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Genshin Impact Wish Simulator - Some Best Simulators You Need To Try

If you like Genshin Impact, you should try the Genshin impact Wish simulator so that there is no need to spend money. Genshin Impact is a "gacha" game, which is a type of game where you can use real money to try to get random items in the game. These rolls of the dice are called "wishes," and they are both very fun and very controversial.

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Jan 19, 202314 Shares690 Views
If you like Genshin Impact, you should try the Genshin impact Wish simulatorso that there is no need to spend money.
Genshin Impact is a "gacha" game, which is a type of game where you can use real money to try to get random items in the game. These rolls of the dice are called "wishes," and they are both very fun and very controversial.

How To Simulate Genshin Impact Wishes?

In Genshin Impact, most wishes are bought with Fates, which are bought with Primogems, which are made with Genesis Crystals, which are bought with real money.
You can earn Primogems by completing in-game missions and exploring, but if you want to make a lot of wishes, you'll have to pay for them eventually.
Most Genshin Impact wish simulators have all of these different currencies, but you still have to convert them. But Genesis Crystals are free, and some of them have a setting that lets you get an unlimited number of Fates.
There are a few different ways to make your wishes come true. We can recommend three: two websites and one app, but each has its own problems.


Best Genshin Impact Wish Simulator

Check out these Genshin impact Wish simulator options:

Genshin Impact Simulator Made By Uzair Ashraf

A single programmer named Uzair Ashraf made this simple wish simulator. It gives you as many Fate points as you want, which means you can make as many wishes as you want.
You can choose what kind of wish you want to make at the top of the screen. You can make a Beginners' Wish, an Event Wish, a Weapon Event Wish, or a Standard Wish. To begin, click the Wish buttons in the bottom right corner.
On the other side of the screen, you can click Inventory to see everything you've unlocked and how much it would have cost in real money, or you can click Details to learn how the odds work for that wish. You can reset your inventory or select a different event wish by clicking Settings.
Ashraf's simulator's biggest flaw is that it's out of date. The most recent Event Wish is from 2021, and there don't seem to be any plans to add new items or characters to it.
Also, it doesn't look as good as the other simulators do. But if you just want to wish for something quickly, Ashraf's simulator is a great choice.


WishSimulator.Appis by far the most popular website that lets you make wishes, and for good reason. It always has the most recent banner events, lets you "buy" and "sell" different Genshin currencies in a realistic way, and has animations from the game.
It also has the same "pity system" as Genshin, which means that the longer you go without pulling a rare character or item, the more likely it is that you will get one on your next pull.
You can see your current pity rates by clicking History in the bottom-right corner. You can also click Details on any of the banners to see a page that explains how the odds work for that particular wish.
WishSimulator.App gives you the four main types of wishes. By clicking the X next to your currencies in the top right corner, you can select which event banner you want to pull from.
You can see everything you've unlocked by clicking Inventory, and you can buy more Genesis Crystals by clicking Shop. The shop says they cost real money but don't worry, you pay for them with a "UnReal Wallet" that never runs out of fake money.
The ads are the worst thing about WishSimulator.App. When you open the site, at least one annoying pop-up ad will greet you. Even though they're not hard to close, they're annoying.
If you plan to use the site a lot, you should get an ad-blocker first. If you can ignore the ads, WishSimulator.App is the best Genshin wish simulator website.

Saihou's Genshin Simulator

This is a free Android appthat doesn't have any ads. It has the best parts of the other two simulators, and the only bad thing about it is that you can only get it on Android.
Like WishSimulator.App, Saihou's Simulator has animations and pity rates from the real game. It also has every event banner, which you can easily choose from by scrolling through the list at the top of the screen.
When you choose one, you'll see what you've already been able to do with it. Tap the I icon to see how much you've "spent," and tap the question mark icon to see your pity rates.
Tap the Settings button to see what you've unlocked from each banner. If you don't like the options, you can choose a Custom Wish Amount. When you tap Advanced Settings, you can switch to dark mode and turn on ads if you want to help support the developer.
Saihou's Wish Simulator is the best simulator you can get if you have an Android device.


People Also Ask

Are Genshin Wish Simulators Free?

Yes, Genshin Wish simulators are completely free.

How To Play Genshin Impact Wish Simulator?

  • Navigate to the wish simulator's website.
  • Choose a banner from the top-of-the-screen panels.
  • Make as many wishes as you want.
  • If you're curious, look at the wish results in "Inventory."

Are Genshin Wish Simulators Accurate?

No, they are not 100% accurate. The Wish Simulator for Genshin Impact, while not perfect, can give users a good idea of what to expect when making actual Wishes in the game. It also has a Details tab that explains the pull rates and probabilities.

What Does Genshin Wish Simulator Do?

The Genshin Impact Wish simulators are websites and apps that allow users to wish on banners without using intertwined or familiar fates. They are not affiliated with HoYoverse, and any characters you win will not be added to your account.


Using the unofficial Genshin impact Wish simulator can help you figure out how long it would take to get 5-star Banner characters like Tartaglia and some of the best weapons in the game.
It's also a lot of fun to see what users can get if they don't want to spend real money in Genshin Impact. Fans of the free-to-play RPG should give it a try before making their next Wish.
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