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Fear Movie - An American Psychological Horror Film

Deon Taylor, Roxanne Avent, Omar Joseph, Heather Kritzer, Terrence J, and Taylor are the producers of the American horror movie Fear, which is directed by Taylor. Starring in the Fear movie are Tip "T.I." Harris, Joseph Sikora, Andrew Bachelor, Annie Ilonzeh, Ruby Modine, Iddo Goldberg, Terrence Jenkins, and Jessica Allain.

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Deon Taylor, Roxanne Avent, Omar Joseph, Heather Kritzer, Terrence J, and Taylor are the producers of the American horror movie Fear, which is directed by Taylor. Starring in the Fear movieare Tip "T.I." Harris, Joseph Sikora, Andrew Bachelor, Annie Ilonzeh, Ruby Modine, Iddo Goldberg, Terrence Jenkins, and Jessica Allain.
The movie, which was initially named Don't Fear, was filmed in Kyburz, California, over the course of 17 days in August 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic. Masks were worn by the cast and crew, and regular temperature checks were performed. Geoff Zanelli, who has scored numerous of Taylor's prior films, wrote the film's soundtrack.

Fear Movie 2023 - The Cast & Crew

The film, unlike many others, centers on a group of friends rather than a single lead actor or actress. Annie Ilonzeh, Joseph Sikora, Ruby Modine, Iddo Goldberg, Andrew Bachelor, Jessica Allain, Tyler Abron, and T.I. are therefore portrayed as friends attempting to appreciate a weekend away.

Annie Ilonzeh As Bianca

Annie portrays Bianca, Rom's fiancée, while Joseph plays Rom. While the former is best known for his roles in films such as Ghost World and Jack Reacher, the latter has appeared on Arrow as Laurel Lance's colleague Joanna and in Peppermint as FBI Agent Lisa Inman.

Iddo Goldberg As Michael

Michael, who appears to suffer from claustrophobia, is portrayed by Iddo Goldberg, and Meg, who has visions of submerging, is portrayed by Jessica Allain. Iddo has appeared in a number of popular films and television series, including Snowpiercer, Peaky Blinders, Supergirl, and Salem.

Jessica Allain As Russ

Jessica, on the other hand, is a rising actress whose roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Laundromat, and The Honor List have earned her widespread recognition. Terrence Jenkins, known for his roles in Entourage, Think Like a Man, and Burlesque, portrays Russ, a character with a pathological fear of blood.
A scene from Fear movie 2023
A scene from Fear movie 2023

Director Deon Taylor And Screenwriter John Ferris

While the majority of the cast has already been introduced in the trailer, let's take a closer look at the production team. As stated previously, the film was directed by Deon Taylor, a prolific writer, producer, and director whose previous works include Meet the Blacks, Traffik, Supremacy, and Black and Blue.
In the meantime, director Deon Taylor and screenwriter John Ferris collaborated on the script for the film. They previously collaborated on Black and Blue, and given the success of the film's direction and script, we can infer that the movie is in good hands.

Composer Geoff Zanelli

Emmy-winning composer Geoff Zanelli, who composed musicfor Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Into the West, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and Outlander, will once again bring his talents to the big screen as the film's composer.

