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Discontinued Foods UK That You Definitely Miss

Nevertheless, despite a generation's unwavering devotion to many of these biscuits, bars, and chips packs, many of them have been steadily vanishing from grocery shelves for years. So, here is a list of discontinued foods UK edition.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
Aug 08, 2022
Everyone might think back fondly on a childhood delight they enjoyed as a weekend treat or in their lunch boxes.
Nevertheless, despite a generation's unwavering devotion to many of these biscuits, bars, and chips packs, many of them have been steadily vanishing from grocery shelves for years.
So, here is a list of discontinued foods UKedition.
Is there anything more infuriating than wanting to eat something and then being unable to?
No. Actually, no...
You all have a treat from your past that you miss and wish would come back, like Monster Munch, which tastes like ice cream, or the GalaxyTruffle from the Celebrations selection box.
A compilation of some of the heartbreaking catastrophes that have affected children's lunchboxes since the 1990s was put together.
As you scroll down, you will see renowned British dishes that have been withdrawn from sale despite requests for their revival.
This vintage delicacy gallery includes discontinued foods UK that you would like to enjoy right now.

Discontinued foods from your childhood (UK)🥔🍬🍦🍡

Discontinued Retro Snacks UK

Dream Bar

Let's begin with the most iconic food crime in British history: stealingthe Dream Bar.
However, it appears that B&Mstores still carry them ten years after they started to disappear. If you see any, please help a gal out and send some my way.

Nestlé Toffo

The Toffo fandom erupted when they saw the 2008 discontinued product was gone from candy store shelves.
Because of this, when one last packet of the individually wrapped soft toffees was found in a Dundee candy store in 2014, Toffo fans flooded the internet to try to bargain for the last unbroken roll.

Rowntree's Secret Chocolate Bar

These exquisite chocolate bars were nearly impossible to bring home from the corner store undamaged.
They were a delicate nest of milk chocolate strands encircling a soft, mallow-y center comparable to a Walnut Whip.
They remained a devoted fan favorite, nonetheless, until they vanished in 2003.
Since the bar's premature closure, many online petitions have been started; nonetheless, fans aren't discouraged and keep starting new social media pages to call for the bar's revival.

Galaxy Truffles

In the months leading up to Christmas 2011, once fans learned that the Galaxy Truffle had been taken out of Celebrations boxes, communities all over the internet engaged in months-long debates about the outrage.
In fact, discussions about which Mars-company confection should have replaced the National Treasure Truffle are still going strong today.

Maltesers White Chocolate

The White Maltesers were formally discontinued in 2014, a decision that Maltesers described as "tough" on their Facebook page.
Fans continue to submit comments on the page every month, wondering when the white variety will return, despite the company's evident sadness, but to no avail.


These cheesy baked miniature fish and other shaped nibbles were withdrawn before they had even been sold for six years. After-school snacks will never be the same.

Rowntree's Bursting Bugs

In their heyday, these jelly candies with a syrupy center encouraged far too many kids to play with their meals, which might have contributed to their termination in the early 2000s.
A person holding a Rowntrees Bursting Bugs packet; Rowntrees Bursting Bugs on a skin background
A person holding a Rowntrees Bursting Bugs packet; Rowntrees Bursting Bugs on a skin background

Monster Munch Vanilla Ice Cream

Unsurprisingly, consumers weren't quite pleased with the vanilla-flavored variation of the typically savory snack.
13 years after the limited edition crisp first appeared in UK stores, many customers are still recalling this inventive mix due to its novelty.

Cadbury's Old Creme Egg Recipe

Fans were astonished when Cadbury admitted to changing the formula for this traditional Easter delicacy in early 2015.
So startled that in the first year the new recipe was available, sales of fondant eggs fell by £6 million.
During the change, the traditional milk chocolate shell was replaced with a cheaper product, but campaigners have stuck to the new recipe even though it has been two and a half years since the change.

Cadbury's Snaps

In 2010, these Pringles-like chocolates began to gradually disappear from grocery store shelves.
If you're lucky, you might still be able to find a tube or a product that's similar at a bargain retailer.

Lemonade Diet Coke

The UK stopped selling bottles of this zesty, sugar-free alternative in 2006.
Fans can still get a coke with lemon in many countries, including Italy, Brazil, and China, even though they are no longer available in the United Kingdom.

