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Ecuadorian Dead Woman Comes Back To Life At Her Own Funeral

Bella Montoya, a 76-year-old Ecuadorian woman, had been declared dead after suffering from a stroke. However, as her loved ones were preparing her for burial, they were astounded to find the Ecuadorian dead woman comes back to life.

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In a shocking turn of events, a woman has been discovered alive and breathing just moments before she was scheduled to be buried forever.
Bella Montoya, a 76-year-old Ecuadorian woman, had been declared dead after suffering from a stroke. However, as her loved ones were preparing her for burial, they were astounded to find the Ecuadorian dead woman comes back to life.

Woman Found Alive And Breathing Moments Before Burial In Ecuadorian Funeral

According to reports from the BBC, Bella Montoya passed away last week from a stroke at the age of 76. Her death certificate attributed her demise to "cardiorespiratory arrest due to suffering from an unspecified cerebrovascular disease." Her grieving family promptly organized a funeral to bid their final farewell to their beloved elderly relative.
During the wake, Montoya's body rested in a casket for several hours as mourners paid their respects. It was during the process of changing her clothes for the burial that family members made a startling discovery—Montoya was exhibiting signs of life.
Her son, Gilbert Balberán, recounted the remarkable event to local newsoutlet El Universo, stating:
My mother started to move her left hand, open her eyes, and make an effort to breathe.
Social media footage captured the emotional scene, as Montoya gasped for air, surrounded by astonished onlookers.

Woman declared dead knocks on her coffin during wake in Ecuador

Immediately, emergency services were summoned to transport Montoya to a hospital. Paramedics closely monitored her vital signs before transferring her to the nearest medical facility. Surprisingly, she was admitted to the same hospital and intensive care unit that had earlier pronounced her dead.
Gilbert Balberán expressed his disbelief at the turn of events, sharing with El Universo:
The doctor at noon told me that my mother was dead was not at the facility. Another one saw me and he gave her oxygen, they intubated her and took her to an (ICU) room where she is under observation.
Balberán fervently prayed for his mother's recovery and wished to have her alive and by his side.
The Ecuadorian health ministry has announced that it will investigate this extraordinary incident to determine how a woman could be declared dead and yet remain alive. The ministry stated that resuscitation attempts were made after Montoya experienced cardiorespiratory arrest, and a doctor confirmed her passing. However, the current turn of events has raised questions about the accuracy of the initial diagnosis.
In light of the situation, Gilbert Balberán intends to file an incident report with the local prosecutor's office, alleging negligence on the part of the hospital. As Montoya continues to receive medical care, the hospital authorities have not yet provided an official statement regarding the incident.

Final Takeaway

This situation serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the complexity of medical diagnoses. The miraculous resurrection of Bella Montoya has left her family and the community in awe, offering hope for her recovery and sparking a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding her initial declaration of death.
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