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A Scuba Diver Gets Attacked By Swordfish 721 Feet Below Surface

A scuba diver who was working on the seafloor off the coast of Brazil was lucky to be alive after being attacked by a swordfish while on the job. The diver gets attacked by swordfish was captured on video and posted to Facebook by Luis Nascimento.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
Mar 24, 202218 Shares1K Views
A scuba diver who was working on the seafloor off the coast of Brazil was lucky to be alive after being attacked by a swordfish while on the job. The diver gets attacked by swordfishwas captured on video and posted to Facebook by Luis Nascimento. The video shows the swordfish striking the man's oxygen tank and becoming entangled in his dive gear as he turned to check what was happening.
A grey-white colored swordfish jumping out of water
A grey-white colored swordfish jumping out of water
Nascimento has not responded to requests for the name of the diver or the date of the encounter, although a date contained inside the clip suggests that the encounter took place in April 2016, according to the video.

Are Swordfish Dangerous?

Swordfish are large billfish that are treasured by anglers for their fight— some epic confrontations have lasted more than 10 hours — as well as by commercial fishermen for the flesh they provide. Although swordfish are rarely known for attacking humans, a popular sportfishing skipper from Hawaii was killed by a swordfish that he had speared.
That remarkable episode included a little swordfish that had made its way into Honokohau Small Boat Harbor on the island of Hawaii, where it was discovered. In the process of spearing the swordfish, Randy Llanes' line became entangled in the mooring line of another boat, and the spear was thrown overboard.
Llanes was impaled by the swordfish, which struck him as it swam in circles. Swordfish that have been hooked have also been known to assault boats, however, these occurrences are extremely unusual.

What Does A Swordfish Do?

The long, sword-like bill that extends from the front of the bird's head gives the species its popular name. By cutting their target's heads in a side-to-side motion, swordfish shock and knock them unconscious, making it easier to grab their prey later on.
A closed view of a swordfish in the sea
A closed view of a swordfish in the sea
Swordfish are well-known for being delicious table fare, but they're also known for having long, spear-like bills, which makes them stand out among other fish. When they become entangled in a fishing line, they may become highly violent and angry, and they have even been known to climb into fishing boats and spear the crew members. However, their attacks on fishermen who are confined to boats pale in comparison to the attack on a commercial diver off the coast of Brazil.
Consider the following scenario: you're alone hundreds of feet/meters below the ocean's surface. You are surrounded by crushing, unfathomable darkness, and the single light source available to you casts a relatively small halo of light around your surroundings. You can find yourself becoming accustomed to the weird, alien atmosphere after hundreds of dives like this. But, even if you are, it's unlikely that you will be able to withstand a weaponized fish crashing into your back at a speed of 1000 pounds (454 kilograms).
In all seriousness, this is exactly what occurred. According to the animated gif, the commercial diver was quite fortunate. As opposed to his or her actual body, the swordfish attacked the diver's pack (which was attached to a tether system)... If the swordfish had struck him/her in a different location, the diver would have been in big trouble.
Swordfish are not to be taken lightly, especially at the bleak depths of the abyss, where rescue is inaccessible. After everything was said and done, the diver had to deal with a cranky swordfish rather than a voracious deep-sea shark, which was a little consolation.
People are reacting in different ways on Reddit about this video in which a diver gets attacked by swordfish. Here is a look at that:
"A rare success at a simple request.
Also though, why didn't the guy filming help out?
I mean he would miss out on this bad ass video but then he would have the story "I saved a guys life 220 meters deep underwater from a swordfish attack. Fuck, yeah".
Also, I would personally just feel morally obligated to help."
"The swordfish and cameraman were in on it together. They had been planning the hit for weeks."
"Because it probably wasn't a guy. It was likely the ROV used by topside to monitor the process.
DSV across the top of the screen stands for Deep Submersible Vehicle."
"Swordfish be like:
I take this route 4 times a day…. Who the hell put this alien looking creature in the middle of it and why is it trying to abduct me?"
"To be he’s lucky a fork fish didn’t come too, or he’d be dinner right now…"


Many weird and gigantic organisms can be found in the deep ocean, and they are frequently sighted near areas where commercial divers dive on a regular basis. Observe if you were there in an incident just like one in which a diver gets attacked by swordfish, what would you do? Just Imagine! Horrifying... But at least he was much fortunate to not be attacked by a giant shark in that deep dark sea.
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