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Games With A Strong Focus On Survival And Wilderness Survival - Struggle And Succeed

In the world of video games, where virtual worlds come to life, there is a genre that tries our strength, creativity, and ability to change like no other. These are the games with a strong focus on survival and wilderness survival, which draw players in with the challenges of navigating dangerous settings, fighting nature's fury, and beating the odds against them.

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In the world of video games, where virtual worlds come to life, there is a genre that tries our strength, creativity, and ability to change like no other. These are the games with a strong focus on survival and wilderness survival, which draw players in with the challenges of navigating dangerous settings, fighting nature's fury, and beating the odds against them.
Whether it's dealing with harsh weather, fighting off dangerous creatures, or making the most of limited resources, these games involve us in the primal struggle to stay alive. They push us to our limits and give us a sense of victory when we win. Join us as we explore the exciting and harsh worlds of games about survival.

The Forest

The Forest - Launch-Trailer

The Forest, released in 2018 after an extended period of early access, is a survival horror game that places a significant emphasis on the challenges of survival. The game follows the story of Eric LeBlanc, a young man traveling with his son, Timmy, on a plane that mysteriously crashes onto a densely forested peninsula. Eric must navigate this hostile environment, learning survival skills and unraveling the mystery surrounding his son's abduction by cannibalistic mutants.
While The Forest features a compelling narrative and offers two possible endings, the gameplay takes place within a vast open world. Players have the freedom to choose how they spend their time, with the primary focus being on survival. The game provides an immersive experience as players gather resources, learn new skills, and adapt to the harsh conditions of the forest.
Crafting plays a crucial role in The Forest, allowing players to create various items that aid in survival, exploration, and combat. From simple tools and weapons to more complex structures and equipment, the game provides a wide range of crafting options that evolve as players progress. Additionally, players can build extensive camps and fortifications, providing a sense of safety and stability in the dangerous wilderness.


Valheim: Xbox Launch Trailer

Valheim, an open-world third-person survival sandbox game, offers a captivating experience even in its early access state. Drawing inspiration from Viking culture and Norse mythology, the game places players in the role of a deceased Viking who must prove their worth for Valhalla by surviving in the mysterious realm of Valheim.
In Valheim, players have the option to embark on their journey alone or join forces with up to 10 other players. As they traverse the procedurally generated "tenth world," they must gather resources, craft tools, and construct various structures and boats to aid in their survival and exploration.
While survival is a core aspect of Valheim, akin to other sandbox games like Terraria, the game goes beyond mere survival. Players are tasked with leveling up their skills and venturing into different biomes, each with its own unique challenges and dangers. The ultimate goal is to defeat powerful bosses scattered throughout the world, offering a sense of progression and a narrative arc within the game.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark - Launch Teaser Trailer | PS4

The Long Dark, released in 2017 and continuously updated with new gameplay and story content, offers a captivating first-person survival experience set in the Canadian wilderness after a catastrophic geomagnetic storm. The game presents two distinct modes: a story mode and a survival mode.
In the story mode, players assume the role of Will Mackenzie, a pilot who crash-lands in the wilderness and must navigate the harsh environment while searching for his missing companion, Dr. Astrid Greenwood. The story mode combines survival mechanics with an overarching narrative, resembling an adventure game. Players face challenges, make choices, and uncover the mysteries surrounding the "quiet apocalypse" that has enveloped the world.
On the other hand, the survival mode in The Long Dark is a pure test of survival skills. Players are tasked with enduring as long as possible in the unforgiving wilderness. The map is fully accessible, and resources are randomly generated, adding an element of unpredictability and replayability. However, the stakes are high, as death in survival mode results in the permanent deletion of the save file, intensifying the sense of risk and consequence.


Subnautica Gameplay Trailer

Subnautica is widely regarded as one of the best survival games ever created, offering a captivating open-world action-adventure experience set in the depths of an alien planet's ocean. The game begins with the player's spaceship crash-landing on the planet, leading to a thrilling journey of survival and discovery.
As the player explores the vast underwater environment, which includes coral reefs, cave systems, and other captivating areas, they must navigate the dangers of the ocean and avoid the menacing sea creatures that inhabit it. The game strikes a delicate balance between wonder and trepidation, as players encounter a diverse range of marine life, both beautiful and threatening.
Survival is a primary focus in Subnautica. To thrive in this alien world, players must gather resources, craft tools, and construct bases. Building bases allows players to establish a foothold in the depths, providing safety, storage, and a place to rest. However, as they delve deeper into the ocean, players must manage their oxygen supply carefully to avoid suffocating, adding an additional layer of challenge and tension to the gameplay.


Frostpunk | Official Launch Trailer

Frostpunk, released in 2018, stands out as a unique game that seamlessly combines city-building and survival elements. Set in an alternate 1886 during a volcanic winter, the game presents a world where cities are constructed around coal-powered generators to combat the extreme cold temperatures. As the leader of one of these cities, players face the challenging task of making difficult decisions to ensure the survival and well-being of their society.
The core gameplay revolves around managing resources, infrastructure, and the needs of the city's inhabitants. The player must carefully balance the allocation of resources, such as coal, food, and manpower, to sustain the city's operations and protect its citizens from the harsh environment. The choices made by the player have far-reaching consequences, often involving moral dilemmas, which adds depth and complexity to the gameplay.
One of Frostpunk's notable features is its variety of scenarios. Players have the opportunity to choose from several different scenarios, each offering a unique story, challenges, and potential outcomes. This diversity of scenarios enhances the game's replay value, as players can experience different narratives and explore alternative strategies in their pursuit of survival.


