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Hot Chocolate With Cheese - A South American And Colombian Tradition

Having hot chocolate with cheese is an exceptionally normal practice among Colombians.

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Having hot chocolate with cheeseis an exceptionally normal practice among Colombians. So normal, as a matter of fact, that numerous Colombians don't understand that the remainder of the world doesn't follow a similar practice!

What Are Colombians Known For Enjoying In Their Hot Chocolate?

This custom is additionally normal with espresso. Here and there, after the Colombians put cheddar in their beverages, they'll then, at that point, dunk their bread in it also. OK, so chocolate, cheddar, AND bread? I think Colombians have it sorted out.
Have you at any point played the game where you attempt to consider food that couldn't be improved by one or the other cheddar or chocolate? It's almost difficult to think about one. That made me think… imagine a scenario in which the two met up.! Could it work? Is that an overdose of something that is otherwise good across the board place?
Probably not! It turns out individuals have been doing it for a really long time all around the world. In the nation of Colombia and other South American countries, cheddar and chocolate have turned into a customary delicacy. It is a regular daily practice to get a thick cup of hot cocoa with a couple of cuts of Queso Compasigna, and that implies nation or provincial cheddar (the nearest practically identical cheddar would be a gentle mozzarella for us).
The thought is you separate the cheddar and put it into your hot cocoa. As the cheddar liquefies somewhat, you eat it with a spoon. Sounds bizarre, however, you've been guaranteed that it is really wonderful.
A girl having cheese with hot chocolate
A girl having cheese with hot chocolate

How To Make Colombian Hot Chocolate?

  • Bring around 2 cups (around 8-10 oz) of water to a bubble, with 3-4 bars of Colombian chocolate bars (Sol or Luke) and 1-2 cinnamon sticks.
  • As the combination works up to a bubble, whisk the chocolate bars and add 2 cups of milk.
  • Whisk ceaselessly until foam begins to aggregate at the highest point of the pot and turn the hotness off.
  • Repeat the most common way of warming and whisking three or multiple times until the beverage is thick and the foam is steady at the highest point of the pot.
  • Enjoy it with toasted sweet bread (and cheddar, claro).
Hot Tiramisu Chocolate is the one more sort of messy and chocolatey, yet kid does it fire up my taste-bud motors. Mascarpone gives the luscious beverage much creamier debauchery.

Columbian Hot Chocolate Is Different From Mexican Hot Chocolate

Like its Mexican partner, customary Colombian hot cocoa is severe, not sweet. It's made with tablets of unadulterated dim chocolate, and idealists will in any case savor its water, as opposed to drain it. With the worldwide sweet tooth developing, numerous tablets presently incorporate added sugar, and the vast majority disintegrate them in either full milk or half water, half milk.
The outcome is a beverage such a long way from Americanized hot cocoa, nobody could at any point consider adding marshmallows or whipped cream to it. So assuming it's harsh and it's (customarily) made with tablets, isn't Colombian hot cocoa simply equivalent to Mexican? Like our particular renditions of Spanish, Mexican and Colombian hot cocoa share an establishment and can generally see one another, however, have their own shoptalk and flavor.
In their easiest structure, the two of them are made by allowing the tablets to break down into a fluid, and afterward foaming the blend with a specific device called a molinillo. Nonetheless, Mexican hot cocoa normally incorporates flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg and could actually incorporate chilies, which is the way the Aztecs frequently drank it (blended in with corn and without the sugar) during ceremonies. Fiery hot cocoa might sound fascinating, it's most certainly not something Colombians could at any point make.
In the gamble of stunning the individuals who consider Latin America a stone monument culture, most South American nations don't really have a lot of zesty food.
Colombian food is by all accounts decided by the possibility that less complex is better, so instead of brightening up our hot cocoa, they accomplish something no other person does: they fill it with cheddar. Indeed, you read that right, cheddar. Truth be told, this is a particularly significant piece of the custom, they have a maxim for it: chocolate sin queso es como love sin beso, chocolate without cheddar is like love without a kiss.
A cup of hot chocolate in a saucer with a teaspoon beside the cup
A cup of hot chocolate in a saucer with a teaspoon beside the cup

The Most Important Ingredient Of Columbian Hot Chocolate

Other than persuading individuals that not all hot cocoa is sweet, and that the cheddar thing really works, what they love the most about presenting this custom of hot chocolate with cheese is reproducing its most awesome aspect: its essence of evening tattle and comfort. Since chocolate is their unique beverage (espresso was a European import), it is imbued into society in a strong manner - - especially in uneven spots with cool climates all year, for example, Bogota.
"It is actually pretty good. Some cheeses also come rolled in dark cocoa powder. I still prefer marshmallows or whipped cream though."
_ApprehensiveTea1537 (Reddit)

Colombian hot chocolate with cheese is the comfort food you need to try

"What type of cheese specifically? I would assume their hot chocolate is different than ours (US) and certain cheeses might go well with it."
_Clamdigger13 (Reddit)
"Colombian here and while i don't live in the region used to add cheese to the chocolate (Bogotá and Cundinamarca to be specific), the type of cheese is known as "cuajada" or "queso pera" (pear cheese because when making the cheese they gave it a pear shaped ball). It is very soft and it melts easier than mozzarella and has almost no salt whereas mozzarella has a salty tinge, the reason why it's added to hot chocolate is to make it thicker and to balance the flavor.'
_d-fakkr (Reddit)
Blown away by this weirdo combo, we have something more nerve-wracking than this The Casu Marzu. Check the details here.


In a practically ceremonial way, tenants of the capital welcome each other to "onces," their rendition of evening tea that as a rule incorporates hot chocolate with cheese, grouped bread, and tamales. The time isn't unintentional: the glow of the refreshment is the ideal method for countering the Sereno or the virus air that breezes through the city once the sunsets. While scooping the cheddar out, individuals share tattle and chuckle, whine about legislative issues, and tell family stories.
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