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Games With A Strong Focus On Platforming And Jumping - Leaping Through Adventure Worlds

From the simple paddles of Pong to the hypnotic blocks of Tetris, platforms have been an important part of games from the beginning. Platform games that have been around since the beginning of the industry are proof of their lasting appeal. Below is a list of some games with a strong focus on platforming and jumping you can enjoy.

Author:Buttskin Family
Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
Sep 14, 2023
From the simple paddles of Pong to the hypnotic blocks of Tetris, platforms have been an important part of games from the beginning. Platform games that have been around since the beginning of the industry are proof of their lasting appeal.
But as the digital tapestry grew and changed, creativity grew, giving these old experiences a new lease on life. In fact, platform games are at their core about how simple they are. They are a symphony of precise timing and relentless gameplay.
But as time went on, brave game designers tried to go beyond just the mechanics, going higher and higher to spark the players' imaginations. They told stories that were complicated and interesting, and they urged tired adventurers to keep going, past the rush of skilled leaps and bounds. Below is a list of some games with a strong focus on platforming and jumpingyou can enjoy.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge Trailer

Mirror's Edge stands as an unparalleled masterpiece, unrivaled in its seamless portrayal of movement. While other games, such as Dying Light, have attempted to capture its essence, none have managed to surpass the breathtaking parkour mechanics of Mirror's Edge.
It remains an enduring beacon in the realm of speedrunning, a veritable utopia for those who revel in the art of mastering every stride. Yet, it is not the game's narrative that steals the spotlight; rather, it is the mesmerizing tapestry of the world in which it is set.
In the dystopian reality of Mirror's Edge, swiftness becomes your lifeline. Survival hinges on your ability to navigate the urban labyrinth with unmatched agility. Every element within this stark cityscape is meticulously color-coded, enabling instant recognition amidst the chaos.
The world, an ostensible paradise masking a sinister dystopia, is stripped of vibrant hues, exuding an air of calculated sterility. However, scattered throughout this monochromatic tapestry, exist fleeting bursts of vibrant color, serving as beacons of hope and purpose.


Celeste - Launch Trailer | PS4

Celeste stands as a profound testament to the importance of platforming mechanics, intricately woven into both its captivating setting and the beats of its heartfelt narrative. What we now know and cherish as Celeste is an expanded iteration of the original game, born from a game jam. From its inception, the intention was clear: to create a challenging experience that didn't deter players but instead propelled them forward.
At its core, Celeste is a game that delves deep into the realm of mental health, exploring the arduous journey of overcoming personal struggles. It mirrors the daunting task of ascending a mountain, a task that embodies the hardships faced when confronting one's inner demons.
The path to victory is beset with difficulties, much like the countless mistakeswe make along the way. However, the game encourages perseverance, urging players to press on, to continue scaling that mountain until they emerge triumphant-a transformed and enlightened individual.


Inside Official Launch Trailer

Inside, the spiritual successor to Limbo, begins in a familiar setting-a dark forest with a young boy-and swiftly propels players into a realm that is both peculiar and extraordinary. While many games on this list celebrate the freedom of movement, empowering players to leap, swoop, and soar, Inside takes a contrasting approach. It immerses players in an atmosphere of creeping horror, tightly controlling pacing and ambiance, where their actions have little impact beyond advancing the narrative or leading to their demise.
This deliberate design choice may not appeal to everyone, but it is precisely the essence of Inside. Regardless of one's interpretation of the game's story, which intentionally leaves room for individual speculation, it undeniably revolves around the theme of control.
As a player, you represent just one of the influencing forces guiding the boy's journey. The game's structure exposes you to meticulously crafted moments, rarely explored in traditional platformers: enigmatic sights, unique gameplay mechanics, and unsettling animations.
When a pursuing figure catches up to you, causing you to stumble, their hands desperately reaching for your face, the impact reverberates deep within your very being. Inside shares this quality with Limbo-it compels you to bear witness, even when the experience becomes almost overwhelming.


Psychonauts // Original Trailer (Official)

Platformers typically prioritize gameplay mechanics over extensive worldbuilding, relying on loose premises and determined expression. However, when Tim Schafer entered the scene, everything changed. The hub that connects various zones in Psychonauts transformed into a summer camp for individuals with psychic abilities, with each zone providing a glimpse into the psyche of a character in the game.
Double Fine Productions, known for their offbeat whimsy, found the perfect playground in the realm of the mind, as brains are fertile ground for comedy, housing our silliest quirks and logic defying moments. However, beneath the laughter lies a bittersweet truth, as brains can also be tragic places-cages of repression or raucous parties meant to distract from the hidden dark secrets within.
What sets Psychonauts apart is that it not only excels in its offbeat worldbuilding but also gets the fundamentals right. Going up against a titan like Nintendo after years of working in point-and-click adventure games required audacity.
Double Fine spent an arduous half-decade playtesting Psychonauts, resulting in a tight and well-polished gameplay experience, despite occasional combat that may feel slight and unnecessary. Just like Schafer's writing, the game exudes a sense of ease that belies the laborious process it took to achieve.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Trailer - Wii U

Super Mario 3D World marks the initial entry from the Super Mario series on this esteemed list, but it certainly won't be the last. The Super Mario franchise requires no introduction, as its iconic plumber protagonist has become a universally recognized figure not just within the gaming realm but across all forms of entertainment.
Super Mario 3D World left an indelible impression on fans and critics alike with its impeccably crafted levels, offering a delightful blend of enjoyable co-op gameplay and captivating challenges. Furthermore, the inclusion of Captain Toad puzzles added an unexpected layer of excitement, proving to be a delightful surprise for players. The popularity of these puzzles was so immense that they even granted the beloved character his own spin-off game titled Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, further solidifying his place in the Mario universe.