Fear The Movie Review

The horror movie "Fear" has a COVID-19 pandemic motif, but it's a pointless time waster with a convoluted plot, weak visual effects, and flimsy ideas that plagiarize better-made horror movies. Avoid this dull garbage. Even though the cast of the film includes a few pretty well-known performers, "Fear" cannot be saved from its absolute ineptitude thanks to its star power.
"Fear," directed by Deon Taylor (who also authored the terrible "Fear" screenplay with John Ferry), is another horror film about people who are trapped in a secluded place while being terrorized.
In "Fear," this isolated setting is the made-up Strawberry Lodge in Kyburz, California, which is near Lake Tahoe. Nine people have come at the lodge to celebrate the birthday of Bianca, a lady in her 30s with a Ph. D. in religion (played by Annie Ilonzeh).
As a surprise for Bianca, her lover Rom Jennings (played by Joseph Sikora) has planned this get-together. Writing books about the supernatural and the unexplained is Rom's area of expertise. Rom does a TV interview in the beginning of the film, announcing that he is writing his next book, which will be on "the mythology of the Americas."
Rom says of his upcoming book:
I can’t really tell you too much about it, but what I can say is that is does squarely focus on the mythos and the mythology surrounding fear and the concept of fear.
He adds that he’s researching an area in Northern California that “permeates fear.” Rom then makes this statement: “Fear is very real.”
Rom and Bianca are listening to the radio as they travel to the Strawberry Lodge when they hear a newsitem about Angel Wilson, a lady who vanished from the Lake Tahoe region in 2015 when she was 26 and is still missing. Rom is asked by Bianca to switch the radio station. You already know that Angel will be brought up again and again in the film at this point.
In this poorly written film, the seven friends of Rom and Bianca who have gathered to commemorate her birthday generally have generic characteristics. Very little is known about them, including their occupations or how they came to know Rom and Bianca. These pals have booked the lodge so they may have the property to themselves. (How appropriate for a horror film.)
The remaining members of the group consist of Rom's agent Michael (Iddo Goldberg), a Brit. Rom has known Lou (portrayed by Tip "T.I." Harris) since they were in the eighth grade. Lou is traveling with his lover Kim (played by Tyler Abron), a single mother of a little son.
Benny, a photographer and the most curious and chatty member of the gang, is portrayed by Andrew Bachelor, better known online as King Bach. Russ (played by Terrence Jenkins) and Meg (played by Jessica Allain) are two more buddies who are a romantic couple. Serena (played by Ruby Modine), another member of the group, is superstitious and always carries a "lucky" necklace.
Rom had expressed his desire to marry Bianca to Lou and Russ, but up until this point (including on the trip to Strawberry Lodge), Rom has been too afraid to follow through with the proposal. Rom's failure to ask Bianca to marry him for the fourth time is mentioned. This marriage proposal is brought up so frequently that one would assume it would be a major plot point, but it isn't.
When visitors arrive at the lodge, a spooky hostess named Miss Wrenrich (played by Michele McCormick) welcomes them and explains that her family purchased and rebuilt the lodge after it burned down in 1853.
The lodge was first constructed in 1838. Later, after conducting Internet research, Benny learns that the region has a dark history involving a group of witches known as Las Brujas, who protected themselves from rogue Gold Rush miners who would kidnap, rape, and occasionally kill local women.
Bianca's hand is taken by Miss Wrenrich, who tells her:
You carry the light, my dear. You’re a beacon.
Who is most likely to survive the murder and mayhem that will take place is blatantly stated in this film. Miss Wrenrich insists on getting a group photo of the visitors before she departs. She shoots with a Polaroid.
The COVID-19 epidemic is frequently brought about in discussion, but nobody is isolating themselves or donning masks. It appears that the movie takes place in 2020, a year before a COVID-19 vaccine was accessible, because no one in the film recalls becoming immunized.
It is briefly mentioned that Michael requested that all of the attendees take COVID tests before arriving at the lodge, with the exception of Bianca because this meeting was a surprise to her.

FEAR | Official Trailer

However, because Lou has been coughing a lot, a few of the guests start to become worried. Lou becomes hostile when he learns that some of the others in the group believe he may have COVID-19.
One night, the pals share their greatest fears while huddled around a tiny bonfire outside. And at that point, you realize that their concerns will come true at some point in the film.
The loss of her faith used to be Bianca's greatest worry, but more recently, she has been most afraid of losing her capacity to breathe. Serena, who experienced a severe vehicle accident as a child, claims that losing control is her greatest fear.
Blood is Russ's worst fear, he claims. Kim claims that not being able to care for her son is her biggest concern. Meg's greatest fear is drowning because she can't swim. Lou claims that his biggest worry is losing the confidence of those who depend on him. Benny's worst fear is anything involving law enforcement and handcuffs because he was once handcuffed in a case of police abuse. Rom claims that losing Bianca is his greatest fear.
The rest of "Fear" is made up entirely of uninteresting and unoriginal jump scares. Angel Wilson, a missing individual who is frequently mentioned in the film, is a subplot that is horribly handled and ultimately proves to be of no use. In addition, "Fear" is absolutely useless if viewers want to see a scary movie that they will like.

People Also Ask

What Is 2023 Fear Movie About?

The movie synopsis says, "A weekend getaway takes a sinister turn when a group of friends must each face their greatest fears."

How Long Is Fear 2023?

The duration of Fear movie is 1 hour and 38 minutes.

How Scary Is The Movie Fear?

There are deaths, stabbings, slashed necks and wrists, a substantial amount of blood, a drowning, violence, nightmares, eerie imagery, and numerous jump scares.

Is Fear Movie Worth Watching?

This film is a stupid time waster with a muddled plot, shoddy visual effects, and weak concepts that are ripoffs of better-made horror films.


Since the invention of cinema, almost every horror film has had some element of fear. It's a component that has been at the heart of many stories, whether it's a monster feeding off of a victim's terror to get stronger or to make their meal better.
So it's fantastic to see a movie take so many common fears, like claustrophobia and drowning, and magnify them. Fear is something that the audience can comprehend fast, after all.
One of the first films produced in 2020 following Covid's globalupheaval is titled Fear. And this can be found throughout the entire film. They are paranoid of one another, the planet appears to be ending, and there is an airborne infection. Sounds recognizable?
A lot of the content in the Fear movie still feels current today, while there were several moments that would have been more impactful if it had been released a year earlier. Even if the characters might have used it to give them a little personality, it's always so nice to see a horror film without of cliches. This one does an excellent job of avoiding them.
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