Official Minecraft Trailer

When it comes to crafting survival games, Minecraft reigns as one of the best in the genre. Unlike some of the more punishing and slow-paced survival experiences, Minecraft offers a fun and creative sandbox adventure that captures the hearts of players.
In Minecraft, the survival aspect is combined with a vibrant and colorful world, fostering a sense of joy and exploration. While zombies, spiders, skeletons, and dragons pose threats, the game's iconic blocky and cute aesthetic, represented by Minecraft skins, adds a charming twist to the adventure. Cartoonish monsters may devour you, but it's hard to resist their charm.
One of the greatest strengths of Minecraft is the freedom it grants players. How you survive and thrive is entirely up to you. You can choose to construct an elaborate fortress, adopting a defensive playstyle and warding off creatures that emerge during the night. Alternatively, you can focus on crafting powerful weapons and equipment, venturing into the most treacherous parts of the world, testing your skills and mettle. The possibilities are vast, and the game encourages players to shape their own experiences.

This War Of Mine

This War of Mine - Gameplay Trailer

This Warof Mine is a gripping and harrowing 2D survival adventure that offers a unique perspective on the horrors of war. Unlike many war games, it focuses on the experiences of civilians struggling to survive in a war-ravaged country. The game immerses players in the challenging reality of a besieged house, where they must navigate the constant threat of snipers and the dangers posed by other desperate survivors.
What sets This War of Mine apart is its emphasis on the moral and psychological aspects of survival. Players are confronted with traumatic decisions that can have life-or-death consequences for their characters. Each survivor in the game has a randomly generated backstory, which grants them specific abilities that aid in their survival. For example, ex-firemen may possess greater physical strength, while those with culinary backgrounds can help feed the group.
However, venturing outside to scavenge for essential resources such as medicine, ingredients, and scrap comes with its own risks. Players may find themselves in life-or-death encounters with others who are willing to kill for the same necessities. The consequences of resorting to violence are significant, leading to increased misery, depression, and even suicide if not properly addressed.

Green Hell

Green Hell - Launch Trailer | PS4

Green Hell is a survival game that immerses players in the challenging and hostile environment of the Amazon rainforest. The game captures the essence of the rainforest, with its oppressive humidity, dangerous wildlife, and indigenous inhabitants, offering a realistic and intense survival experience.
The game is often regarded as a rainforest simulator, as it authentically portrays the unique challenges and hazards of this environment. Players are confronted with a myriad of threats, ranging from venomous insects and poisonous plants to various jungle illnesses. Survival in Green Hell requires constant attention to details such as treating insect bites, avoiding toxins, and managing overall health to stay alive.
In the story mode, players take on the role of a character searching for their missing wife. As they navigate the rainforest, they will encounter a gripping narrative that drives their actions and decisions. Alternatively, the sandbox mode allows players to test their survival skills and endurance, striving to survive for as long as possible in the unforgiving rainforest environment.


Rust - Official Trailer

Rust is a long-standing and highly popular survival game that has evolved from its early access beginnings to its current refined state. While the graphics and general gameplay have seen improvements, the nature of the players themselves has remained relatively unchanged. Many players adopt a mentality characterized by Social Darwinism and Machiavellianism, demonstrating a willingness to betray or attack others for personal gain.
One of the defining aspects of Rust is its ability to accommodate and reward a wide range of playstyles. Whether players prefer to hide and avoid social contact or engage in aggressive actions, the game provides opportunities to pursue their desired approach. Some players may choose to accumulate power and resources, building an empire and establishing dominance, while others may revel in more chaotic and anarchic behavior. The tribal mentality is prevalent among players, fostering diverse and unpredictable interactions.
A key element that contributes to the game's allure is the high-risk, high-reward nature of acquiring rare loot. Players are constantly faced with the decision of whether to risk engaging in conflicts or venture into dangerous areas in pursuit of valuable rewards. This dynamic adds excitement and tension to gameplay, as the potential gains are often offset by the ever-present threat of losing everything.


Darkwood Official Release Gameplay Trailer

Darkwood, a combination of horror and survival, offers a nightmarish experience that keeps players on edge. In addition to the usual concerns of survival, such as starvation, players must also contend with the eerie sounds and unsettling shapes that emerge at night. The game utilizes a top-down perspective to immerse players in its atmospheric and chilling world.
Darkwood excels in crafting an atmosphere of fear and desperation. The absence of quest markers or maps heightens the sense of disorientation and forces players to rely on their memory to navigate the game world. Locations and pathways must be committed to memory, adding an extra layer of challenge and immersion.
The game's day and night cycle adds a dynamic element to the gameplay. During the day, players explore randomly generated areas, gathering resources and preparing for the impending darkness. As night falls, static shadows come to life, and players must scramble back to the safety of familiar locations to avoid the menacing creatures that emerge from the darkness.

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Games with a strong focus on survival and wilderness survival offer a unique and exciting experience, taking players to harsh environments where every choice can mean the difference between life and death. As we move through dangerous settings and fightagainst the forces of nature, these games test our problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and emotional strength.
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