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Elvis Movies - Exploring The Iconic Films Of The King

Elvis Presley, often referred to as "The King of Rock and Roll," had a remarkable career that not only included his legendary music but also a significant presence in the world of film. From the 1950s to the 1960s, Elvis starred in a series of movies that showcased his charm, charisma, and musical talent. These films, collectively known as the "Elvis movies," became an integral part of his legacy and left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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Elvis Presley, often referred to as "The King of Rock and Roll," had a remarkable career that not only included his legendary musicbut also a significant presence in the world of film. From the 1950s to the 1960s, Elvis starred in a series of movies that showcased his charm, charisma, and musical talent. These films, collectively known as the "Elvis movies," became an integral part of his legacy and left an indelible mark on the entertainmentindustry.
Throughout his film career, Elvis starred in a variety of genres, including musicals, comedies, and dramas. While some of his movies were primarily vehicles for his music, others allowed him to explore different characters and narratives. Regardless of the genre, Elvis brought his magnetic stage presence and undeniable talent to each film, captivating audiences with his charisma and musical performances.
However, as the 1960s progressed, the quality of Elvis movies began to decline, with many of them following predictable formulas and rehashing similar storylines. The demand for his music and the demands of his film career took a toll on his creativity and ability to choose more challenging roles.
Despite the mixed critical reception of some of his later movies, Elvis' impact on the film industry remains undeniable. His contributions to the musical film genre, in particular, left a lasting influence on popular culture. The combination of his charismatic presence, infectious music, and iconic style made him a unique figure in cinema history.

Best Elvis Movies In Order

Love Me Tender (1956)

"Love Me Tender" was Elvis Presley's debut film, and it served as a perfect vehicle to introduce his acting skills to a wider audience. Directed by Robert D. Webb, the movie is set during the American Civil Warand follows the story of a family torn apart by the conflict. Elvis plays Clint Reno, the younger brother of the Reno family, who returns home after the war's end to find his mother remarried and his family struggling to rebuild their lives.
Although "Love Me Tender" is primarily a drama, it incorporated Elvis' musical talent by featuring several musical performances throughout the film. The title track, "Love Me Tender," became an instant hit and went on to become one of Elvis' signature songs. His heartfelt rendition captivated audiences and showcased his unique vocal ability.
In addition to his musical performances, Elvis displayed his natural charisma and on-screen charm in "Love Me Tender." Despite being a newcomer to acting, he delivered a convincing performance, capturing the essence of Clint Reno, a conflicted young man torn between his loyalty to his family and his own desires.

Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender" (October 28, 1956) on The Ed Sullivan Show

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Following the success of his debut film, Elvis went on to star in "Jailhouse Rock" in 1957, solidifying his place as a true entertainer. Directed by Richard Thorpe, the film tells the story of Vince Everett, a talented young musician with a tough exterior and a troubled past. Arrested for manslaughter, Vince finds himself serving time in prison, where he discovers his passion for music and sets out on a journey to stardom.
"Jailhouse Rock" is often regarded as one of Elvis' most iconic movies. It not only showcases his acting abilities but also features some of his most memorable musical performances.
The film's title song, "Jailhouse Rock," became an instant hit and is now considered a classic rock and roll anthem. Elvis' electrifying dance moves in the film's musical sequences added to his already immense appeal, further cementing his status as a dynamic performer.
Beyond the music and dance numbers, "Jailhouse Rock" delves into themes of fame, integrity, and the price of success. It portrays the rise and fall of Vince Everett, highlighting the challenges he faces as he navigates the ruthless music industry. The film offers a cautionary tale about the temptations and pitfalls that come with fame and fortune.

JAILHOUSE ROCK (1957) - Elvis Presley - Classic Movie Musical Numbers

King Creole (1958)

"King Creole" (1958) is a critically acclaimed Elvis Presley movie that stands out as one of his most dramatic and mature performances. Directed by Michael Curtiz, the film showcases Elvis in a role that allowed him to delve deeper into his acting abilities and demonstrate his versatility as an artist.
Based on the novel "A Stone for Danny Fisher" by Harold Robbins, "King Creole" is set in New Orleans and follows the story of Danny Fisher, a talented young musician who becomes entangled in the world of crime and struggles to find his way out. Elvis' portrayal of Danny Fisher is a departure from his previous lighthearted musical roles, as he tackles a more complex character with depth and emotional range.
The film explores themes of ambition, loyalty, and redemption as Danny navigates the rough and dangerous streets of the French Quarter. Through his compelling performance, Elvis captures the internal conflicts of his character, torn between his passion for music and the pressures of a criminal underworld.
In "King Creole," Elvis not only showcased his acting skills but also delivered some of his most memorable musical performances. The film features a diverse soundtrack that includes songs like "Hard Headed Woman," "Trouble," and the title track "King Creole." These songs not only add depth to the narrative but also highlight Elvis' ability to convey emotion through his powerful voice.
One of the film's standout moments is the electrifying performance of "Trouble" at a nightclub, where Elvis commands the stage with his energetic presence and captivating charisma. This sequence showcases his dynamic stage presence and highlights his ability to engage and captivate audiences.
The supporting cast of "King Creole" further enhances the film's quality. Walter Matthau delivers a compelling performance as Maxie Fields, a ruthless mobster with whom Danny becomes entangled. Carolyn Jones portrays Ronnie, a sympathetic nightclub dancer who becomes a love interest for Danny. Their performances, along with those of the rest of the cast, contribute to the overall authenticity and intensity of the film.
"King Creole" received positive reviews upon its release and remains a favorite among Elvis fans and film enthusiasts alike. The film's gritty atmosphere, solid storytelling, and Elvis' captivating performance garnered critical acclaim. It demonstrated Elvis' growth as an actor, proving that he could tackle more complex roles and deliver performances that went beyond his musical talent.
It is worth noting that "King Creole" marked a significant point in Elvis' film career. Following its release, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, temporarily interrupting his rise as a movie star. Nevertheless, "King Creole" serves as a testament to his potential and the heights he could have reached had he focused solely on his acting career.
King Creole movie poster
King Creole movie poster

