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Top Fan Made Superhero List In 2022 You Should Not Miss

The adventures of their favorite superheroes from the DC and Marvel universes, who have been telling thrilling tales of adventure for many decades, are enjoyed by fans in full color. Take a look at some of the fan made superhero characters below!

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
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The adventures of their favorite superheroes from the DC and Marvel universes, who have been telling thrilling tales of adventure for many decades, are enjoyed by fans in full color. What if there are some fan made superherocharacters, what could they be? Let's have a look!
Readers are unable to get enough of their favorite characters and ponder the pairing of figures from different arenas.
Numerous stories have been inspired by the well-known "let's fightand then let's partner up" trope, which has also served as the foundation for numerous inter-company crossovers.
Some fans go above and beyond, creating imaginative mashups of fan made superhero characters, their outfits, and their abilities. Who wants to end their enjoyment of the story simply because they have reached the final page?

Superhero Fan-Made Characters

Wonder Woman And Phoenix

Even though she was first overlooked and demoted to the position of secretary in the Justice Society of America, Princess Diana of Themyscira is a formidable force, the foremost warrior of her kingdom, and one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe.
She can't compare to the Phoenix of the X-Men, who has the ability to end universes. For TopTenz, Rick Marin, also known online as MisterHo, mixes the two in Wonder Phoenix.
Wonder Phoenix wears the same bracelets, outfit, and tiara as Wonder Woman, but instead of the eagle or the stylized WW on the bustier, she has the Phoenix emblem and Phoenix's gold thigh-high boots and sash. She also has flaming red hair, and the Phoenix Force apparition is also burning.
Wonder Phoenix character by Rick Marin
Wonder Phoenix character by Rick Marin

Joker And Loki

The idea of Loki, the trickster god of Asgard, being infused with The Joker's insanity and love of mayhem is startling and unsettling.
The mere sight of this mixture is both equally interesting and ominous at the same time. Such a sight is provided by Marco D'Alfonso, also known as m7781 on Deviant Art.
We discoverthis fusion (Joki?) sat on a stone throne against a background of royal purple. We are obliged to stare down at him because of the imposed viewpoint, but he is so terrifying that we are aware not to do so.
Joker and Loki character sitting on his throne
Joker and Loki character sitting on his throne

Thor And Captain Marvel

Thor, a Norse god who can control lightning, and Captain Marvel, a young lad who can control lightning, become formidable men with the abilities of a pantheon of powerful gods and heroes, including the knowledge of Solomon, the power of Zeus, the bravery of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. You get Thunder God when you combine them.
On Deviant Art, Shazam depicts the haughty Thunder God, who has short, dark hair, massive shoulders, and a huge body.
He also wears a white cape with gold piping, a red costume with gold hand accessories, a belt, and wrist bracelets. His lightning-bolt-shaped chest emblem, and eyes all glow from the forces that flow through him.
Thor And Captain Marvel character in space
Thor And Captain Marvel character in space

Cloak And Dagger And Green Lantern

It seems logical to combine the power of the Green Lantern with that of Cloak and Dagger, two heroes whose personalities and powers are centered around darkness and light. In Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (March 1982), Cloak and Dagger, teenage runaways who transformed into mutants, were first featured.
Cloak can transfer people into and out of the Darkforce dimension by tapping into it. The dagger may boost Cloak's craving for light while also producing "light daggers" that drain victims of their energy.
Cloak And Dagger And Green Lantern art
Cloak And Dagger And Green Lantern art

Joker And Iron Man

The Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues blog regularly posts fantasy mash-ups of DC and Marvel superheroes that have been Photoshopped together to look like the covers of the greatest team-up comic that doesn't yet exist but should. The Joker and Iron Man are a great and terrifying pairing that appears in issue #70.
The artwork, which was contributed by Brian Bolland, depicts the Joker looking directly at the reader while wearing his trademark deadly grin.
He is wearing armor, which literally pulsates with strength and terrifying menace due to the person wearing it. Oh, THIS WILL NOT END WELL... for a story titled "THE CLOWN PRINCE OF IRON," according to the cover blurb!
Joker And Iron Man character
Joker And Iron Man character

Blue Beetle And Spiderman

Amazing Spider-Man and the Blue Beetle, two characters long connected with Steve Ditko, are brought together in Blue Spider. The Ted Kord Beetle, like Peter Parker's Spider-Man, is a scientist and inventor as well, thus the pairing works out. Both of the bug-based fighters are renowned for their dexterity and their witty personalities.
According to artist Walfiend2, "I thought this goes nicely with Spider-symbiont Man's suit as the new Blue Beetle costume is some type of semi-sentient weapon/battlesuit."Blue Spider wears a body suit that is primarily black and is modeled after the outfit Spider-Man first donned during Secret Wars, which eventually turned out to be the symbiote Venom. But he also sports elbow protection, boots, and a mask from the Blue Beetle's outfit.
Blue Beetle And Spiderman character by Walfiend
Blue Beetle And Spiderman character by Walfiend

Daredevil And Deathstroke

It makes a weirdsort of sense to pair Daredevil with Deathstroke, the Terminator. Both guys are skilled fighters who are renowned for their dexterity, variety of fighting techniques, and sharpened senses.
Although Daredevil is completely blind and Deathstroke is only partially blind, the latter has an advantage over his enemies because of his radar sense. Deathstroke's edge is a little more... literal.
Even the name of the design, created by cossiokpoat Deviant Art, is beautifully condensed. Deathstroke's gaudy orange mask, shorts, gauntlets, and buccaneer boots are replaced with the understated crimson, black, and grey of Daredevil.
Instead of Deathstroke's handgun, machine gun, and a bandolier of ammunition or DD's billy club, Dare has a broadsword, and the stern expression on his face indicates that's more than enough.
Daredevil And Deathstroke character by Cossiokpo
Daredevil And Deathstroke character by Cossiokpo

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  • Batman.
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Who Is No 1 Powerful Superhero?

The fact that Superman never actually uses his full strength makes him the most powerful superhero of all time. Superman has always risen to fight whatever alien, wicked genius, or god-like monster threatens the Earth.


A character may occasionally be paired with someone who possesses a comparable skill set. It can be seen whether a strong character can be made even more intimidating.
Sometimes it entails putting an unusual combination together and resulting in something exciting and novel.
Our interest is piqued by these new fan made superhero characters that the skilled artists in this article have created since they are just so cool. In fact, the fan-made mashups above are so incredible that we wish they were in real stories!
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