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DJ Got Shot In The Face With A Confetti Cannon

DJ got shot in the face with a confetti cannon during a live show that happened recently. Confetti cannons are often used as decorations at weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events, but there are some risks involved. Flavia Ribeiro, commonly known as DJ Flavinha, was performing over the weekend in Santa Catarina, Brazil, when tragedy struck.

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DJ got shot in the face with a confetti cannonduring a live show that happened recently. Confetti cannons are often used as decorations at weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events, but there are some risks involved. Flavia Ribeiro, commonly known as DJ Flavinha, was performing over the weekend in Santa Catarina, Brazil, when tragedy struck.
The incident can be seen here:
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Someone commented:
That's what happens when you have no idea where the business end is on your device!
Meanwhile, a second commenter said that:
From the video it seems the cannon was held correctly but the confetti shot was cartridge in reverse.
In the video, Ribeiro can be seen standing in front of the excited crowd with the confetti cannon in her hand. She has no idea that the cannon is pointed the wrong way. Ribeiro has to run off stage after he fires the cannon and gets hit in the face with fast-moving confetti.
Even though she was in a lot of pain, Ribeiro went back on stage to finish her set, but she later went to the hospital because she "couldn't take any more pain." A video of the accident went viral, and Ribeiro updated her 33,000 social media followers to let them know she was fine.
Ribeiro was shown in the post having bandages around her neck and also having multiple lacerations on her face. She said:
My video is rolling everywhere. There was an accident. I ran behind the sound equipment and kept playing even with a lot of blood dripping, with a lot of pain. I threw my hair forward and I stayed there. People on my team wanted to take me out, and I didn't want to leave.
But, even though she wanted to keep going and finish the show, Ribeiro said she only lasted another 20 minutes before she "couldn't take any more pain" and went to the hospital to get proper medical attention. But her brave attempt to keep going lasted only about 20 minutes, and she finally said that she couldn't take any more pain.
She continued:
I left the stage, went to the emergency room of the event and then to the hospital. Now I'm recovering and it's all right. I'm going to leave the video so you can see what happened, because a lot of people texted me. Thank you for the affection, people.
In the past, the Santa Catarina Fire Department has issued a warning on the use of confetti cannons similar to these. The type of cannons that are used in Brazil do not contain gunpowder, and they are often driven by gas. Because of this, these cannons are often used at concerts and other events in Brazil.
The fire department, on the other hand, has issued a warning that the cannons do not have "specific standardization," which makes them potentially more dangerous and raises the chance of injury.

The Dangers Of Confetti Cannons

A confetti cannon is a machine that shoots long streams of confetti into the air. Usually, it is used at parties or events to make the atmosphere more fun. People also often use confetti cannons at concerts, sporting events, and other special events. But safety is the most important thing to think about when using one of these big machines since they can hurt you if they aren't used right.
Confetti guns that use compressed air or CO2 as a propellant are regarded as safe. However, there are other elements that contribute to the dangers of confetti cannon use. Never, ever point a confetti cannon in someone's face.
The researchers behind the study, "Ocular Trauma Caused by Confetti Cannons," have highlighted the risks of utilizing confetti canons. They stated:
Confetti cannons pose hazards that can cause severe ocular trauma resulting in permanent vision loss. Increasing awareness of device hazards is necessary to prevent eye injuries.

When Using A Confetti Cannon

  • Keep the confetti cannon away from persons and things at all times.
  • Read and adhere to the instructions included with the cannon.
  • When utilizing the cannon, wear safety eyewear.
  • Do not use the cannon inside or in a confined location.
  • Make sure there are no combustible materials in the area.
  • Only use the gun in the manner specified by the manufacturer.
  • Use caution when assembling and firing the cannon.
  • When utilizing the cannon, have an adult present.
  • When utilizing a confetti cannon, keep children away from the area.
  • Do not attempt to modify or repair a confetti cannon without the assistance of the manufacturer or another experienced individual.

People Also Ask

How Do Confetti Cannons Work?

Confetti cannons are powered by a compartment of nitrogen held at the bottom of the gun. When you twist the cannon to the left, it releases the compressed nitrogen and shoots the confetti into the air at high speed.

Is Confetti Cannon Reusable?

The cannons, which are powered by a small, single-use CO2 cylinder, are activated by pulling a toggle on the bottom of the cannon toward you. Confetti is launched up to a height of 10 meters. A reload pack can be used to reload the troops after each firing. Confetti cannons are therefore reusable.

Can I Use A Confetti Cannon In Public?

Yes, confetti cannons are legal to use in public. Confetti cannons are legal for public use, however, they must not be used carelessly. Confetti cannons can be used at any event, including baby showers, gender reveal parties, weddings, private parties, and festivals.

Final Words

A DJ was rushed to the hospital after shooting herself in the face with a confetti cannon during a live performance and suffering first-degree burns. After the strange accident, DJ Flavinha tried to keep playing, but she was only able to do so for 20 minutes before she needed help.
The video shows her taking out the confetti cannon to fire over the crowd, oblivious to the fact that she was holding it sideways. She then shoots herself in the face with it, before fleeing the stage in agony and pain.
This is the lesson in this tragic event: Before you use a confetti cannon, you should make sure it doesn't have any major flaws that could hurt you. Check the cannon for any cracks, dents, or other damage that could cause it to malfunction and hurt someone.
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