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Florence Pugh Movies - From Little Women To Black Widow

Florence Pugh, a talented and versatile actress, has made a significant impact on the film industry with her impressive performances in a range of movies. From period dramas to psychological thrillers, Pugh has showcased her acting prowess and captivated audiences with her compelling portrayals of complex and diverse characters. Let's delve into some of Florence Pugh movies.

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Florence Pugh, a talented and versatile actress, has made a significant impact on the film industry with her impressive performances in a range of movies. From period dramas to psychological thrillers, Pugh has showcased her acting prowess and captivated audiences with her compelling portrayals of complex and diverse characters. Let's delve into some of Florence Pugh movies.


Florence Pugh is rapidly becoming one of Hollywood's most prominent young actors, and she has a large number of upcoming films. After beginning her career in independent films, the accomplished actress has risen to prominence in recent years due to her stellar performances in blockbuster franchises.
Florence Pugh's upcoming filmography continues to reflect the balance between prestige projects and enormous Hollywood productions.
Florence Pugh made her acting début in 2014 opposite Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones in The Falling, but her breakout role came in 2016's Lady Macbeth. The acclaim she received for her performance in the Shakespearean drama caused her to become extremely occupied over the subsequent years.
In 2018, Florence Pugh appeared in The Commuter and Outlaw King, followed by the WWE biopic Fighting with My Family, Midsommar, and Little Women, the latter of which earned her an Oscar nomination. In 2021, Pugh joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring as Yelena Belova in Black Widow and Hawkeye.
Florence Pugh's career trajectory is clearly ascending, as she was nominated for an Oscar before she turned 25 and should continue to portray Yelena Belova in future MCU films. Audiences have developed a strong crush on the charismatic and talented rising celebrity.
Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has recognized her talent and popularity, resulting in a jam-packed schedule. This does not even account for her eventual return to the MCU, potentially in Black Widow 2. Here is every verified upcoming film starring Florence Pugh.
Check out some of the notable Florence Pugh movies:

Lady Macbeth (2016)

Lady Macbeth marks Florence Pugh's breakout role, introducing her to the world as a formidable talent. Set in 19th-century rural England, the film is loosely based on Nikolai Leskov's novella "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District." Pugh plays the lead role of Katherine, a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage and a suffocating patriarchal society.
Pugh's portrayal of Katherine is nothing short of extraordinary. She deftly navigates the complexities of her character, initially presented as a victim but gradually evolving into a captivating force. Through subtle nuances and powerful expressions, Pugh brings depth and intensity to Katherine's journey of rebellion and self-discovery.
In Lady Macbeth, Pugh commands the screen with her commanding presence, capturing the essence of a woman pushing against societal constraints. Her performance is a masterclass in conveying a range of emotions, from suppressed desires to ruthless determination. Pugh's ability to convey vulnerability, strength, and complexity in her character is truly remarkable.
The film's atmospheric cinematography, coupled with its compelling narrative, serves as a perfect backdrop for Pugh's exceptional performance. Lady Macbeth received critical acclaim, with Pugh's portrayal earning widespread praise for its depth and maturity. The film's success catapulted Pugh into the spotlight, establishing her as a rising star in the industry.
Lady Macbeth poster
Lady Macbeth poster

The Falling (2014)

In The Falling, Pugh delivers a haunting and enigmatic performance as Abbie, a schoolgirl caught in a mysterious and psychologically complex story. Set in an all-girls school in 1969, the film explores themes of friendship, adolescence, and mass hysteria.
Pugh's portrayal of Abbie is mesmerizing, capturing the character's vulnerability and inner turmoil. As the film unfolds, Abbie becomes the center of a series of fainting spells that sweep through the school, leading to an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Pugh effortlessly portrays Abbie's emotional journey, blending fragility and resilience, innocence and complexity.
The Falling showcases Pugh's ability to convey depth and nuance in her acting. Her performance resonates with audiences, as she immerses herself in the intricacies of the character's psyche. Pugh's portrayal adds layers of mystery and intrigue to the film, enhancing its narrative impact.
The Falling poster
The Falling poster

Little Women (2019)

Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel "Little Women" features Florence Pugh in the role of Amy March, one of the four March sisters. The film explores the lives, ambitions, and relationships of the sisters in 19th-century New England.
Pugh's portrayal of Amy is a revelation, infusing the character with depth, charm, and complexity. Amy is often misunderstood, but Pugh brings a fresh perspective to the role, showcasing her growth and highlighting her individuality. Pugh captures the nuances of Amy's journey from a young, impulsive girl to a mature and self-assured woman.
In "Little Women," Pugh's chemistry with her co-stars is palpable, particularly with Saoirse Ronan as Jo March. Their on-screen dynamic brings the central sisterhood of the story to life, providing moments of both conflict and deep connection.
Pugh's performance garnered critical acclaim, with her ability to balance Amy's ambition, vulnerability, and wit making her a standout in an ensemble cast of talented actors.

LITTLE WOMEN - Official Trailer (HD)

Midsommar (2019)

In Ari Aster's unsettling horror film "Midsommar," Florence Pugh delivers a mesmerizing and transformative performance as Dani Ardor, a young woman grappling with personal tragedy and a deteriorating relationship. The story follows Dani and her boyfriend as they join a rural Swedish community for a midsummer festival, which takes a dark and twisted turn.
Pugh's portrayal of Dani is haunting and emotionally charged. She captures the character's grief, anxiety, and vulnerability with raw intensity, immersing viewers in her emotional journey. As the events unfold, Dani undergoes a transformation, finding catharsis and a newfound sense of empowerment.
Pugh's performance in "Midsommar" is a masterclass in subtlety and nuance. She navigates the complexities of Dani's character with skill and precision, capturing her inner turmoil and the unsettling atmosphere surrounding her. Pugh's ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from sorrow to resilience, solidifies her as a remarkable talent.

MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

Black Widow (2021)

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe film "Black Widow," Florence Pugh portrays Yelena Belova, a highly trained assassin and the sister figure to Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff. The film explores Natasha's past and delves into the dark world of espionage and betrayal.
Pugh's performance as Yelena is a standout, blending wit, vulnerability, and fierce determination. She brings fresh energy to the character, creating a dynamic and layered portrayal. Pugh's chemistry with Johansson is palpable, capturing the complex sisterly bond that evolves throughout the story.
In "Black Widow," Pugh's ability to balance humor and emotion shines through, providing moments of levity amidst intense action sequences. She brings depth to Yelena, capturing the character's strength and vulnerability, making her a compelling addition to the Marvel Universe. Pugh's performance in "Black Widow" solidifies her as a force to be reckoned with in the action genre.

Scarlett Johansson & Florence Pugh on “Black Widow” & Future of the MCU | MTV News

Fighting With My Family (2019)

In "Fighting with My Family," a sports comedy-drama based on a true story, Florence Pugh takes on the role of Saraya "Paige" Knight, a young woman from a wrestling-loving family who dreams of making it big in the WWE. The film explores her journey from humble beginnings to achieving her dreams.
Pugh's performance as Paige is captivating and heartfelt. She captures the character's determination, resilience, and love for wrestling with authenticity. Pugh brings depth and vulnerability to Paige's struggles and showcases her growth as she navigates the challenges of the wrestling world.
In "Fighting with My Family," Pugh shines in both the emotional and physical aspects of her performance. She captures the physicality and athleticism required for wrestling while also delving into the emotional journey of a young woman trying to find her place in a male-dominated industry. Pugh's portrayal of Paige is a testament to her ability to embody real-life characters and bring their stories to life.


Florence Pugh Upcoming Movies

Check out these Florence Pugh's upcoming movies

The Pack

Whatever may or may not have occurred on the set of "Don't Worry Darling" did not deter Pugh from working with actors-turned-directors. She recently signed on to star in "The Pack," a new psychological thriller that will be directed by Alexander Skarsgard for the first time.
The film is scheduled to commence shooting in March 2023. It follows a documentary crew as they travel deep into the Alaskan wilderness in an effort to save an endangered species of wolves.
Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgard in The Pack
Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgard in The Pack


Since this film's debut on the film landscape, anticipation has steadily increased. Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan's upcoming biographical warfilm, is based on the biography of J.
Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist on the Manhattan Project team. Pugh's performance as Jean Tatlock is enough to pique our interest, but the project also features Cillian Murphy, Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, Rami Malek, and Matt Damon, among others. The release of this film on July 21, 2023, is eagerly anticipated by moviegoers everywhere.

Oppenheimer | New Trailer

Dune - Part 2

The science fiction adventure and novel adaptation film Dune was one of 2021's most popular releases. Now that we are confronting Dune: Part 2, the world is expanding even further, with Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan contributing to this expansion.
Fans are in for a real delight with Pugh's inclusion in this film, as she has previously adapted effortlessly to action-oriented roles. Also, it is thrilling to see her reunite with her former co-star from Little Women, Timothée Chalamet, as well as Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Christopher Walken, to name a few. The film will release on November 17, 2023.
Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan in Dune 2
Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan in Dune 2

People Also Ask

Some popular Florence Pugh movies include "Lady Macbeth," "Little Women," "Midsommar," "Black Widow," and "Fighting with My Family."

Has Florence Pugh Won Any Awards For Her Performances In Movies?

Yes, Florence Pugh has received recognition for her acting talent. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Little Women" and has won several awards, including the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress for "Lady Macbeth."

Which Marvel Movie Did Florence Pugh Appear In?

Florence Pugh appeared in the Marvel movie "Black Widow," where she played the character Yelena Belova, a fellow assassin and sister figure to Scarlett Johansson's character, Natasha Romanoff.

What Was Florence Pugh's Breakthrough Role?

Florence Pugh's breakthrough role was in the film "Lady Macbeth" (2016), where she played the lead character, Katherine. Her performance in this critically acclaimed period drama garnered significant attention and praise.

What Are Some Of The Genres Florence Pugh Has Worked In?

Florence Pugh has worked in various genres, showcasing her versatility as an actress. She has appeared in period dramas like "Lady Macbeth" and "Little Women," horror films like "Midsommar," action movies like "Black Widow," and even a sports comedy-drama like "Fighting with My Family."

Was There A Controversy Between Florence Pugh And Olivia Wilde?

Yes, there was a controversy between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde due to Olivia's relationship with Harry Styles.

What Is Florence Pugh Haircut?

Florence Pugh's haircut is buzz-cut.

What Are Some Florence Pugh Shows?

  • Hawkeye.
  • Human Resources.
  • The Little Drummer Girl.
  • King Lear.


Florence Pugh movies reflects her versatility as an actress, as she effortlessly transitions between genres and takes on diverse roles. Her ability to convey emotional depth, vulnerability, and strength has garnered critical acclaim and earned her a dedicated fan base. With her talent and range, Florence Pugh continues to make a lasting impact on the film industry, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her future projects.
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