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Famous Female Gamblers - Top 5 Successful Players List 2022

Gambling is not just for men; many women have remarkable accomplishments in this field too. So, here is a list of famous female gamblers who set the bar high in gambling.

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Gambling is not just for men; many women have remarkable accomplishments in this field too. So, here is a list of famous female gamblerswho set the bar high in gambling.
Throughout a large part of gambling's long and eventful history, it was often thought that women shouldn't take part.
Even though there are no longer any restrictions based on gender, the majority of people involved in gambling are still men.
This is true regardless of the type of gambling.

The Most Famous Female Gamblers in History!

As is the case in every other sector, women were the ones who bore the brunt of injustice when they were the target of derision or excluded from public life due to their participation in activities that were traditionally reserved for men.
In this blog post, here is the list of the most famous female gamblers.
These gamblers range from well-known figures from the Wild West to modern-day players who are making waves in the world of poker.
You are about to read a less well-known history of gambling, one that focuses on feisty women who defied social norms and made gambling their stomping ground, paving the way for millions of other people to take part in this ancient pastime on an equal footing as men.
This history is about to be revealed to you. So, let's start.

Most Famous Female Gamblers List

Lottie Deno (Roul-Lottie)

Any story about famous women gamblers must start with Lottie Deno (Roul-Lottie), whose skill as a gambler was known all over the Old West.
She is also said to have hung out with some of the most famous gamblers ever, like Doc Holiday, the famous poker playerand gunslinger.
Lottie was most likely given the name Carlotta J. Thompkins when she was born in Kentucky in 1844.
Her father was a wealthy racehorse breeder, and she acquired a significant amount of her skill from him.
Following the newsof her father's passing, her mother despatched her to the city of Detroit in the hopes that she may meet and marry someone there.
Lottie's fate, however, had different intentions, and after she lost all of her money, she began traveling around the Mississippi River and playing cards on riverboats.
She most likely acquired the moniker Deno, which is the Spanish word for money, around this period (dinero).
Soon, she was in San Antonio, Texas, where she met Frank Thurmond, a gambler who was amazed by how good Lottie was.
The Angel of San Antonio quickly found herself leaving the area after Thurmond was charged with murder since the life of a female gambler at the time was not an easy one.
In Deming, New Mexico, Lottie and Frank eventually got married, gave up their life of gambling, and even managed to become honorable locals.
Lottie Deno, one of the most well-known gamblers of the Old West, passed away in Deming at the age of 89 and is still remembered as one of the most well-known gamblers.
Lottie Deno wearing a cowgirl-themed dress
Lottie Deno wearing a cowgirl-themed dress

Claudine Williams

Claudine Williams, who was born in 1921, was the first woman to be officially inducted into Nevada's Gaming Hall of Fame.
Williams' Holiday Casino, which later became the model for Harrah's Hotel and Casino, helped the Las Vegas gaming industry grow in a big way.
Williams was an outlier in the 1960s and 1970s, a time when very few women ran casinos.
She had mastered nearly every game of chance there was. She had her own gaming club in Texas before she was 21.
Claudine Williams has made a big difference in how women are treated in the gaming industry.
Claudine Williams standing next to an office table
Claudine Williams standing next to an office table

Judy Bayley

Judy Bayley is one of the gambling ladies who was not herself a gambler but yet made a big contribution to establishing a place for women in the gaming world.
Judy Bayley is famous in the history of Las Vegas and gambling in general as the first woman to own and operate a casino.
She is also known as the "first lady of gambling," which comes from the fact that she was one of the first women to work in the gambling business.
Judy Bayley, who was born in 1915, would go on to become one of the most influential people in the gaming sector in the state of Nevada.
Warren Bayley, the woman's husband, dreamed of one day constructing a motel. In 1956, the two made the trip to Nevada, where they established the Hacienda motel.
Despite the fact that she had no prior expertise in the management of a company, she was able to take over the casino after the death of her husband, Warren, in 1964 and turn it into even greater success.
Judy Bayley wearing a white furry overcoat
Judy Bayley wearing a white furry overcoat

Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell is a Canadian female gambler who rose to fame for her online poker playing while she was in her first year of college.
She is rumored to have played a combined total of 7.5 million hands of poker between the years 2011 and 2013, which is how she earned the nickname "The Ultimate Grinder."
Bicknell has been successful at the World Series of Poker on three separate occasions, taking home his first bracelet in 2013, and his most recent in 2020.
She also competed in a number of the most important poker events held all over the world, including the Femme Fatale tournament, which was a week-long competition open only to women who played poker.
Bicknell is recognized as one of the best female poker players in the world, and she has raked in more than $4.5 million in winnings over the course of her career.
Kristen Bicknell wearing a black dress and playing a casino game
Kristen Bicknell wearing a black dress and playing a casino game

Vanessa Selbst

Selbst won more than $11 million in total while gambling, all from playing poker. Selbst, like Kristen Bicknell, has made the World Poker Tour final table frequently and has won three World Series of Poker bracelets.
Additionally, Selbst is the only player, male or female, to have ever won the North American Poker Tour in both 2010 and 2011 on back-to-back occasions!
During her time as a professional poker player, Vanessa Selbst competed in as many as 21 different live poker tournaments.
Naturally, Selbst also participated in a variety of other important poker events held all over the world.
Vanessa Selbst stopped playing poker professionally in 2018 after making a lot of money from it.
She is one of the highest-paid female professional poker players of all time, and she still has twice as much money as Kathy Liebert.
Vanessa Selbst wearing a grey hoodie and playing Poker
Vanessa Selbst wearing a grey hoodie and playing Poker

People Also Ask

Who Is The Best Female Gambler?

The list of the best female gamblers is given below.
  • Annette Obrestad.
  • Kathy Liebert.
  • Annie Duke.
  • Judy Bayley.
  • Claudine Williams.
  • Poker Alice.

Who Is The Most Famous Gambler?

  • Billy Walters.
  • Phil Ivey.
  • Chris Moneymaker.
  • Don Johnson.
  • The MIT Blackjack Team.
  • Doyle Brunson.
  • Stanford Wong.

Who Is The Most Successful Gambler?

Vanessa Selbst, a poker player, is currently at the top of the all-time earnings list. In her career, she has made close to $12 million, which puts her in first place.


There are a lot of books and articles about famous men who gamble, but it seems like famous women who gamble don't get nearly as much attention as they should.
Here is this effort, using this material, to correct that injustice, at least to some degree. These are the most successful and famous female gamblers in the world.
Have you heard about the online gambling trends?
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