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Games With A Strong Focus On Puzzles And Mystery-Solving - For The Lovers Of Mystery

The world of games with a strong focus on puzzles and mystery-solving provides you with captivating games that will keep you immersed in thrilling adventures where your intellect and problem-solving skills are put to the test. From deciphering cryptic codes to unraveling intricate enigmas, these games offer a unique blend of challenges and intrigue that keep players engaged until the mysteries are unraveled.

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The world of games with a strong focus on puzzles and mystery-solvingprovides you with captivating games that will keep you immersed in thrilling adventures where your intellect and problem-solving skills are put to the test. From deciphering cryptic codes to unraveling intricate enigmas, these games offer a unique blend of challenges and intrigue that keep players engaged until the mysteries are unraveled.

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Trailer | PS4

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a recent addition to the point-and-click genre, proves that this style of game continues to thrive. With its stunning artwork and a compelling story, it captivates aspiring detectives, drawing them into a world where the mystery unfolds amidst breathtaking visuals.
This unique mystery video game combines its engaging narrative with an open-world environment that intentionally provides the player with minimal guidance on how the mechanics work. Embracing this ambiguity becomes part of the game itself, encouraging players to explore and uncover the truth at their own pace.
As players delve into the enigma, they navigate an array of immersive and artistically crafted locations. The game's atmospheric quality is often cited as its standout feature, elevating it above other mystery-solving games. The attention to detail in the visual design, combined with the haunting ambiance, immerses players in an atmospheric experience that deepens their engagement with the story.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments - Launch Trailer

Sherlock Holmes, the iconic detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has captivated audiences for generations. His astute use of forensics and deductive reasoning in solving intricate cases has left a lasting fascination in the modern age. While several games in the series capture the essence of Holmes, there is one that stands out by incorporating moral choices that impact gameplay.
In this installment of Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes series, the game goes beyond the traditional investigative experience. Players are not only challenged to uncover and interpret clues but also face moral dilemmas that influence the course of the game. The choices made by players have tangible consequences, shaping the narrative and the overall gameplay experience.
Technically, this game marks a milestone for Frogwares as it utilizes Unreal Engine 3 to deliver an intense and immersive first-person point of view. The visual and audio design create an atmospheric world that places players directly in the shoes of the legendary detective. The written portions of the game pay homage to Doyle's novels, capturing the essence of the source material and immersing players in the rich literary tradition of Sherlock Holmes.

What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch Official Launch Trailer

What Remains of Edith Finch belongs to the genre of narrative-focused walking simulators, a category of adventure games that places an emphasis on storytelling and exploration. While the term may be new, the concept has a rich history, with games like Myst paving the way. Edith Finch has received critical acclaim for its exceptional artwork and captivating narrative, creating a truly immersive experience.
Set in a mansion on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s, the game's atmosphere is steeped in marine and seaside themes. However, it's the elements of magical realism within the game's design that elevate it from the realm of realism and immerse players in a world of wonder and mystery.
As the titular character, players step into the shoes of Edith Finch, the last surviving member of her family. Returning to her ancestral home after years of absence, Edith embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the fate of her relatives. The game invites players to piece together the clues scattered throughout the mansion, gradually revealing the events that transpired during her absence.

L. A. Noire

LA Noire: Gameplay Video Trailer

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of L.A. Noire, a mystery video game renowned for its stunning artwork and realistic storyline. Set in the captivating backdrop of 1947 Los Angeles, players step into the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps, witnessing his rise through the ranks of the LAPD. As Phelps takes on a case involving morphine distribution and his former World WarII comrades, the plot thickens, drawing players deeper into a web of intrigue.
While the core of the game centers around cracking the case, L.A. Noire offers a diverse range of activities to keep players engaged. From thrilling car chases to intense gunfights and gripping hand-to-hand combat, players are thrust into the heart of the action as they navigate the gritty streets of 1940s Los Angeles.
One notable aspect that sets L.A. Noire apart is its use of motion-capture technology to capture realistic human expressions, particularly during the game's interrogation sequences. This attention to detail enhances the immersion, allowing players to scrutinize facial cues and body language as they seek to unravel the truth. The game challenges players to distinguish between honesty and deception, making each interaction a fascinating exercise in detective work.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicle

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles brings together two highly successful games in the franchise, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, under one compelling title. This collection continues the tradition of the franchise, offering players an engaging courtroom drama and investigative experience as they gather clues and cross-examine witnesses to unravel captivating mysteries.
Set in the late Meiji Period of Japan, spanning from 1868 to 1912, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles captures the essence of the era in its clothing, customs, and environment. The game's attention to detail in recreating the historical setting lends a distinct "period piece" charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic and immersing players in a captivating world that reflects the customs and atmosphere of the time.
As players delve into the courtroom dramas and investigations, they navigate a rich narrative that intertwines legal battles, suspenseful moments, and intricate mysteries. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles delivers a unique blend of storytelling, puzzle-solving, and character-driven drama, engaging players with its well-crafted plots and captivating cast of characters.

