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Visenna - Geralt's Mom Who Is A Powerful Healer And Sorceress

Geralt's mom is Visenna. Visenna, the mother of the witcher Geralt of Rivia, is a druid, healer, and sorceress. As she attended to some pretty serious wounds he had received, Geralt had the chance to meet her in person.

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Geralt's momis Visenna. Visenna, the mother of the witcher Geralt of Rivia, is a druid, healer, and sorceress. As she attended to some pretty serious wounds he had received, Geralt had the chance to meet her in person.

Visenna The Witcher - Mother Of Geralt Of Rivia

At an unspecified point in time, Visenna, Geralt's mom, was raising a young Geralt as a single mother. She sent her young son out one day to fetch water for her from a local spring, but in reality, she was dropping him off so that the witcher, Vesemir, could pick him up while they were moving through the countryside. She then left him in the witcher's care and galloped off before Geralt could arrive.
Nearly a century later, while passing through Sodden while the Battle of Sodden Hill raged nearby, she overheard a man called for assistance and discovered Yurga holding Geralt, who was unconscious and in immediate need of assistance due to having been bitten by a poisonous necrophage.

Geralt meets his mom Visenna l The Witcher Netflix (60fps)

Visenna began to heal him, but as she did so, Geralt woke up. The two then started talking, but Visenna made an effort to keep from revealing what they already knew: that she was his mother and had abandoned him years earlier with Vesemir.
After trying to avoid it himself, Visenna was finally faced by Geralt, who pleaded with her to at least acknowledge that he might have perished during the Trial of the Grasses.
But just like previously, Visenna declined to immediately respond, telling her son instead that he needed to let go in order to go on rather than directly providing an answer. She then used a charm to make Geralt doze off. Visenna finished treating him and left before Geralt could reawaken.

Interesting Facts

  • Geralt's mom Visenna initially appears in the short story "Drogaz której si nie wraca", from the Polish science fiction and fantasy magazine Fantastyka, which was published in 1988. The identical tale was first published in 1990 as a component of the Wiedmin collection and later appeared in several collections. Droga, from which no one returns, was not originally intended to be a part of the Witcher story because it did not yet exist. In the 1993 short novella Co Wicej, Sapkowski specifically identifies Visenna as the mother of Geralt, who abandoned the child at Kaer Morhen (Something More). In the author's own words, he did not want to lose such a gorgeous name as Visenna since he wanted to merge the original story into the Witcher universe.
  • In the comic Droga bez powrotu, Geralt's mom Visenna is also depicted.
  • Visenna makes an appearance in four episodes of the TV show The Hexer.

People Also Ask

What's The Deal With Geralt's Mom?

Geralt's mother, Visenna, struggled to raise him alone after his warrior father, Korin, was slaughtered by Vrans before he was even born. She left him with Vesemir and the witchers because she was a freelance wizard (like Yennefer) and hoped his life would have purpose because they were in need of trainees.

Who Is Geralt's Mother?

Visenna is Geralt's mom.

Is Visenna Geralt's Mom?

Yes, Visenna is the mother of the Geralt of Rivia.


In the books, there isn't much information about Geralt's mom, but in Netflix's adaptation, a scene showing a younger Geralt at home with Visenna seems to be breaking new ground.
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