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Canadian Amusement Park Guests Left 75 Feet Upside Down For Nearly 30 Minutes On A Ride

Discover the harrowing incident where Canadian amusement park guests left 75 feet upside down for nearly 30 minutes on a ride. Explore the safety measures and rescue efforts that ensured their well-being during this unusual ordeal.

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The thrill of an amusement park ride can be an exhilarating experience, filled with twists, turns, and heart-pounding moments. However, on rare occasions, the excitement can turn to anxiety when unexpected mishaps occur. Canadian amusement park guests left 75 feet upside down for nearly 30 minutes on a ride.
This happened on a fateful day at Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park located in Vaughan, Ontario. This incident not only raised concerns about ride safety but also tested the park's emergency response procedures and the resilience of the riders.

The 'Lumberjack' Ride - An Overview

The 'Lumberjack' is a popular pendulum-style ride that swings passengers back and forth while rotating in a circular motion. It's known for its thrilling experience, offering riders a combination of height, speed, and g-forces. The ride consists of a large swinging pendulum with two gondolas attached to each end. Each gondola can hold multiple passengers seated in a row, facing outward. As the pendulum swings, the gondolas rotate, giving riders a unique and thrilling sensation.

Canada's Wonderland 'Lumberjack' Ride Incident Details

Canadian amusement park guests left 75 feet upside down for nearly 30 minutes on a ride, this past weekend. At 10:40 p.m. local time on Saturday, according to park officials, the "Lumberjack" became "inverted" while many visitors were on it.
According to a representative for Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, the ride's patrons were safely off by 11:05 p.m.
The spokeswoman claimed in a statement:
Guests were unloaded safely and assessed by First Aid staff before being released back into the park. The safety of our guests is always our first priority.
According to the spokeswoman, two visitors who complained of chest trouble were examined before being dismissed without receiving any additional medical care.
Jiashira Rivera captured the stunning stoppage in action in a videothat was uploaded to TikTok, and the video has since gained popularity. On the ride, 11-year-old Spencer Parkhouse said that he questioned whether it would ever descend. Parkhouse said:
[I was] just like feeling, when are we going to drop down? Are we ever going to drop down?- Spencer Parkhouse
The boy claimed that even after the problem was rectified, the ride continued. He added, "The ride had to still finish. So, the ride kept going, and we're all like, 'No, please, I don't want to get stuck again.'"
It was his first "big ride" at the park, and he said the traumatizing experience may have made it his last for a while. He remembered the frightened looks on the other riders' faces and how one of them had puked while hanging upside down.
Mackenzie Parkhouse, his sister, suggested that if she went to the theme park again, she could reconsider riding some of the attractions.
Mackenzie explained:
I'm just thinking, like next time I go to Canada's Wonderland, am I going to go on these big rides? Because now I'm scared to go on them,.- Mackenzie Parkhouse
Also, when the ride initially stalled, they believed it was a planned movement of the ride, a brief period of hang time to heighten the thrill, but they quickly realized something was amiss.
A maximum height of 75 feet is required for the Lumberjack ride at Canada's Wonderland, which transports riders on "two swinging axe pendulums, propelling them into a looping 360 degree experience," according to the theme park.

Riders' Panic And Patience

The moment the ride came to an unexpected halt, panic and fear swept through the passengers. Being suspended 75 feet in the air, upside down, is a terrifying situation for anyone. Some riders screamed, while others clung tightly to the safety bars. Despite their fear, many passengers remained surprisingly calm, realizing that the best course of action was to stay still and wait for assistance.
Park staff immediately became aware of the situation and initiated their emergency protocols. They contacted the local fire department and emergency services, and park personnel rushed to the scene. Meanwhile, the riders continued to dangle in the air, their emotions oscillating between fear and hope.
People stuck upside down on a Lumberjack ride
People stuck upside down on a Lumberjack ride

Safety First - Investigation And Inspection

Following the incident, Canada's Wonderland took the matter seriously and launched a thorough investigation into what had caused the 'Lumberjack' ride to malfunction. Safety inspectors, ride engineers, and experts in amusement park ride systems were called in to examine the ride and its components.
Preliminary findings indicated that the issue was related to a mechanical malfunction in the ride's braking system, which had caused it to come to an abrupt stop. The braking system was designed to ensure a safe and controlled slowdown of the pendulum's swing, but in this case, it had failed.

Reassuring Park Guests

Canada's Wonderland, like many reputable amusement parks, places a high priority on guest safety. In the wake of the incident, park officials were quick to reassure visitors that the 'Lumberjack' ride would remain closed until a comprehensive review and necessary repairs were completed. This commitment to safety is a standard practice in the amusement park industry, where the well-being of guests is paramount.

The Psychological Impact On Riders

Being stuck upside down on a malfunctioning amusement park ride can have a lasting psychological impact on riders. Even after a successful rescue and a thorough safety inspection, some passengers may experience anxiety, nightmares, or reluctance to ride similar attractions in the future. Amusement parks often provide support and counseling services for guests who have experienced traumatic incidents on rides.

