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Elle Brooke Reveals Earnings Twice As High As Piers Morgan's, Shutting The Guy Down

Elle Brooke, a popular content creator on OnlyFans, didn't hesitate to shut down Piers Morgan when he questioned her earnings, as confident Elle Brooke reveals earnings twice as high as Piers Morgan's.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Jun 14, 2023
Elle Brooke, a popular content creator on OnlyFans, didn't hesitate to shut down Piers Morgan when he questioned her earnings, as confident Elle Brooke reveals earnings twice as high as Piers Morgan's.
The exchange took place during Brooke's appearance on TalkTV, where she faced a series of probing questions from the former Good Morning Britain host regarding her career choice.

OnlyFans Model Elle Brooke Reveals Earnings Twice As High As Piers Morgan's

Brooke, who had previously been studying law at the University of Southampton, disclosed that she initially joined OnlyFans while still pursuing her degree. Eventually, she made the decision to drop out of university and commit to a full-time career on the subscription-based platform.

Piers Morgan vs Elle Brooke - "My Kids Can Cry In A Ferrari"

Morgan, intrigued by Brooke's shift from a promising law career to what he described as being effectively an "online stripper," questioned her choice. In response, Brooke swiftly countered that what she does on OnlyFans is "way worse than an online stripper."
She boldly stated:
I do things that are way more grotesque. Pornography, anything, but it's all within what I want to do, and I absolutely love it, and I'm really good at it. You know I could be a good lawyer - yes. But also, am I good at doing other things on video on camera? Yes!"
Delving into her decision to leave university, Brooke explained to Morgan that she wouldn't have made a substantial amount of money as a solicitor, whereas now she earns the equivalent in just two weeks on OnlyFans.
When Morgan pressed for specifics about her earnings, Brooke coyly replied:
I earn a lot. Maybe, like, double what you make. I don't want to give a specific number, but I am 0.01 percent on OnlyFans, so I'm as top as it gets. It means [I am] the best of the best.
Later in the interview, Morgan turned the conversation towards Brooke's plans for having children and how they would perceive her career. However, Brooke wasted no time in shutting him down with a humorous retort.
Morgan asked, "Are you going to be proud that you have your little ones and they look at you and go, 'Didn't you want to be a lawyer, mummy, what happened?' and you go, 'Yeah but, look at all my stuff'."
With a smile, Brooke swiftly responded:
They can cry in a Ferrari.

Final Takeaway

Elle Brooke's unapologetic confidence in her career choice and her ability to command substantial earnings on OnlyFans has become a topic of discussion, as she revealed her financial success in comparison to Piers Morgan.
Her ability to assert herself in the face of scrutiny and embrace her role as a content creator on the platform has undoubtedly garnered attention and solidified her position as a top performer on OnlyFans. As the conversation around the platform continues to evolve, Brooke's bold statements serve as a testament to the shifting landscape of the entertainmentindustry and the potential for financial success in non-traditional avenues.
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