Nestlé Milkybar Choo

Many confectionary firms, including Nestlé's Milkybar Choo, had to cut back on the number of product lines they offered due to a reported rise in the price of milk solids in 2005.
This mix of white chocolate and fudge was available in mint, milk chocolate, strawberry, and plain white chocolate flavors.

Worcestershire Sauce Twiglets

Since their debut on your shelves 25 years ago, these limited-edition twiglets have returned occasionally around the holiday season to please the snack's devoted following.
Despite its popularity, the Worcestershire sauce Twiglet has not yet taken permanent residence on store shelves.

Extra Thin Ice Sheets

Extra's Thin Ice Sheets revolutionized the breath-freshening industry in 2003.
Indeed, several media outlets even asserted that the invention would effectively put an end to chewing gum.

Bernard Matthews' Turkey Twizzlers

Before Jamie Oliver's 2005 push to raise the nutritional value of school dinners, the notorious turkey twizzler was a dinnertime favorite among kids in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Bernard Matthews stopped making turkey twizzlers when the truth about the processed food that parents and teachers were giving to babies became known. He did this to avoid more criticism and bad press.
Two boxes of Bernard Matthews' Turkey Twizzlers
Two boxes of Bernard Matthews' Turkey Twizzlers

Cadbury's Flake Snow

In 2000, the "Cadbury snowflake"—a crumbly, white chocolate variation of the iconic Cadbury bar—debuted on British grocery shelves.
Fans were confused when the name was changed in 2003 to the less memorable "flake snow," and they were furious when it completely vanished five years later.


In the 1990s and 2000s, these molten chocolate-filled biscuits were a go-to for lunch boxes.
But after their business, Burton's Biscuits was acquired in 2013, it became increasingly difficult to find packs of these fun-sized biscuits with cartoon animal stamps.

Kit Kat Senses

This praline-filled Kit Kat variant only lasted a little while on UK store shelves.
Even though this product only existed for a short time, people will remember it because of the Girls Aloud-themed ads it ran in 2008.
Box of KitKat Senses
Box of KitKat Senses

Discontinued Crisps UK

  • Blue Monster Munch
  • Tangy Toms
  • 3D Doritos
  • BBQ Rib-flavored Walkers
  • Spaghetti-flavored Monster Munch
  • Vanilla Monster Munch

Discontinued Ice Cream UK

  • Wall's Lemonade Sparkle
  • Wall's Lemonade Fizz
  • Wall's Lemonade Fizz Boi
  • Wall's Sky Ray
  • King Cone The Dolphin Roll

People Also Ask

What Foods Have Been Discontinued?

  • Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears.
  • Jell-O Pudding Pops.
  • Banana Nut Cheerios.
  • Pepsi Blue.
  • Altoid Sours. You're all familiar with Altoids — but typically only the classic minty products aimed at freshening breath in an overpowering way.
  • Hershey's Bites.
  • Doritos Guacamole.
  • Squeezits.

What Food Is Only Available In The UK?

  • Jammie Dodgers are shortbread cookies.
  • Crawford's Custard Creams are a favorite sweet snack.
  • Brits pair Hobnobs with their tea.
  • Shrimps and Bananas are not what they sound like.
  • Chocolate Digestives aren't as healthy as they sound.
  • Jaffa Cakes are popular soft cakes.

What Chocolates Have Been Discontinued?

  • Cadbury's Aztec.
  • Cadbury's Astros.
  • Cadbury's Snowflake.
  • Cadbury's Nuts About Caramel.
  • Cadbury's Dream.


The quality of traditional British cuisine is generally seen as being very low, yet the one thing we excel at more than any other nation is snacks.
That is until they were discontinued and people were left with inferior treats to deal with. These discontinued Foods UK were superior.
The goodies of the gods included Cadbury Dream Bars, Lemon Coke Drink, KitKat Senses, Cartoonies, CoCo Pops Straws, Fabulous Baking Boys cupcakes, and Walkers BBQ Rib crisps.
Perfect for a birthday celebration, after school, in your lunchbox, or after swimming. No other snack can ever compare to how deliciously sweet, salty, and savory these were.
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