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Charlie Day Meme - The Famous 'Pepe Silvia' Meme Backstory

Charlie Day meme is one of the best memes, I have ever gone through. They are simple yet they are funny.

Author:Maxwell Canvas
Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
Jun 01, 2022108 Shares1.5K Views
Charlie Day memeis one of the best memesI have ever gone through. They are simple yet they are extremely funnyand most importantly relatable.
Well, you don't believe me. I have gathered the best ones for you... Charlie Day meme starts from the hit sitcom 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and almost each one of them went viral.
The hit FX show 'It`s Always Sunny In Philadelphia' has been entertaining audiences for fifteen seasons, and they don't seem to be ending anytime soon.
The series has replaced Seinfeld as the ultimate irreverent comedy, detailing the misadventures of a group of narcissists.
The fan-favorite and funniest character Charlie Kelly, as played by Charlie Day, represents the most innocent figure in the gang.
His lack of common sense and literacy results in a charm unlike any other. It also results in something else too: loads and loads of memes. Well, here's a list of the best ones that I found to be the funniest.

The Cheese Meme

It's an understatement to say that Charlie has an interesting meal. This fanatic believes that a balanced diet consists of milk steaks (steaks cooked with milk) and aspects of jelly beans. But among his favorite foods, cheese and only cheese needs to take a cake.
One of his favorite dishes is a peanut butter sandwich with grilled cheese. This hellishly accurate student meme combines the show's ridiculous humor with the perfect meme template.
Charlie Day's pupils after seeing cheese meme
Charlie Day's pupils after seeing cheese meme

Pepe Silvia - Charlie Day Meme

Charlie Day Pepe Silvia refers to one of the most famous scenes in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
In this scene, the character conspires to scold Charlie for believing that there is no person named "Pepe Silvia".
This scene has become a favorite of Always Sunny fandom and is used as a reaction photo on Twitter.


In the episode "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack", which first aired on October 30, 2008, Mack and Charlie characters are working in an office building to get health insurance.
Charlie works in the post office of the building. Later in the episode, Mack goes to the mailroom to talk to Charlie and discovers that Charlie is visibly stressed about a plot involving someone named "Pepe Silvia".
According to Charlie, he received an email from a person named "Pepe Silvia" who believes he doesn't exist.
Charlie Kelly sitcom famous scene meme
Charlie Kelly sitcom famous scene meme

Scene Got Viral

The scene was an instant hit among Always Sunny fans. A month after it aired, IGN user Russian hoodlum posted a thread that he called one of the best Always Sunny scenes ever.
Shortly after the broadcast, the theory that illiterate Charlie read "Pennsylvania" as "Pepe Silvia" began to spread, but this is unconfirmed.
Tyrade was so popular that it became the subject of Always Sunny products in 2016.

Fan Honor

The excellence of the scene has made it a popular subject of fan compliments in the form of fan art, animated depictions of the scene, and more.
For example, on January 4, 2010, YouTube user dominiqueDesign posted a kinetic typography animation of the scene, recording over 62,000 views. After that, the video was deleted.
On March 14, 2017, YouTube musician David Dockery uploaded his video of playing drums in the Pepe Silvia scene.
This video has become viral and has been played over 2.8 million times on Facebook and 440,000 times on YouTube.
By now, the popular video has gained 3.3M views with 120K likes on YouTube. Check the famous Charlie Day meme and drummer's video below.

Pepe Silvia w/drums

Life Advice By Charlie

Charlie Day's advice from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia also went viral on social media platforms. It says, "Yeah, but I am who I am!"
Charlie Kelly's sitcom famous scene ' Yeah, but I am who I am' meme
Charlie Kelly's sitcom famous scene ' Yeah, but I am who I am' meme

Charlie Day

Charlie Peckham Day is an American actor, writer, and producer and his net worth is around $30 Million.
He is best known for playing Charlie Kelly's Sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and was nominated for the 2011 Critics' Choice Television and Satellite Awards.
His big break happened in 2005 after he uploaded a home video he was filming with his friends Rob McElhenney and Glen Howarton.
This eventually became a hit series Philadelphia is always sunny (2005). In addition to appearing on the show, Charlie is an executive producer and one of the writers.

People Also Ask

What Episode Is The Charlie Meme From?

It is from the episode named, "Charlie Work".

What Season Is Pepe Silvia?

The character, or concept, of Pepe Silvia, comes from 'It's Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia' fourth season episode, "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack."

What Is The Pepe Silvia Meme?

Pepe Silvia's meme refers to the iconic scene of Fox's television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This includes a plot involving a man named Pepe Silvia. Later, the character Charlie gets caught up in a rant that is not only one of the show's most iconic scenes but also a famous meme.


Do you know that most of the Charlie Day meme is from 'It's Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia'? Well, now you know!
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