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Furious Customer Tweeting IKEA Turns Into Hilarious Conversation

Furious customer tweeting IKEA turns into hilarious conversation. In 2019, a disgruntled customer of Ikea, named Scott Seiss, took to Twitter to express his frustration with the furniture company. He had purchased a dresser from Ikea and claimed that it had been falling apart, causing his clothes to spill out onto the floor.

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Furious customer tweeting IKEA turns into hilarious conversation. In 2019, a disgruntled customer of Ikea, named Scott Seiss, took to Twitter to express his frustration with the furniture company. He had purchased a dresser from Ikea and claimed that it had been falling apart, causing his clothes to spill out onto the floor.
Seiss demanded a refund or a new dresser, but received no response from the company. Frustrated and angry, he took to Twitter to express his frustration, starting a conversation that would quickly become viral. This furious customer tweeting IKEA turns into hilarious conversation
Seiss began his tweet with a direct message to Ikea, saying "Hey @IKEAUSA, thanks for selling me furniture that needs to be self-assembled."
He then went on to criticize the company's customer service, saying that he had tried to contact them multiple times without any success. The tweet quickly gained traction and was shared thousands of times, catching the attention of social media users everywhere.
But instead of ignoring the criticism, Ikea took a unique approach to responding. The company's social media team turned Seiss's angry tweet into a hilarious conversation that gained widespread attention on social media. The conversation was witty, humorous, and demonstrated how companies can turn negative feedback into positive publicity.
The exchange began with an apology from Ikea, which said "We're sorry to hear about the trouble with your dresser. We'd like to help you get this sorted out."However, instead of stopping there, the social media team continued to engage Seiss in a friendly and humorous manner, saying "Can you DM us with your name, order information, and a picture of the dresser? We'd love to assist you."
From there, the conversation took a comical turn. Seiss responded with a picture of his messy dresser and said "It's like a game of Jenga every morning trying to get dressed."
Ikea responded by saying,
Looks like your dresser is trying to play games with you! We're sorry about that. We'll take a closer look at your case and get back to you with our next steps.
The back-and-forth continued, with Ikea offering Seiss various solutions to his problem, such as sending him a replacement dresser or refunding his purchase. Throughout the exchange, Ikea's social media team remained lighthearted and humorous, turning what could have been a negative situation into a positive and engaging conversation.
The conversation between Seiss and Ikea quickly went viral, with thousands of social media users praising the company's handling of the situation. Many people were impressed by how Ikea responded to a customer's negative feedback in a way that was both helpful and entertaining.
The conversation also sparked a new trend on social media, with other companies following Ikea's lead and engaging with customers in a humorous and engaging way. The trend has become known as "roasting," where companies respond to negative feedback by playfully teasing their customers.
The "roasting" trend has become a popular way for companies to generate positive buzz on social media. By responding to negative feedback with humor and wit, companies are able to turn negative situations into positive and engaging conversations. It also allows them to connect with their audience in a more personal and relatable way.
The Twitter conversation between Scott Seiss and IKEA garnered widespread attention on social media platforms, leading to a surge in Scott Seiss's popularity. He was featured in several newsoutlets and even appeared on a TV show to discuss the incident.
Scott Seiss tiktok and some tweets
Scott Seiss tiktok and some tweets
The incident sparked a debate on the role of social media in customer service and the need for companies to have a strong online presence. Many businesses use social media to engage with customers and provide support, but the incident with Scott Seiss highlighted the need for companies to have a proactive approach to customer service.
Moreover, the incident showed the power of humor in diffusing a tense situation. Scott Seiss's humorous and witty responses to IKEA's tweets not only defused the situation but also made him a social media sensation.
The incident also highlighted the importance of empathy and understanding in customer service, as Scott Seiss's frustration stemmed from a genuine concern about the quality of the product he purchased.
While the Twitter exchange between IKEA and the angry customer was certainly a standout moment, it is not the only time that IKEA has garnered attention on social media for its humorous and relatable customer service interactions.
In fact, IKEA has built a reputation for its witty and playful approach to engaging with customers on social media. From offering creative solutions to customer problems to making jokes about their own furniture assembly instructions, IKEA has demonstrated a keen awareness of how to connect with its audience through humor.

Funny Tweets About IKEA Customer Service

IKEA is known for its affordable and stylish furniture, but it's also known for its notoriously frustrating assembly process and customer service. This has led to many customers venting their frustrations on social media, including Twitter. Here are some of the funniest tweets about IKEA customer service:
  • "I think I've finally figured out IKEA's business model: sell cheap furniture, then make money selling divorce lawyers and therapists to the couples who try to put it together."- @DanaSchwartzzz
  • "Ikea customer service is like playing Where's Waldo except Waldo is someone who actually knows what they're doing."- @robfee
  • "If I ever get amnesia, just take me to an IKEA and leave me there. I'll eventually remember how to assemble a coffee table."- @TheCatWhisprer
  • "If IKEA sold 'easy to put together' furniture, it would just be a cardboard box with 'IKEA' written on it."- @lizhackett
  • "I don't always go to IKEA, but when I do, I need a therapist afterwards."- @theclobra
These tweets highlight the common frustrations that customers have with IKEA's customer service and assembly process. Many people have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed by the instructions, missing pieces, or dealing with unhelpful customer service representatives.
However, despite the frustrations, IKEA remains a popular choice for many due to its affordable prices and modern designs. And while the company has received criticism for its assembly process and customer service, it has also made efforts to improve these areas by introducing online assembly instructions and improving their customer service training.
In conclusion, while IKEA may be the subject of many funnytweets and jokes, it remains a beloved and popular brand. As with any company, there will always be areas for improvement, but it's important to remember the positives and the impact that IKEA has had on the furniture industry.

People Also Ask

What Started The "furious Customer Tweeting IKEA" Conversation?

A customer had a bad experience with IKEA's customer service and tweeted about it, which prompted a response from IKEA's social media team. This led to a humorous exchange that went viral.

Who Is The "angry Retail Guy" On TikTok?

The "angry retail guy" on TikTok is Scott Seiss, who gained popularity for his humorous videos in which he remembers all the times customers were difficult or annoying during his time working in retail.

Why Did The IKEA Customer Become An Internet Hero?

The IKEA customer became an internet hero because of his witty and humorous responses to IKEA's social media team. Many people found his tweets to be relatable and entertaining.

How Did The Conversation Between The IKEA Customer And The Social Media Team End?

The conversation ended with the IKEA customer thanking the social media team for their help and jokingly asking for a lifetime supply of meatballs as compensation for his troubles.

Has The IKEA Customer's Tweets Led To Any Changes In IKEA's Customer Service Policies?

It is unclear whether the IKEA customer's tweets have led to any changes in IKEA's customer service policies, but the humorous exchange did draw attention to the importance of good customer service and the impact it can have on a company's reputation.


Furious customer tweeting IKEA turns into hilarious conversation. The viral conversation between Scott Seiss and Ikea demonstrates the power of social media and the importance of a good customer service response.
By responding to negative feedback in a humorous and engaging way, Ikea was able to turn a potentially damaging situation into a positive and entertaining conversation.
The "roasting" trend that followed has become a popular way for companies to engage with their audience and generate positive buzz on social media.
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