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Goodbye Messages From People Who Thought They Were Dying

Death will always be one of the most painful things about being a human. But did you know that there are certain people who accept these painful events and believe that they will die and that no one will be able to save them in that tragedy? In this article, the author will reveal to you the goodbye messages from people who thought they were dying.

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Death will always be one of the most painful things about being a human.
But did you know that there are certain people who accept these painful events and believe that they will die and that no one will be able to save them in that tragedy?
In this article, the author will reveal to you thegoodbye messages from people who thought they were dying.

The Stranded And Lost Diver

Jacob Childs floating in the sea and wearing a snorkeling gear
Jacob Childs floating in the sea and wearing a snorkeling gear
First, let me tell you about Jacob Childs, a diver who got lost in the middle of the ocean.
After getting lost at sea, he was filmed in what he thought were his last moments of life.
The scuba diver got lost during a diving demonstration in Queensland, Australia, and drifted alone for more than six hours in the middle of the ocean.
According to him, he had been on a scuba tour with a group that went 30 miles off the coast of Australia to look at a shipwreck.
Jacob noticed that there was a strong current pulling him away when he emerged from the water.
As the sun goes down, the possibility that the rescuers will save Jacob is fading.
In the tense video, Jacob expressed his anxiety that he would never make it back to the shore alive. He claimed in the video that he was afraid he would never make it.
So that's it. The sun goes down, they won't do nothing. That's a wrap on old Jakey.
The one good thing he did, though, was place a bright orange marker behind him that worked as a floating device. This saved his life.
And all of a sudden, a rescue plane came into view.
It is perhaps one of the most helpless and horrible circumstances because no one can hear you call for rescue from the middle of the ocean.
This is the actual video from the Jacob Child tragedy.

GoPro | Lost at Sea | Part 1

A YouTube user commented:
"It broke my heart to hear you say "that's a wrap on old jakey". I am so relieved and glad you made it out alive, and very brave for how you handled the situation.
Another user also recalled the same situation like this:
I remember being lost in the ocean, which sucks a lot, went waterboarding with a friend on his boat and his GF and lost balance, they didn't realize I had slipped a couple of minutes after they realized, and tried to look for me but thought I was too far out, got dark almost 8 at night so I thought no one was gonna find me, kinda just accepted my fate so just talked to myself reminiscing about my life, 5 hours have passed and was finally rescued by my friend's girlfriend on rescue boat 10 miles from shore. Scary day but sometimes when the time comes you just seem to just accept it, but regret things you haven't done lol, glad you're okay.
Meanwhile, Michael Cupps mentioned:
Just saw this on Facebook. Seeing the sun go down made my heart stop. Ever since the movie open water and learning about the scuba divers that didn’t make it... whew! Glad you’re alive mate!
Lastly, a YouTube user who went by the name of the Greek pianist was so proud of Jacob Child as he kept calm on the water.
This is a lot like the movie “Open Water” but you survived! This looks so terrifying. I have so much respect for you for all the courage, composure, and will to live you had. You stayed determined to find your way home brother. What a remarkable and triumphing story. You should be extremely proud of yourself, man!

Young Woman Who Fell Over A Hundred Feet Above

A cliff with brown grasses in Cane Beds, Arizona
A cliff with brown grasses in Cane Beds, Arizona
The next case is a young woman who was out hiking when she fell over a cliff - a hundred feet above her - and suffered terrible injuries.
The young woman is known as Amber Kornhurst, and she is a 25-year-old registered nurse from Minnesota.
She also wrote a letter of farewell to her mother and father on the messaging app on her phone, writing, "It's the end."
However, just as she was about to give up hope, a search and rescue chopper found her and brought her to safety via airlift.
Imagine if you were on Amber's foot. What would you think in this helpless situation?
You would think: what if I can't be found? What if I don't get to see my parents ever again?
She was probably thinking about all of these things. but how did she get to this point?
Amber claimed that she had flown into Utah from Minnesota in order to take part in a volunteer trek by herself for the Best Friends Animal Society.
What was supposed to be a quick hike to observe the sunset turned out to be a terrible experience.
Amber lost her balance while hiking on a route and ended up falling around 100 feet onto the brink of a cliff that was about 800 feet tall.
She passed out during the fall, and when she came to, she was paralyzed and unable to move, but she tried her best to use her phone nevertheless.
She described her level of discomfort as "excruciating."
Amber said in the interview:
My nose is broken and my ear had ripped off in the back. I tried sending text messages [to the 9-1-1 emergency hotline]. I tied everything. I had no cellphone service and eventually put my phone on airplane mode just so I could watch the time so I knew how long I was laying there.
She also added:
I thought at least if I die today, I'd done what makes me happy but I would feel so bad for my family and that's what kept going through my head.
She eventually made a full recovery from the injuries she had sustained in the accident at the same Minnesota facility where she worked as a nurse.
Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing rescue and how well Amber is doing now.

Nurse Who Fell Down Ravine Texted Goodbye to Parents Thinking She Would Die

In the video that was posted, Leah Christine said:
Please guys never hike alone, make sure you always tell someone exactly where you're going incase something ever happens like this.
Monique Thomas commented:
Omg, I actually know where she was at, I've been there cause I live in Arizona. She fell down a cliff that was in Sedona, Arizona and I must say, to have been there myself and seen the heights of that place, it's a MIRACLE almost that she survived. Great story.
One YouTube user said it was hard to imagine what Amber went through and said:
Omg! She fell down 10 stories and stuff survived? Wow! that's amazing. I'm glad she's still alive!