Blue Hawaii (1961)

"Blue Hawaii" is a romantic musical comedy set in the picturesque backdrop of Hawaii. Directed by Norman Taurog, the film tells the story of Chad Gates, a recently discharged soldier who returns to his island home to work as a tour guide. Against the backdrop of stunning tropical landscapes, Chad navigates romantic entanglements, family dynamics, and the pressures of conforming to societal expectations.
The movie features a delightful blend of Elvis' musical performances and light-hearted comedy. With songs such as "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "Blue Hawaii," the film not only showcased Elvis' vocal talents but also introduced some of his most beloved hits. The infectious melodies and romantic lyrics captured the hearts of audiences, further fueling his skyrocketing popularity.
In addition to the music, "Blue Hawaii" also captured the spirit of the 1960s with its vibrant Technicolor visuals, showcasing the natural beauty of Hawaii and the allure of the island lifestyle. Elvis' laid-back charm and genuine enthusiasm for the role resonated with audiences, who were drawn to the escapism and romanticism of the film.
Blue Hawaii movie poster
Blue Hawaii movie poster

Viva Las Vegas (1964)

"Viva Las Vegas," on the other hand, is a lively and energetic musical comedy that captures the essence of Las Vegas during its golden era. Directed by George Sidney, the film pairs Elvis with Ann-Margret, creating a dynamic on-screen pairing that oozes chemistry and charm. The plot revolves around a race car driver named Lucky Jackson, who dreams of winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix and opening his own garage.
"Viva Las Vegas" is often regarded as one of Elvis' most entertaining movies. The film features high-energy musical numbers, thrilling race sequences, and a playful romantic subplot. Elvis and Ann-Margret's magnetic performances and their captivating dance routines set the screen on fire, making the film a joyous celebration of music, love, and the vibrant spirit of Las Vegas.
The movie's soundtrack is equally iconic, featuring the titular track "Viva Las Vegas" as well as memorable tunes like "The Lady Loves Me" and "C'mon Everybody." Elvis' charismatic stage presence, combined with the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, created an irresistible formula that delighted audiences and contributed to the film's enduring popularity.
Viva Las Vegas scene card
Viva Las Vegas scene card

People Also Ask

Did Elvis Wear Makeup?

Yes, over the course of more than 50 years, the late entertainer used a lot of makeup to create his trademark eye look.

What Are Some Elvis Movie Rating From Best To Worst?

  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Jailhouse Rock
  • King Creole
  • G.I. Blues
  • Flaming Star
  • Harum Scarum
  • Tickle Me
  • Kissin' Cousins
  • Clambake

How Old Was Elvis When His Mom Died?

Elvis was just 23 years old when his mother, who had suffered a heart attack, passed away at the age of 46.

How Accurate Is The Elvis Movie?

The movie does not accurately depict all aspects of his life. Many aspects of Presley's career were blurred together as a result of having to condense four decades of life into a two-hour, 39-minute film, while others were wholly fictionalized for entertainment value.

How Many Movies Did Elvis Make?

Elvis Presley made at least 53 movies.

Did Elvis Write His Own Songs?

Despite having hundreds of tracks recorded over his musical career, Elvis never wrote any of the songs. Despite the fact that he did not compose any of his own songs, he was given co-writing honors on a number of his songs, including Heartbreak Hotel, Return To Sender, and That's Someone You Never Forget.

Where Was Elvis Last Concert?

His final performance took place in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977.

Did Elvis Tour Internationally?

No, Elvis has never performed outside of North America despite being the most well-known and beloved celebrity in the world.

Why Did Elvis Get Fat?

Presley appears to have consumed butter frequently, which may have contributed to his weight gain before his tragic death at age 42 in 1977.

What Was Elvis Presley Ethnicity?

Elvis Presley had the Native American ancestry, specifically Cherokee ancestry.

How Many Songs Did Elvis Record?

Elvis Presley recorded around 700 songs throughout the course of a remarkable career that was cut short by an early death at the age of 42.


The "Elvis movies" are a significant part of the cultural legacy of Elvis Presley. From his debut in "Love Me Tender" to his last films of the 1960s, Elvis showcased his talents as an actor and entertainer, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Whether through his energetic musical performances or his portrayal of complex characters, Elvis' movies continue to be enjoyed by fans worldwide even now.
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