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Forklift Truckload Falls By Accident On An Electrician

Another horrific accident has occurred! A forklift truckload falls by accident on an electrician. This shows that one of the many risks that electricians face on the job includes getting hit in the head by a forklift, a truck that is used to move heavy loads in warehouses and other industrial places.

Author:Maxwell Canvas
Reviewer:Scarlet Sunset
Feb 01, 2023
Another horrific accident has occurred! Aforklift truckload falls by accident on an electrician. This shows that one of the many risks that electricians face on the job includes getting hit in the head by a forklift, a truck that is used to move heavy loads in warehouses and other industrial places.
The unfortunate man in this accident is named Liam Hamilton, who is 20 years old. This teenager was injured when a load fell from several levels on a construction site.
The apprentice electrician was also wearing a protective hard hat as he stepped out the doorway in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, yet he still suffered a broken skull. Hamilton was admitted to the hospital on February 21, 2022, and confined to an induced coma for four days. Afterward, Hamilton had a seizure in December of last year and has experienced persistent intellectual, strength, and balance issues.
Liam Hamilton (left) was hurt so badly that it changed the rest of his life when the heavy load crushed him
Liam Hamilton (left) was hurt so badly that it changed the rest of his life when the heavy load crushed him
Hamilton admitted that he can't recall what happened during the accident on the site, and that's pretty normal when someone suffers a terrible head injury. He said:
I can’t remember what happened other than waking up in hospital and being told about the incident. It was then that the severity of what happened slowly started to sink in. Before the accident I was just like a lot of people my age. I enjoyed going out with my friends, watching football, boxing and playing golf.
He added:
However, that’s all changed now. I’m a lot more reserved and tend to avoid going out to busy places. I find it difficult to balance and struggle with simple things like walking and talking at the same time; things most people take for granted.
Meanwhile, since Hamilton's broken skull, court documents have revealed that Weston Homes, the property developer operating on the construction site, violated many health and safety regulations. Weston Homes was accused of failing to enforce an exclusion zone to keep people out of an area where there was a risk of falling debris.
The corporation was also found to have failed to advise personnel on safe practices and to have failed to have a safe system for transporting products around the site. Irwin Mitchell, which is Hamilton's law firm, said that Weston Homes did not do proper safety checks or provide equipment that could be used to lift materials at height.
Hamilton's legal team, Irwin Mitchell, added that Weston Homes did not conduct adequate safety evaluations or supply equipment suitable for lifting goods at heights. It was also pointed out that Hamilton should not have been working at such a height in such windy conditions, which Weston Homes failed to enforce.
Hamilton defended himself and said:
I have memory and concentration problems and can lose track of what I’m saying mid-sentence. I’m now a lot more reliant on my parents to help me. It has been really difficult to come to terms with what has happened to me over the last year. One of the hardest things is not knowing what the future holds.
He continued:
I really enjoyed my job and loved going to work, but now I don’t know whether it’s something I’ll be able to return to because of my ongoing issues. My job was quite physical and the ongoing balance issues mean I’m not sure if I’d be able to work at height or reach overhead.
Despite everything that has occurred to him, he has stated that he will not give up and will remain focused on his recovery. He believed that while he couldn't change what had happened, he could control his thoughts and perspective on life.
A representative for Weston Homes said to Bury St Edmunds Mercury:
Weston Homes is devastated by what happened to Liam Hamilton whilst he was working on site at the company's Tayfields development in Bury St Edmunds. It is Weston Homes' sincere wish that the matter is speedily resolved and that Liam Hamilton receives all the help and support that he needs to rebuild his life.

Causes Of Workplace Accidents

The United States is home to over one million operational forklifts. An estimated 11% of all forklifts will be involved in an accident of some kind each year. Accidents still occur due to inadequate training, distracted operators, and faulty equipment, despite the fact that organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) develop laws to keep working conditions as safe as possible.

Drivers With Insufficient Training

When it comes to forklift safety, training is the first and most important step. It's dangerous to use a forklift without first learning the basics and safety procedures. Furthermore, novice operators may encounter difficulties with novel stock, impediments, alterations in floor gradient, or the presence of adjacent pedestrians.


Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for forklift operators to get complacent and recklessly operate their vehicles. Accidents are more likely to occur when forklift drivers are going too quickly. OSHA suggests that speeds be kept at or below 5 mph.

Lack Of Warnings And Labeling

Marking forklift zones is critical for safety, especially in areas with mixed forklift and foot activity. Provide adequate signage and floor markings to staff and visitors to avoid accidents.

Unbalanced Or Unstable Loads

Uneven and insecure loads are another key cause of forklift tipping. When a load is imbalanced, things can quickly go sideways.

Mechanical Breakdown Of A Forklift

Because the forklift and its load are so heavy, a mechanical problem could cause serious accidents and injuries.

Dangerous Forklift Crashes

TOP Forklift Fails Compilation 2022 - Dangerous Forklift Crashes - IDIOTS FORKLIFT DRIVER

People Also Ask

What Are Most Forklift Accidents Caused By?

The following are the most typical causes of forklift accidents:
  • Forklift workers who are overworked or stressed.
  • Encourage forklift operators to cut corners in order to complete the work faster.
  • Poor forklift maintenance.
  • Failure to replace forklifts that are no longer safe to operate.

What Is The Most Common Hazard Committed By Forklift Operators?

  • Protocols.
  • Loads.
  • Fueling.
  • Attachments.
  • Blind Spots.
  • Floor Conditions.
  • Maneuvering and Speed.

What Should You Do If You Notice A Defect And Or Damage To The Forklift?

Any damage or problems should be reported immediately to your employer, supervisor, manager, or employee safety representative. If damage or problems are found, the forklift should be taken out of service and not used.

Final Thoughts

A forklift truckload falls by accident on an electrician. As a result, he suffered a devastating head injury that affects his balance and movement. This accident shows one of the many risks that electricians face on the job.
If an electrician isn't careful, they can cause serious head injuries. Forklift trucks are the most common cause of skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and concussions.
These injuries can be very bad, and they can cause long-term or even permanent problems with the body and mind. Electricians should do everything they can to keep from getting hurt by a forklift.
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