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Bike Rider Guy Doing Wheelie Crashes Into Another Guy - Bike Wheelie Fails

This is a case study of a bike rider guy doing wheelie crashes into another guy. The wheelie bike rider suffered from a severe injury.

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Nov 28, 2022172 Shares2.4K Views
This is a case study of a bike riderguy doing wheelie crashes into another guy. The wheelie bike rider suffered from a severe injury as shown in the video below. The incident was recorded by a camera on the bike's handlebars.

What Is Wheelie?

A wheelie, also known as a wheelstand, is a vehicle manoeuvre in which the front wheel or wheels are lifted off the ground as a result of sufficient torque being given to the back wheel or wheels or rider motion relative to the vehicle. In most cases, bicycles and motorcycles are linked with wheelies, however other vehicles such as cars, notably in drag racing and tractor pulling events, can also perform wheelies.
The wheelie is a pretty risky activity and you must be adequately covered in case something goes wrong. Doing a wheelie on your motorcycle will damage it. Several components on your motorcycle are subjected to an enormous amount of stress as a result of your riding. Damage to your friction plate, shift forks, front fork seals, chain, rims, engine, and tyres is a result of riding too fast. Wheelies should be avoided at all costs.
Incident of a fail wheelie accident of a biker
Incident of a fail wheelie accident of a biker

Motorcycle Biker Wheelie Fail Incident

Experiencing action-packed movies, wheelies, and daredevil bike stunts is a thrilling experience for many people. It is important to remember that these scenes are being filmed under the supervision of professionals. Some youths, however, seek to emulate these stunts on busy roads, which may be extremely dangerous and deadly in the process.
One such wheelie crashevent occurred when a man chose to pull a wheelie in the middle of a busy roadway and ended up in a tragic catastrophe. A video depicts a guy doing wheelie crashes into another guy. It was obvious that it was a one-way road, and that the biker's side of the road was busy.
On his motorbike, the man attempts to conduct a wheelie stunt, in which he drives the bike on its rear tyre while lifting the front tyre into the air, which results in the bike flipping over. Unfortunately, the man loses control of his vehicle and crashes into another bike rider. This video on Reddit was taken by a motorist who was following a motorcycle at the time.
"It looked almost like it was intentional…?"
"It went as well as it could've gone."
"Dude he hit had some major back padding, it looks like. Though, maybe it’s that spine airbag thing? Dunno; looks thick tho."
"The rider isn't even touched, its in the film.... Rear wheels collide. Rider goes airborne, and that's it. I'd put money on everyone being okay and both bikes ride away without major issue."
"It looks like his legs may have gotten run over"
"Yep both have back protectors."

Why Do Bikers Do Wheelies?

Wheelies are frequent in auto or motorcycle drag racing, where they reflect wasted power that is used to lift the front end of the vehicle rather than propel the vehicle forward as the driver intended. They also frequently result in a shift in the centre of mass, which restricts the greatest acceleration possible under certain conditions.


The bicycle-riding community is one of the most active in terms of accidents. That's why it's important for cyclists and drivers to be aware of each other's presence on the road otherwise accidents (or you can call it Karma )like the guy doing wheelie crashes into another guy are really common.
A recent study found that about 3% of all traffic fatalities are caused by bicyclists, which makes up for about 8% of all fatalities in traffic accidents.
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