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Florida Woman Arrested For Child Neglect And Animal Abuse As Police Found 300+ Rats Roaming In Her Home

A Florida woman arrested for child neglect and animal abuse. Shannon Marie Morgan, 38, of Beverly Hills, Florida, was arrested on 12 counts of animal cruelty and one count of child abuse.

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A Florida woman arrested for child neglect and animal abuse. Shannon Marie Morgan, 38, of Beverly Hills, Florida, was arrested on 12 counts of animal cruelty and one count of child abuse.
That Florida woman arrested for child neglect and animal abuse last week when copsresponded to a report of animal mistreatment. The office stated in a press release:
Immediately upon entering the residence, Sheriff’s Office personnel were overwhelmed by the pungent smell of ammonia.
They initially observed several cages and glass aquariums containing snakes and rodents but also saw rats and cats running freely in the home. It was blatantly obvious; these animals were deprived of all their basic necessities.
Officers noted in an arrest document that the "floor was slippery due to urine and excrement" throughout the apartment, and that the "ceiling was covered in flies" and the home was filled with rubbish. The Sheriff's Office said in a press release:
Moving throughout the house officials were taken aback by the other deplorable conditions such as trash, dirty dishes, and rotten food scattered all throughout the residence, causing more roaches and flies to pervade the area.
One bedroom contained two cages, one carrying a ferret and the other containing a dog. According to the police, both animals lacked food and water. In another room, which was occupied by a minor whose name and age have not been disclosed, officials reportedly observed a mattress "covered in bugs" and multiple cats "actively dismembering a rat."
The third bedroom included "about 50 rats in cages in addition to over 300 free-roaming rodents"; according to the arrest affidavit, "rodents had fully taken over" the room.
Animal control removed seven cats and one dog before the residence was "secured for further investigation," which included the removal of three snakes and numerous rodents.
According to the affidavit, the defendant stated she no longer resided at the property but visited it nightly. She allegedly stated that she was "known that the situation had deteriorated but had not sought assistance until today when she called a pest control firm" and that she "did not want to live in the circumstances of her home."
Sheriff Mike Prendergast stated in a statement:
Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated. The conditions of this residence and the animals in this case were so bad, Sheriff's Office personnel were cautioned about making entry. Neither children nor animals should ever endure this type of environment. It is crucial that our citizens report any possible signs of child or animal neglect. Our Animal Control Officers, deputies and crime scene specialists once again have done a phenomenal job.- Sheriff Mike Prendergast

People Also Ask

Who Was The Woman Who Was Arrested For Child Neglect And Animal Abuse In Florida?

Shannon Marie Morgan was the Florida woman who was arrested for child neglect and animal abuse.

Where Does Shannon Marie Morgan Live?

Shannon Marie Morgan lives in Beverly Hills, Florida

What Is Shannon Marie Morgan's Age?

Shannon Marie Morgan is a 38-year-old woman.


Florida woman arrested for child neglect and animal abuse after officers in Citrus County found a toddler in a home with more than 300 rats.
In a press release, the sheriff's office said that deputies first went to Morgan's house after hearing that animals were being mistreated.
Once deputies got there, they said they were "overwhelmed" by the smell of ammonia and saw a "buildup" of feces, trash, and rotting food that had attracted flies and cockroaches.
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