LittleBigPlanet Official trailer

LittleBigPlanet holds a significant place in the history of the PlayStation 3, emerging as one of its most pivotal releases. The console faced a challenging start, grappling with multiple delays and an initially steep price point that led many consumers to gravitate towards the well-received Xbox 360. In need of a standout exclusive to captivate audiences, Sony found their answer in 2008 with LittleBigPlanet.
Developed by Media Molecule, LittleBigPlanet distinguishes itself from the other games on this list through its unparalleled level of customizability. Players are not only able to play through a delightful array of levels but also have the freedom to create their own unique levels.
The game's online functionality once allowed players to share their creations with the community, providing a platform for creative collaboration and endless possibilities. Regrettably, the game's online features were discontinued in 2021.

Rayman Origins

Rayman: Origins (PS3, Xbox 360) - Trailer

Rayman, the enigmatic protagonist, stands as a cipher, an elusive company mascot who remains absent from the colorful bedspreads and lunchboxes of children. However, it is precisely this lack of a fixed identity that grants Rayman unparalleled flexibility and a willingness to explore new territories where his more established peers shy away in conservatism.
Throughout the years, he has donned various roles-a retro star in Cuphead, an atmospheric prototype in Beyond Good & Evil, and even a sidekick to a race of exuberant, rabbit-like creatures. Ultimately, Rayman has evolved into the epitome of momentum in classic platforming, offering an experience that embraces the sheer joy of perpetual motion. It is a game that finds delight in propelling players ever forward, transforming falls into exhilarating slides and punches into spins that carry them further.
Rayman Origins pulsates with a fantastic French energy, reminiscent of the stick of cocoa found in a pain au chocolat. In every aspect, from Rayman's comically exaggerated nose to the way characters contort, inflate, and flatten, as if squashed beneath one of Obelix's massive menhirs, there is an essence of cartoon comedy that echoes the works of Goscinny and Uderzo. Slapstick humor defines the game's rules, infusing cooperative play with uproarious moments of hilarity.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy - Trailer

Super Mario Galaxystands as a pinnacle of creativity within the platform game genre. Its outer-space sci-fi setting provided Nintendo with the freedom to craft levels that brimmed with boundless imagination. The game introduced unique mechanics, such as the manipulation of gravitational pull, presenting players with exhilarating platforming challenges that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in a Mario game.
What sets Super Mario Galaxy apart is the indescribable sense of welcoming, comfort, and magic that permeates throughout the entire experience. Countless fans hold fond memories of the game, cherishing it as a cherished gem that has left an enduring mark on their hearts. The game's ability to evoke a feeling of wonder and enchantment has solidified its place in gaming history and ensured its longevity in the collective memory of players.

Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey Trailer – Available Now on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & Android!

Endless runners have emerged as an exceptionally accessible iteration of the platformer genre. By removing direct control of movement from the player's hands, they allow for a simplified experience centered on the act of jumping.
These games find their perfect home on mobile devices, where a simple tap on the screen is all that's needed to engage with the gameplay. Despite their straightforward mechanics, endless runners can still deliver stunning and captivating gameplay experiences, as exemplified by the acclaimed mobile skiing game, Alto's Odyssey.
Alto's Odyssey demonstrates that even within this simple formula, beauty and immersion can flourish. Players are transported to breathtaking landscapes, gracefully gliding through deserts, canyons, and temples.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Review

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart emerges as a game that fully embraces the capabilities of the PlayStation 5, pushing the boundaries of the franchise's colorful shooting and platforming mechanics. With the power of the next-generation console at its disposal, Rift Apart presents players with the most visually stunning iteration of the series to date. The game harnesses the PlayStation 5's advanced hardware to deliver breathtaking graphics, bringing the vibrant worlds and characters of Ratchet & Clank to life in unprecedented detail.
Furthermore, Rift Apart leverages the PlayStation 5's SSD (Solid-State Drive) to offer a seamless and instantaneous transition between dimensions. The game capitalizes on the console's ultra-fast loading times, allowing players to effortlessly hop between different realities without any noticeable delays or interruptions. This feature adds a new layer of gameplay depth and immersion, enhancing the overall experience and highlighting the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

People Also Ask

What Is An Example Of A Platform Games?

A few examples of these scrolling platform games include classic games such as Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pitfall!

What Were The First Platforming Games?

The first genuine platform game was Nintendo Company Ltd.'s Donkey Kong (1981), an arcade game in which Jumpman climbed up and down ladders and jumped from platform to platform while eluding a giant ape (Donkey Kong) on his way to rescuing a woman.

What Are Platform Based Games?

A platform game, commonly referred to as a “platformer,” is a style of video game where the player makes a character move through an environment with a series of action-based moves, like running, jumping, or swinging from ropes.


Games with a strong focus on platforming and jumping provide players with thrilling experiences and engaging gameplay mechanics. These types of games captivate the imagination, challenge agility and precision, and offer a unique sense of achievement when overcoming obstacles and navigating complex levels. Whether exploring vibrant, fantastical worlds or embarking on daring adventures, the element of platforming and jumping adds an exhilarating dimension to the gaming experience.
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