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This Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table Has Hidden Chairs And An Extendable Tabletop

Elegance, functionality, and simplicity. This Hasu Japanese-inspired tea table is best described in three words. It demonstrates that you may create a highly artistic product that is also extremely functional.

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Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
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Elegance, functionality, and simplicity.
This Hasu Japanese-inspired tea tableis best described in three words. It demonstrates that you may create a highly artistic product that is also extremely functional.
It's up to the designers of Dietermortelmans Design Studio to create such a stunning product. It appears to be a table or a simple campfire at first glance.

How Does This Japanese Table Work?

The sculpture of hasu tea tableis an excellent example of excellent design and engineering mixed with a flawless creative vision. Each of the table's four portions can be unfolded individually. Each segment of the table has a little pin under it that will sustain the table when it is opened. When all four portions are unfolded, the total useful surface area nearly doubles.
Is this a table with no chairs?
  • There are two portions on each of the four faces that can be removed.
  • A sitting pad is one of the sections.
  • All four can be removed and rearranged as needed around the table.
  • The second section is a hinged door that leads to the table's interior.
  • You may pull it down and reach inside the table this way.

How Tall Is A Japanese Tea Table?

The height of the table is normally between 15 and 30 cm, and it is frequently intended to be collapsible for convenient storage. People sit on tatami or zabuton, which are often placed on a zaiisu chair because they are too tall for western design seats.

Everything You Need For A Complete Tea Set Is Inside The Table

This Hasu Japanese-inspired tea table hides more than just chairs and an extendable tabletop. You gain entry to the interior chambers after expanding the table.
There are four teacups, a complete tea kettle, and a heating element hidden inside.
Everything you'll need to make and serve tea is safely stored in this kit.
When not in use, the tea kettle and heating element can both be nested inside the table to keep them out of the way.
The kettle is unexpectedly huge — more than enough to make tea for four close friends or family members.
The seats are not only beautiful, but they are also very comfortable.
You would assume that a seat designed to be stored in a table will be filthy and inconvenient.
Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.
When traditional Japanese tea drinkers consume their tea, they do so in a way known as Chado. As they enjoy tea and each other's company, they will place a little cushion, pillow, or blanket beneath them.
Black colored Hasu Japanese Tea Table on a white-grey marble floor
Black colored Hasu Japanese Tea Table on a white-grey marble floor
Everything starts to make sense when you come closer and start pulling on surfaces.
This is a full-size tea table with seats for four people that folds out to its full size.
This Hasu Japanese-inspired tea table will immediately win over your family and closest friends. This is a rare product that performs as well as it appears.
Chado is elevated to a new level of comfort with this Japanese-inspired tea table. Each of the four seats is padded to a comfortable level. The seats include a little back that provides lumbar support, so your back will not suffer. The padding is pleasant to the touch and does not wear out as rapidly as some other seats.
As a result, you'll be able to enjoy teatime more frequently and for longer periods of time. When the tea runs out, use the table to swiftly make another round.

Admirable Design

This table's engineering and design work are easy to admire.
You'll be taken aback the first time you use the Hasu Japanese-inspired tea table. It's difficult to appreciate how well-made this table is unless you use it.
You won't have to worry about squeaky hinges, faulty workmanship, or poor material selections because everything is taken care of.
Solid wood and aluminium are used to make the table. Lightweight, exceedingly durable, and extremely strong, these materials are well-known.
They have a lot more capacity than just a cup of tea. They'll last outside without falling apart, and they'll look great doing it.
Powder coating offers a rich color and a robust layer of protection to the aluminum.
The colors will last a long time, and this artwork will last as long as you use it.
Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table inside view with teacups and a kettle
Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table inside view with teacups and a kettle
It all comes down to the three words: elegance, simplicity, and functionality, which were emphasized previously.
Your home requires a gathering spot where family and friends may enjoy a hot cup of tea. There's no need to keep running to the kitchen and bringing tea to a different table every time.
With the Hasu Japanese-inspired tea table, you can store and prepare everything in one spot.
Tea time will be elevated, and unnecessary work will be eliminated.
This table allows you to concentrate on what matters most: spending time with the people you care about. When you're finished, everything folds up neatly, leaving you with a work of art to hang on your patio.
Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table in the outdoor area
Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table in the outdoor area


When it comes to choosing a tea table, there's no need to make compromises. Choose one that is attractive, functional, and well-engineered and for this, the best option is Hasu Japanese Inspired Tea Table.
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