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Electric Scooters With Swappable Batteries In Taiwan - A Great Initiative

Electric scooters with swappable batteries in Taiwan have become immensely popular over the past few years. Gogoro has been growing quickly in other countries. Now, the Taiwanese company that makes electric scooters and batteries that can be changed has made a deal with Gojek to get into the Indonesian market.

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Electric scooters with swappable batteries in Taiwanhave become immensely popular over the past few years.


Gogoro has been growing quickly in other countries.
The Taiwanese company that makes electric scooters and batteries that can be changed has made a deal with Gojek to get into the Indonesian market.
After China and India, Indonesia is the third-largest market in the world for two-wheeled vehicles like scooters and motorcycles (two markets that Gogoro has already announced plans to enter).
In Indonesia, motorcycles outnumber vehicles by a ratio of roughly seven to one, making them the most common mode of transportation.
A lady putting an electric battery in her scooter
A lady putting an electric battery in her scooter
They are therefore a prime candidate for electrification.
Gogoro joined forces with Jakarta-based mobility and on-demand platform Gojek to launch operations across the island nation.
There are many Gojek businesses, but Gogoro is most interested in their large number of motorcycle delivery drivers.
Many people can ride gas-powered motorcycles nearly exclusively to go hundreds of kilometers each day.
Gojek and Gogoro work together to help those riders get Gogoro's electric scooters, which are better, cleaner, and better for the environment.
The Gogoro electric scooters that are used in the pilot can go as fast as 80 km/h (50 mph), so they can be used on a wide range of city roads.
Most importantly, though, the partnership would bring Gogoro's famous battery swapping system to Indonesia along with its electric cars.
Numerous to many swappable battery packs are stored inside of Gogoro's GoStations.
Riders can simply pull up to a station and change one or more fully charged batteries to replace their vehicle's depleted ones.
Horace Luke, the founder and CEO of Gogoro, explained:
Transforming our urban transportation into a new generation of smart and sustainable electric two-wheel transportation that is accessible and people can embrace is one of the major challenges of our time, in Indonesia and throughout the world.
We are working with Gojek and the assistance of the Indonesian government to make this a reality.
The Gogoro battery switching method is a new generation of electric fueling that offers two-wheel vehicle manufacturers an open platform to produce new electric vehicles that enable quick, secure, and simple refilling.
In 2021, the alliance started a test run in Jakarta with 250 Gogoro vehicles and four battery swap stations.
This was done before the plan to expand to 5,000 vehicles and more battery swap stations.
Gogoro has more experience than any other swappable battery company in the world, and it uses what it has discovered in Indonesia to build on the vast network it established in Taiwan.
There, the business manages 270,000 battery changes every day for a service used by 400,000 people.
A man taking out the battery from a battery area
A man taking out the battery from a battery area
At Gogoro's 2,100 battery swap stations in Taiwan, more than 250 million batteries have been changed already, and the figure is rising quickly.
In Indonesia, where 7 million two-wheeled vehicles are sold annually, only 3% of them are electric, Gogoro and Gojek want to completely transform the market by promoting the use of electric vehicles.
In a phone call with Electrek, Raditya Wibowo, Gojek's head of transportation, said:
Our goal is to alter how the market views what an electric motorcycle is capable of.
We believe that what you've seen so far about the capabilities of Gogoro bikes will undoubtedly aid in educating consumers.
No one in Indonesia now believes that electric motorcycles can effectively replace gasoline-powered bikes.
And that's what we want to alter.

Gogoro's Electric Scooter Swappable Battery

Gogoro, a company that makes electric scooters, is well-known in its home country of Taiwan for its large network of battery-swapping GoStations.
It is likely that soon more people will use the system than use gas stations in the island country.
The battery switch stations in Gogoro have a bright green and white vending machine-like appearance.
Due to collaborations, Gogoro's customers may use its batteries in many different brands of scooters.
Customers can roll up to a station and exchange their used battery for a fully charged one.
It only requires a few seconds to complete, thanks to a subscription service.
According to the Taipei Times, Gogoro estimated there were 2,215 GoStations nationally as of the end of 2021.
With 2,487, the number of petrol stations was just slightly higher.
If Gogoro keeps growing at the rate it is now, there is a good chance that the number of GoStations will be higher than the number of gas stations in 2022.
Even though it may only be a fun fact about Taiwan, it provides a crucial glimpse into what much of Asia and the rest of the globe might expect in the future.
A man taking out Gogoro electric batteries and putting it into his scooter
A man taking out Gogoro electric batteries and putting it into his scooter
Gogoro has aggressively expanded into major two-wheeler nations, where motorcycles and scooters dominate the road traffic in many cities.
Once those noisy, polluting gas-powered vehicles are replaced, electric bikes and scooters will have a significant influence on these cities, measurable in both the decibel and particulate levels.

