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Elon Musk Is Going To Quit As Twitter CEO As Soon As The Replacement Is Found

Elon Musk is going to quit as Twitter CEO if he finds someone "foolish enough to take the position." The billionaire said he would follow the results of a Twitter poll in which 57.5% of people said he should quit his job.

Author:Raven Noir
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Dec 22, 2022111 Shares1.4K Views
Elon Musk is going to quit as Twitter CEOif he finds someone "foolish enough to take the position." The billionaire said he would follow the results of a Twitter poll in which 57.5% of people said he should quit his job.
Elon Muskis going to quit as Twitter CEO and he will continue to lead the software and server teams. The platform's modifications since his takeover have drawn a lot of flak.
Since Mr. Musk acquired the social media platform in October, he has let go of almost half of the company's employees and tried to push out Twitter's for-pay verification service before pausing it.
The way he moderates content has also drawn criticism from civil rights organizations, which accuse him of taking actions that will encourage hate speech and false information.
The European Union and the United Nations criticized Elon Musk because Twitter suspended some journalists who cover the social media company. While the EU threatened Twitter with sanctions, the UN declared that media freedom was "not a toy."
The multibillionaire hasn't previously commented on the poll that was released, asking if he should step down. 42.5% of the more than 17.5 million customers who cast ballots opposed Elon Musk's resignation.
It might be difficult to find someone to take over the social networking site, according to Mr. Musk. After firing employees from Twitter last month and telling them that the business he just bought could have "the net negative cash flow of several billion dollars" in 2023, the billionaire is said to have told the remaining employees that bankruptcy is not out of the question.
Following this week's poll, he tweeted:
No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive.- Elon Musk
Jack Dorsey, another co-founder of Twitter, has been rumored to return and take over as CEO. He gave up his position as CEO in November 2021.
Sheryl Sandberg, the former COO of Facebook, Sriram Krishnan, an engineer and close friend of Mr. Musk, and Jared Kushner, a well-known US presidential adviser, and Donald Trump's son-in-law, have all been mentioned as possible replacements.


Once he finds "someone foolish enough" to take over as CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk is going to quit as Twitter CEO.
Elon Musk's time as CEO of Twitter may have been brief, but it was far from enjoyable. We occasionally had the impression that we were witnessing a train leave the rails.
He appeared to take pleasure in his own circus. Did he eventually pay attention to those warning him that Tesla, the electric car company to which much of his wealth is linked, needs its CEO - also him - to pay urgent attention as its value continues to plummet, or did he get bored, did his investors pull him back, or did he finally listen to them?
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