Professor Layton And The Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village Trailer

In the realm of lighthearted and family-friendly mystery-solving games, the Professor Layton franchise shines bright. With its familiar format of finding clues and solving puzzles, it offers a delightful experience suitable for both kids and adults alike. Among the franchise's seven games, the first installment, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, introduces players to the charismatic Professor Hershel Layton and his apprentice, Luke Triton, as they embark on a quest to find the elusive artifact known as the Golden Apple in the enigmatic hamlet of St. Mystere.
The game's whimsical setting and endearing characters create an inviting atmosphere that captures the imagination. Players are drawn into the charming and picturesque world, filled with eccentric locals and hidden secrets waiting to be unraveled. As they explore St. Mystere, players encounter a series of perplexing puzzles that range from logic challenges to riddles, all seamlessly integrated into the narrative.
Beyond the quest for the Golden Apple, the game's underlying plot weaves together a tale of mystery and intrigue. The allure of inheriting a vast fortune adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation, drivingplayers to immerse themselves in the puzzle-solving adventure.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Games Trailer | Nancy Drew Games | HeR Interactive

For over two decades, the Nancy Drew game series, developed by Her Interactive since 1998, has captivated players with its thrilling adventures and mind-bending puzzles. Based on the beloved Nancy Drew novels, these games offer players the opportunity to step into the shoes of the iconic detective herself as she unravels a myriad of captivating cases.
With an impressive 37 games under its belt, the Nancy Drew franchise has continued to evolve and engage players with each installment. While the plots, aesthetics, and quality may vary from game to game, they all share a common thread: the player assumes the role of Nancy Drew, exploring various locations, solving puzzles, and interviewing key characters to piece together the mystery at hand.
The simple yet effective gameplay mechanics, combined with the complexity of the puzzles, have contributed to the enduring popularity and longevity of the franchise. Players are immersed in a world where they must use their deductive reasoning, problem-solving skills, and keen observation to uncover clues and solve intricate mysteries.


Blackwell series trailer

The Blackwell series, which began with the release of The Blackwell Legacy in 2006, invites players into a captivating world of supernatural intrigue. Centered around the young writer Rosangela "Rosa" Blackwell, these point-and-click adventure games chronicle her journey as she discovers her latent spirit medium abilities following her aunt Lauren's passing.
The series introduces Rosa to Joey Mallone, a ghost who becomes her constant companion and guide in the realm of the supernatural. Together, they embark on a series of investigations, helping restless spirits find peace and move on to the afterlife. As players delve into the mysteries that unfold, they navigate various locations, engage in conversations with a diverse cast of characters, and solve puzzles to unravel the truth.
The Blackwell series weaves a rich narrative that seamlessly blends the supernatural with compelling storytelling. Rosa's growth as a medium and her evolving relationship with Joey are at the core of each game, creating a sense of emotional depth and connection. The exploration of themes such as life, death, and the human condition adds a thought-provoking layer to the gameplay experience.

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries Of Honjo

PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo | Launch Trailer

Step into the world of Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo, a captivating visual novel that explores the depths of human desire and the supernatural. With its intriguing tagline, "How far would you go to bring someone back from the dead?", this relatively new game offers an immersive experience set in the late twentieth century.
At the core of Paranormasight lies a phenomenal story that hooks players from the outset and keeps them invested until the very end. The game weaves a compelling narrative that delves into the realms of life and death, exploring the lengths individuals would go to for the ones they love. As players navigate the intricate storyline, they will encounter captivating characters, unexpected twists, and haunting mysteries that demand to be unraveled.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered Soul Suspect Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Killer (PS4)

Developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix in 2014, Murdered: Soul Suspect delivers a captivating adventure mystery stealth experience across multiple platforms. This unique video game immerses players in a world where they must solve the enigma of the Bell Killer, offering a fresh and engaging murder-mystery gaming experience.
At the heart of Murdered: Soul Suspect lies a well-crafted and intriguing storyline. Players assume the role of Ronan O'Connor, a detective tragically murdered by the Bell Killer. In a twist of fate, Ronan becomes a ghost, caught between the realms of life and death. To find peace and move on to the afterlife, he must unravel the mysteries surrounding his own murder and the identity of the notorious Bell Killer.
The game's distinctive premise sets it apart from traditional murder-mystery titles. As a ghost, Ronan possesses unique abilities, allowing him to explore the supernatural realm and interact with both the living and the deceased. This new perspective introduces a fresh layer of intrigue, challenging players to think outside the box and utilize their ghostly powers to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and progress through the gripping narrative.

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Are There Any Mystery Games?

Another mystery video game noted for some stunning artwork and a realistic storyline, L. A. Noire takes place in Los Angeles in 1947. The protagonist is Detective Cole Phelps, and the story follows his rise through the LAPD.

Can Gaming Solve World Problems?

Video games are powerful tools for building problem-solving skills. In fact, in a growing number of cases, what is considered to be good gaming has very little to do with winning or losing at all-the act of solving problems, by itself, is what brings a lot of gamers satisfaction.

What Sets Paranormasight Apart From Other Games?

Paranormasight combines a phenomenal story with complex puzzles, offering players a unique and engaging gameplay experience that explores supernatural elements.


When playing games with a strong focus on puzzles and mystery-solving, players are taken on exciting adventures full of challenging riddles and interesting stories. The thrill of solving these perplexing puzzles and learning the truth will keep you glued to your seat in these games. These games provide an exciting experience that will leave you wanting more challenging secrets to unravel.
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