Gogoro Battery Specifications

The Gogoro's battery packs are about 1.3kWh each (so about 100+batteries/ea), can be swapped out in a charging bay, and are far smaller than the approximately 7,000 of them that make up a Model S to reach roughly 70-90kWh.
According to Gogoro's specs, the 2.6kWh will let the stylish scooter go 60 miles at 60 mph (0-31 in 4.2secs).

Gogoro Battery Price

This package only covers electric scooters with two wheels and two Gogoro Network Smart Batteries.
Battery NumbersSingle or Dual Batteries
Monthly Fee$319 /month
Fee Charging MethodFee dependent on battery usage $2.3 per Ah used

Gogoro Expanding Its Market Across Asia

In April of last year, Gogoro said that it was going to enter the Indian market and work with Hero Motorcorp, the biggest motorcycle maker in the world.
Shortly after, Gogoro made another announcement, announcing that it would join the Chinese market via new trilateral cooperation with two-wheeler market giants Yadea and DCJ.
Just one more month went by before Gogoro announced yet another partnership.
This time, it was with Foxconn to make electric scooters with batteries that can be switched out.
Then, in November, Gogoro announced a partnership with Gojek, which would let it enter the large Indonesian market and keep the fast growth going.
Gogoro is growing its market share in Taiwan even as it spreads across the entire Asian continent.
A Gogoro official said that the company's largest sales month ever, December, saw Gogoro power 28% of all two-wheeled vehicles sold in Taipei.
The announcement comes as Gogoro gears up for its SPAC transaction that would allow company to list on the Nasdaq under the symbol GGR.
When it was first announced in the year 2021, the deal was supposed to be done this quarter.
Reddit user shadow_fox09 shared information about the scooters shown in the below video,
"If you’re curious about this, the scooters are called Gogoro.
It’s been around since like 2015, and while the government used to subsidize them when purchased by individuals, (I’m not sure if they still do) they were much more expensive than a regular scooter.
The adoption rate was pretty slow at first, and charging stations/battery swap places were few and far between.
But it seemed like there were a decent number of places throughout Taipei when I was visiting back in 2019.
These are awesome scooters, a good company, and something that should at least try to be adopted in major population centers in the US.
One of the big problems with traditional scooters in Taipei is they are ridiculously loud… these electric scooters reeeeeaaaallly help with noise pollution."
Video unavailable
This video is unavailable
A Reddituser shared information about the battery service, "Basic battery service (the tiny one battery in city model) starts around US$10/month with a roughy US$1,500 purchase price on the scooter.
All the other models use two batteries, with service starting around US$20/month and prices ranging from a bit under US$2,000 to quite a lot more the fanciest models."

People Also Ask

Can You Change The Battery In An Electric Scooter?

Yes, you can change the battery in an electric scooter. To prevent future harm to your e-scooter, you must to replace your battery right away if it is inadvertently damaged or if it depletes quickly. It is better to have a mechanicreplace the battery in your electric scooter.

How Does Battery Swapping Work?

Battery swapping is an approach that allows you to charge each battery independently and includes replacing depleted batteries with charged ones. By keeping charging and using the battery separate, this keeps the car running and keeps it from having to stop.

Where Are Gogoro Scooters Made?

Gogoro's electric scooters are made in Taiwan. Gogoro electric scooters with swappable batteries in Taiwan are rapidly increasing in the market and people really like them.


E-moped riders in Taiwan can stop at one of the more than 2,300 stations of the Gogoro electric scooters with swappable batteries in Taiwan outside of convenience stores or in parking lots to swap out their dead batteries for fully charged ones.
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