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Famous That Practice Reiki And You Sure Didn't Know

We are unable to confirm whether Matt actually does energy healing in real life. But we are going to talk about other famous that practice reiki.

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Jan 28, 202331 Shares984 Views
Reiki practitioners include celebrities. Our fictitious dancing beau Matt Bomer is the only celebrity we can claim to have actually seen utilizing Reiki therapy, eleven years later.
But when he played a stripping Southern hippie in Magic Mike XXL, that was the only time he said he was a level three Reiki therapist. We are unable to confirm whether Matt actually does energy healing in real life. But we are going to talk about otherfamous that practice reiki.

Reiki Definition

Reiki is a technique for sending healing energy to another person and assisting them in healing from within.It does this by using the chakras, which are spiritual power centers in the body.

Famous That Practice Reiki

Who among our favorite Hollywood actors and actresses are Reiki practitioners? According to the internet, celebritiesincluding Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, and Kate Hudson allegedly use this complementary therapy.
Uma Thurman, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Macy Gray, Goldie Hawn, Helen Hunt, and Sharon Stone are reportedly also on the list.
Do we actually think that these famous people practice Reiki therapy? No, anyone can compile a list of celebritiesand assert that the celebrities on the list are such and such. Would you believe us, for example, if we said that Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon practiced our "Stare at Your Navel and You'll Get Healed" healing method, which we at Famewatcher devised and advocate? If you did, we'd sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.
We would be quite skeptical of the above list unless we saw a newsitem where Angelina Jolie or Ellen DeGeneres officially said that they practice Reiki therapy.
not because we believe Reiki therapy is ineffective; quite the opposite. We have not personally tested it, as we stated in our initial post, therefore we cannot say whether it is excellent or not. Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn't.

A Number Of Celebrities Use Reiki Healing

There are many more people who have turned to Reiki for assistance with their physical, mental, and spiritual issues, though this article will concentrate on the stories of three particular celebrities, whose identities I will reveal in a moment.
Phil Mickelson has used Reiki to help ease the pain of his arthritis and keep his stress in check when he's playing golf.
Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Ellen DeGeneres are among the famous people who like how it treats pain, stress, and other problems in a holistic way.
Reiki treatments are in higher demand as the practice becomes more widespread. Have you ever benefited from Reiki's amazing healing, calming, and restorative powers?
While you might locate a Reiki practitioner to address your energetic problems, treatments are frequently very expensive. Millionaire celebrities can afford this, but what about people like you and me?
I encourage you to trythe ReikiConnection course even if you don't have a million dollars. It's a reasonably priced course where you can discovermethods for treating both yourself and other people.

Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a very busy man who also works as a surgeon, educator, and author on a daily basis. His famed career began in 2004, when he made an appearance as a health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show. And Dr. Oz is a well-known figure today.
But did you know that he makes regular use of Reiki?
Dr. Oz admits that balancing his professional and personal lives can be hard and stressful at times, but he says that Reiki is the main reason he is able to keep his life calm and in balance.
Dr. Ozuses Reiki in the operating room in addition to believing that it can benefit him. Oz often hires Reiki masters to help his patients feel calm and at ease while he is operating on them.
He even says that Reiki treatments can help people have a positive attitude, which can make surgery go well.
And it's hardly surprising that Reiki appeals to Dr. Oz. Actually, Lisa Oz, his wife, is a Reiki master! Lisa was the one who first made her husband aware of the great potential and power of energy-based alternative therapy.
The fact that this complementary medical procedure can help your body's energy flow increase so you can achieve greater balance and experience less stress is something that both Ozes adore.
Although each person experiences Reiki in a somewhat different way, Dr. Oz believes that the warmth he feels as the energy flows through him helps calm his body and mind and promotes harmony between them.
There are so many ways you can take advantage of energy's healing abilities, but it seems that Dr. Oz has discovered and cherished the way that Reiki helps him to de-stress and concentrate on his life.
Reiki can also assist you in losing weight, like this celebrity did, which is another advantage of practicing it to lessen stress.
Dr Mehmet Oz
Dr Mehmet Oz

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is constantly in the spotlight due to her work as a singer, actress, and TV personality. She must, therefore, always feel and look her best.
Aguilera put on some unnecessary weight a few years ago. and her response was straightforward when asked how she lost 30 pounds.
Aguilera saw a Reiki master three times per week in 2013 to help her cope with the stress of leading a hectic celebrity life.
Aguilera claimed that Reiki assisted in her weight loss by enhancing her outlook and assisting her in maintaining a healthy food regimen. Additionally, Reiki is a great tool to help you reduce stress in your life, which can also aid in weight loss, as I told Dr. Oz.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Everybody has experienced heartbreak at some point in their lives, and even famous people can experience sorrow and despair. But since they are in the public eye, it can frequently be made worse for them.
The actress Gwyneth Paltrowalso writes about cuisine and runs her own company.
In 2014, when she and her husband of ten years decided to split up and get a divorce, she began using Reiki.
According to Paltrow, Reiki can be a useful tool for relationship healing both before and after a breakup.
This energetic exercise aims to develop a cheerful, tranquil mindset as one of its main objectives. Women who are experiencing emotional difficulty, like Paltrow, can benefit from this brain realignment.
Reiki is becoming more popular among people who aren't famous as a way to treat emotional problems on its own or as a supplement to more traditional talk therapy.
The ability to release old, stagnant energy from your body with Reiki also helps in relationships by enabling you to let go of the past. After that, your body can reset any patterns that might be leading you to keep falling for the same person or type of person.
So, Reiki can help you find more balance and live a better life, whether you're looking for less stress, help with weight loss, or healing in your relationships.
Gwyneth paltrow in Hollywood
Gwyneth paltrow in Hollywood

People Also Ask

Who Is Reiki Good For?

Numerous mental and physical issues, such as sleeplessness, stress, sadness, anxiety, and pain, may be helped by practicing reiki. For example, there is evidence that Reiki can help people who are about to have surgery feel less stressed, anxious, and in pain.

What Is Reiki Spiritually?

Reiki is a holistic Japanese stress-reduction, relaxation, and spiritual healing method.Rei and Ki both refer to spiritual consciousness or greater wisdom. The entirety of reiki is life energy that is spiritually directed.

How Old Is Reiki Healing?

The origins of reiki in the United States can be traced back to Mikao Usui's lectures in Japan in the early 1920s. Usui was a lay monk, a longtime spiritual seeker, and the father of two kids and a wife.


Try the ReikiConnection Course if you're interested in learning how to use Reiki on both yourself and other people. The three levels of Reiki training covered in this self-paced course can help you restore energy to your body and begin feeling better and maybe you can reach a Reiki level like those famous that practice reiki.
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