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Eminem Shaved His Beard For 50 Cents' TV Show BMF

Has really Eminem shaved his beard after growing it in 2017? Well, after the first footage of the next BMF episode, in which Eminem plays the role of White Boy Rick, was released, fans noticed that his beard wasn't on the screen.

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Jun 06, 2022106 Shares1.7K Views
Has Eminem shavedhis beard after growing it in 2017? Well, after the release of the first footage of the next BMF episode, in which Eminem plays the role of White Boy Rick, fans noticed that he doesn't have any beard on the screen.
Our opinion on this is divided. Many fans have commented that Eminem shaved his beard, but there are some who believe otherwise.
And surely, Eminem's character, White Boy Rick, appears in front of the audience with his face shaved clean.
Computer technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and perhaps the change in Eminem's appearance is due to it.
But at some parts, his skin looks very realistically shaved in BMF episode 7 Eminem shots.
Eminem as White Boy Rick in his cameo show BMF
Eminem as White Boy Rick in his cameo show BMF

Eminem BMF Trailer Shots

Eminem has never been blessed with a thick beard. His beard looked pretty sparse when he appeared in the new image at the 2017 Defiant Ones premiere.
Eminem is now showing a well-maintained beard. He probably strove to reach that point, and it wouldn't be an easy decision for him to shave it for a short cameo.

In Which Episode Will Eminem Appear In BMF?

The show's executive producer, Jackson, directed episode 7 titled "All in the Family" on Sunday. Meanwhile, Snoop Doggappeared as Rev. Swift, and Eminem from Detroit made a short cameo appearance as "White Boy" Rick Welsh.

Where Is Eminem In BMF?

Hours ago, BMF Eminem episode 7 was aired on Starz and directed by 50 Cent himself. In the episode, Eminem is the youngest FBI informant at the age of 14, and has a cameo appearance as White Boy Rick, who was imprisoned at the age of 16. White Boy Rick spent 32 years in prison and was released this year.

New Video: Eminem as White Boy Rick in BMF

50 Cents' Curtis On Eminem Shaved His Beard News

50 Cent was recently interviewed by EntertainmentWeekly to discuss episode 7 of the Black Mafia family he directed. In episode 7, Eminem will make a cameo appearance as White Boy Rick.
“When Eminem found out I was directing, he committed to do it, and working together was natural. It was an honor to have him on the show and it made this episode extra special.”
“The technology that they used to de-age him was the same thing they used in Robert De Niro’s The Irishmanmovie. Em actually has a beard, so they first took the hair out of his face using the technology and then they de-aged him all the way down.” said Fifty.
Eminem as White Boy Rick shots; 50 cents curtis wearing a blue jacket and a black cap
Eminem as White Boy Rick shots; 50 cents curtis wearing a blue jacket and a black cap

Eminem Beard Look Makes Him Look Like Another Person

Rapper Eminem announced a new facial hair look some time ago that is very different from what you've seen him.
Popular rapper Eminem recently appeared in a rare public place and shocked everyone with his new look.
For most of his career, after having a clean shaving look and blonde hair, the singer starred at the Defiant Ones premiere on Thursday night with a dark beard.
His 44-year-old rapper posted a photo on Instagram showing his facial hair to the world.
Eminem, or real name Marshall Mothers, the Oscar-winning singer provided guest vocals on Big Sean's track No Favors, calling US President Donald Trump "ab ****."
Check his bearded look below, you will find this more appealing.
Eminem in his beard look wearing a black jacket and a black cap
Eminem in his beard look wearing a black jacket and a black cap
I think people really liked his beard look just as allure discussed it that Eminem has a beard. It's on his face. It's brown. And to be honest, it's pretty good!
At least it's in order. However, it's important to note that Eminem doesn't look like a real slim shady, it looks like another slim shady disguised. (Too far?)
Eminem (a.k.a. Slim Shady, né Marshall Mathers) showed up in a hat, a jacket, a necklace, and some major chin scruff during a red carpet appearance for HBO's four-part documentary series The Defiant Ones about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
And it isn't anything we despise! Some subtle beard is a pleasantly lowkey approach to change a look in the era of man buns and Father John Mistylike facial hair.
It's also a significant stride for Eminem, who, despite his age, appears to have aged very little since coming onto the scene in the 1990s.
Is this mature appearance a sign of what's to come in his continuous development?
Is new musicon the way with a completely different vibe?

People Also Ask

Does Eminem Really Shaved His Beard?

Well, there is no proper answer to this question. Some say it is due to computer technology. Some say he has really done that. According to 50 Cents they used the technology to de-age him and remove his beard.

When Eminem Shaved His Beard?

For most of his lifetime, he shaved his beard. But he grew his beard in 2017. Then for his short cameo in 50 Cents' BMF, it was rumored that he shaved his beard.

Does Eminem Have A Role In BMF?

The newscame in the summer that Eminem would play the role of White Boy Rick in 50 Cent's Stars Drama BMF.


What do you think of Marshall's sudden loss of beard? Do you believe that Eminem shaved his beard?
Have you heard about Big Ed 90 Day Fiance?
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