turner says,
Definitely thought it was a good watch. I loved the references from the House Party installments, loved all the cameos and I’m not even a LBJ fan but I was digging his role! Kid Cuddie was funny, I was here for it. Two thumbs up from me.
Jeff Sandt says,
Read what you want to read to watch this.
Overall great movie with some pretty good comedy.
Storyline 8.5/10
Acting 7/10
Cinematography 9/10
This movie was fun and Def worth watching

People Also Ask

What Is House Party 2023 About?

Best friends and aspiring club promoters Damon and Kevin are barely managing to keep things together. They need a huge windfall to solve their problems because they are broke, unlucky, and ready to lose their homes. They quickly decide to throw the biggest party of the year at a luxurious estate that just so happens to be owned by NBA star LeBron James.

What Is House Party Release Date?

On January 13, 2023, a globaltheater release of House Party, a remake of the original 1990s hit that was slated to air on HBO Max, took place.

Who Is The Kid From House Party Hbo Max 2023 Movie?

Jacob Latimore played Kid in house party hbo max movie

Is House Party 2023 Rated R?

Yes, it is rated R due to some violence, frequent drug use, and sexual content.

How Long Is The House Party Remake 2023?

The running time of House Party 2023 movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

How Many House Party Movies Are There?

There are 5 House Party movies:
  • House Party 1
  • House Party 2
  • House Party 3
  • House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute
  • House Party 2023


House Party 2023 is set to be a cinematic extravaganza that brings the spirit of the legendary House Party events to the silver screen. House Party 2023 is a visual feast that transports viewers into a world of vibrant colors, stunning sets, and mesmerizing visuals.
With its entertaining storyline, memorable characters, electrifying musical performances, and visually stunning production, this movie promises to captivate audiences and leave them longing for their own unforgettable party experiences.
Get ready to laugh, dance, and join in on the celebration as House Party 2023 invites you to experience the thrill and joy of a lifetime.
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