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A Man Penalized Of £65 Because His Car's Shadow Was In Disabled Parking Space

A man gets fined £65 for parking in a disability parking spot because the shadow of his car extended on the space. After leaving his car parked outside Blackheath Post Office in Lewisham in March, Matthew Cole, a self-employed gardener, received a letter from Lewisham Council.

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Cars shadow was in disabled parking space- A man gets fined £65 for parking in a disability parking spot because the shadow of his car extended on the space. After leaving his car parked outside Blackheath Post Office in Lewisham in March, Matthew Cole, a self-employed gardener, received a letter from Lewisham Council.
He was accused of illegally parking his silver Ford estate car next to an indicated disabled parking space, according to the letter, which was accompanied by photos taken by the council and delivered to him by the police. Despite the fact that his automobile appeared to be safely parked in the unmarked space, it projected a shadow into the place immediately adjacent to it.

Coles 'Absurd' Parking Fine

Mr. Coles car and a shadow that strikes in the disability parking space in Lewingsham
Mr. Coles car and a shadow that strikes in the disability parking space in Lewingsham
He called the present case "absurd," meaning unreasonable, illogical, and inappropriate. Cole, of course, has no control over the light or the directions in which shadows may fall on the ground.
"It's absurd. There’s no signage where I parked and the photos they sent me only show the shadow of my car in the disabled spot. I was taking my daughter to a football match on the heath and had parked there before without a problem. Having not got a ticket at the other times, I personally don’t think I should have got a ticket this time."
He continued:
"I think £65 is not a lot to many people today but the principle is wrong. If you don't pay the fine in a certain time it doubles to £130 which is a lot," he continued.
Cole filed an appeal against the fine, claiming that there was no disability parking sign in the location where his car was actually parked. However, the council rejected Cole's complaint, claiming that he had parked in a space intended for disabled badge holders instead. Cole, on the other hand, is not willing to let up and has since filed a second complaint with the authorities.
Cole asserted that he had parked in the same place at least three additional times for periods ranging from five to eight hours each time without encountering any difficulties. In this particular instance, he does not see why there was an issue.

Spokesperson For Lewisham Council's Statement

According to a spokesperson for Lewisham Council:
"We issued a Penalty Charge Notice [PCN] to Mr. Cole on 26 March for parking in a disabled bay, which was marked with a ‘Disabled badge holders only' sign. Mr. Cole's initial challenge of this PCN was rejected as he didn’t give a reason for challenging it."
The representative went on to state that Cole has now explained his reasons for contesting the fine and that the council is currently investigating the matter in accordance with legal procedures. They will notify Mr. Cole of the outcome as soon as it is confirmed.
Following an investigation into the incident, the Lewisham Council decided to cancel the violation cost that had been charged to Mr. Cole.

What Is Considered A Parking Violation

Overstaying time limitations, parking in a restricted zone without authorization, parking in a way that interferes with traffic flow, and failing to park safely and appropriately are all examples of illegal parking behavior. Fines and towing may be imposed for unauthorized parking, depending on the country and the nature of the offense.

A Fine For A Car's Shadow Reaction

A Fine for a Car's Shadow?

What Are The Different Types Of Parking Tickets

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is a court-ordered fine issued by the police.
Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or Excess Charge Notice (ECN) - A traffic warden from the local authority issues a penalty charge notice or an excess charge notice.
A Parking Charge Notice, often known as a PCN, is an invoice issued by a private company for parking on private property.

What Happens If I Don't Pay A Parking Ticket In California

A ticket issued by the authority and it is placed below the car's wiper
A ticket issued by the authority and it is placed below the car's wiper
It is also possible that you will be unable to renew the registration of your vehicle. Additional penalties may apply if you do not pay your fine on time, including an "administrative assessment" of up to $300, your case is submitted to a collection agency, and/or a warrant for your arrest is issued by the court.

Disabled Parking Space Application

A sign of person with disability (PWD) on the ground
A sign of person with disability (PWD) on the ground
To be considered for a disability parking space, you must meet the following requirements:
  • you must either be the driver of a private vehicle or be accompanied by a carer who is the driver of a private vehicle, as long as the carer lives at the address specified.
  • hold a current disabled person's identification card (Blue Badge).
  • have a long-term medical condition that makes it difficult to move about
  • not being able to build a driveway or other hardstanding space adjacent to the property
  • keep the vehicle at the address on the application

Lewisham Parking Restrictions And Disabled Parking Bays

Pay-and-display is authorized in joint or triple bays, as well as for permit holders. However, you should not park in any other permit bay unless you also display the appropriate resident or business permit.
You might request an informal disabled parking space near your home in order to ensure that you can always park on your street. Up to three hours of parking on single or double yellow lines can be accommodated if access or sightlines are not obstructed. There are two types of residential disabled parking spaces in Lewisham: formal (legal) and informal (non-legal) spaces.
People who have the Blue Badge will be able to park on the street close to where they live in the neighborhood. Using the form below, you can also ask to be put in an informal disabled parking space near your home.

Requirements For Blue Badge

It is designed for those who are blind, have significant disabilities in both arms, or have difficulty walking due to a medical or mental illness. The program also covers children under three who need to be accompanied by bulky medical equipment or kept near a vehicle to be treated or transported immediately to a treatment facility.
Those who are more than two years old and fit into one or more of the following descriptions may be granted a badge without additional assessment:
  • receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA (HRMCDLA)
  • obtains eight or more points on the mobility component of PIP (PIP)
  • Blind and receives the mobility component of PIP, with 10 points specifically for Descriptor E under the planning and following journeys activity (severely sight impaired)
  • receives a WarPensioner's Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • who has been awarded a lump sum payout at rates 1-8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and certified as having an enduring and significant handicap preventing them from walking.


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