Kevin Diepenbrock Motorcycle Accident

Kevin Diepenbrock, who was involved in a car accident, comes in at number three on our list.
A motorcyclist who crashed down an embankment in Tennessee and waited for help for 30 hours didn't know if he would be found or not, so he left a dying message on his cell phone.
Kevin's motorcycle went down on a part of Highway 129 called the "Dragon."
Kevin's friend named Polito died when he fell about 50 feet down the hill.
According to a report from the Blount County Fire Protection District, Diepenbrock fell about 105 feet but was still alive.
Kevin was alone for more than a day with 17 broken bones, including his spine, ribs, and lungs.
Sadly, since he didn't have cell phone service, no one could hear him calling for help until more than 24 hours later.
At this point, Diepenbrock made cell phone videos because he didn't know if he would ever see his family again.
I just want to say I love you guys. Sorry for being stupid but you know what I do. It's seven o'clock, gotta use my flashlight to wave somebody down. Love you, Courtney, love you, mom and dad.
Diepenbrock says that he called out, called 911, and sent text messages to try to get in touch with people more than once.
After thirty hours had passed, a passing vehicle finally heard Kevin's cries for assistance.
They then called the authorities in Blount County, who started a search and rescue operation about 27 hours after the accident.
His loved ones have expressed their happiness that he is back at home and on the road to recovery.

Injured Hiker Robert Ringo In Mojave Desert

Injured Hiker Saved After Being Stranded for 40 Hours in Desert

The last one on our list is a hiker who became lost in the wilderness and was recorded making a heartbreaking plea for assistance on video during what he believed to be the dying moments of his life.
The name of the hiker is Robert Ringo, and he was trekking in Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert when he was injured.
When he landed on rocks in the rough terrain, the temperature in this location was over 100 degrees.
The 67-year-old turned on his camera to videotape himself because there was no phone coverage in this area and no one nearby for miles.
In the video, he talked about how he felt at that time, saying:
My problem is, I can't stand. I can't turn. I can't sit. I certainly can't walk. Probably, no one can see this.
By eating juniper berries, he was able to get through that terrible thing. He was fortunate that he had extra water and could use his hat as a canopy.
But he was running out of food and water, and his situation was getting worse by the minute. After 40 agonizing hours, someone finally came to help.
Ringo said:
It was a miracle. Forty hours later a helicopter was here, and I'm here. And I couldn't see his eyes but I knew we met.
However, as of now, he has stated that he is doing well and is in good condition.
I am doing very well, I mean, extremely well mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and physically, I'm doing great!
He mentioned that he will go hiking once more after achieving a full recovery from the injury to his leg.
Taylor Wendt, a YouTube user said in a comment section of the uploaded video:
I have always loved wilderness survival ever since I was a little kid, and I really enjoy coming across stories like this. Robert sounds like he did everything he could. And staying hydrated and using his hat for shade is what kept him alive from heat stroke. Good job Robert
Another user had a similar experience to Ringo and commented as follows:
This hits so close. My family and I went to the same national park a few years ago and we found this lady who was stranded in the desert for about 3 hours after she went hiking in the wrong direction of her campsite. We drove her back and she was fine but it’s crazy how things like this happen. Stay safe.
One of the YouTube users pointed out that the moral of the story is that you shouldn't go hiking by yourself if you want to stay safe.
Lastly, Jessica Stawicki mentioned:
I lived near there and from experience it was a miracle that coyotes or rattlesnakes didn’t harm him. There is always dangerous wildlife at night and I’m glad he survived.

YouTubers Find Dead Body

YouTubers find car in Florida pond with body inside during search | Rush Hour

People Also Ask

What To Say When Saying Goodbye To A Dying Friend?

There are a lot of different ways you might say farewell to a friend who is passing away. The following are some of the most frequent:
  • "I love you." One of the best ways to say goodbye is with these three words.
  • "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you."
  • Another comforting phrase to use when saying goodbye is "thank you." It shows respect for what makes your relationship special and important.
  • "I understand you have to go." You might not be able to tell your loved one it's OK for them to go, but you might be able to tell them you understand why they need to go.

How Do You Say Goodbye Before Death?

Don't put it off. Nobody wants to say goodbye to someone they care about, but it's critical to say what needs to be said to avoid later regrets.
Be truthful about the circumstance.It can be extremely reassuring for someone who is dying to be able to communicate their sentiments and anxieties with someone who recognizes the truth.
Provide reassurance. Rather than arguing over your loved one's illness, reassure them that you are there for them and that you care about them.
Continue speaking. Continue to converse with them. Hearing is one of the final senses, according to studies, so read to your loved one, sing songs, and tell stories. Make the sound of affection surround your loved one.

What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Dying?

Here are some things you shouldn't do when talking to someone who is dying or who has a terminal illness.
  • Do not inquire, 'How are you?'
  • Don't only concentrate on their illness
  • Make no assumptions
  • Don't refer to them as 'dead'
  • Don't wait for them to inquire


Goodbye messages from people who thought they were dying are a really terrible and distressing moment that might happen to any of us.
Accidents are traumatic events that no one can predict.
Even though people can't see what's going to happen, millions of people have avoided tragedy by following the helpful advice in the oldest book, which says: "The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences."
People can hurt themselves or others by doing something dangerous or not realizing a risk.
So, don't try to do something you think is dangerous, unsafe, or could put your life in danger.
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