Lessons Learned And Ongoing Vigilance

The 'Lumberjack' ride incident serves as a reminder of the importance of regular ride inspections, maintenance, and safety protocols at amusement parks. While such incidents are relatively rare, they underscore the need for rigorous safety measures to protect park guests and ensure their peace of mind.
Amusement parks and ride manufacturers continuously learn from such incidents, improving ride designs and safety systems to prevent future malfunctions. Guests, too, are reminded to follow ride rules, use safety restraints properly, and report any concerns to park staff.

Amusement Park Safety Protocols And Inspections

Amusement parks are synonymous with fun, thrills, and memorable experiences. From towering roller coasters to dizzying spin rides, these attractions draw millions of visitors worldwide each year. However, amid the excitement and adventure, ensuring the safety of park guests is paramount. Amusement parks implement a wide range of safety protocols and inspections to guarantee that visitors can enjoy their rides with peace of mind.

The Responsibility Of Amusement Park Operators

Amusement park operators understand the weighty responsibility they bear when it comes to guest safety. They are entrusted with the well-being of countless thrill-seekers, including children, families, and adrenaline enthusiasts. To meet this responsibility, operators establish stringent safety protocols and inspection procedures that cover every aspect of park operations.

Ride Design And Engineering

The foundation of amusement park safety begins with the design and engineering of rides. Before a ride is even constructed, experienced engineers and designers meticulously plan its every detail. They take into account factors like structural integrity, rider restraints, emergency shutdown systems, and ride dynamics. The goal is to create attractions that are not only thrilling but also safe by design.

Regular Maintenance And Inspections

Once a ride is operational, it undergoes routine maintenance and inspections. Park maintenance teams meticulously check every component, from bolts and nuts to electrical systems and safety harnesses. Maintenance schedules are adhered to diligently, ensuring that rides are in optimal working condition at all times.
Inspections are typically performed by both in-house experts and external inspectors. These inspections cover a range of aspects, including structural integrity, electrical systems, hydraulics, and ride control systems. Inspectors scrutinize each component for wear and tear, and any issues identified are promptly addressed.

Daily Operational Checks

Before the park opens its gates to guests each day, ride operators conduct comprehensive operational checks. These checks include testing ride mechanics, control systems, and safety restraints. Ride operators receive thorough training to recognize even minor irregularities and are empowered to halt operations if any concerns arise.

Safety Regulations And Compliance

Amusement parks are subject to strict safety regulations and standards set forth by local, state, and federal authorities. Compliance with these regulations is non-negotiable, and operators work closely with regulatory agencies to ensure that their attractions meet or exceed all safety requirements.
Additionally, some countries have specific industry organizations, like the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), which provide guidelines and standards for ride safety. Parks often participate in industry associations to stay updated on the latest safety developments.

Emergency Response Procedures

Preparation for emergency situations is a critical aspect of safety protocols. Amusement parks have well-defined emergency response procedures that cover a range of scenarios, from medical emergencies to ride malfunctions. Park staff receive comprehensive training to ensure a swift and effective response.
In the event of a ride malfunction or breakdown, the priority is always guest safety. Rides are designed with multiple safety redundancies, including backup systems and emergency brakes. If necessary, park operators can manually stop rides and evacuate passengers safely.

Staff Training And Certification

Ride operators and park staff undergo extensive training and certification processes. They learn how to operate rides safely, recognize potential issues, and respond to emergencies. Regular refresher courses ensure that their knowledge remains up to date.
Amusement park ride
Amusement park ride

Height And Age Restrictions

Many rides have height and age restrictions to ensure that riders meet minimum physical requirements. These restrictions are in place to prevent situations where riders might be at risk due to their size or medical conditions. They are also intended to prevent small children from riding attractions that are not suitable for their age.

Safety Harnesses And Restraints

Safety harnesses and restraints are critical components of ride safety. Riders are instructed on how to secure themselves properly before a ride begins. Ride operators are responsible for confirming that all restraints are correctly fastened before starting the ride.

Guest Responsibility

Guests themselves play a role in their own safety. Following ride instructions, adhering to height and age restrictions, and using safety restraints correctly are essential responsibilities for park visitors. Disregarding these instructions can put both the rider and others in danger.

Incident Investigations And Improvements

In the rare event of a ride incident, thorough investigations are conducted. These investigations involve park management, regulatory agencies, and independent experts. The goal is to determine the cause of the incident and identify any lapses in safety protocols. Remedial actions are taken promptly to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Technological Advances In Ride Safety

Technology plays an increasingly significant role in amusement park safety. Ride control systems are becoming more advanced, allowing for real-time monitoring of ride performance. If any anomalies are detected, these systems can initiate safety protocols automatically.
Additionally, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are being used to enhance safety training for ride operators. VR simulations allow operators to practice emergency response procedures in realistic virtual environments.

Public Perception And Trust

Amusement parks are acutely aware that maintaining the trust of their visitors is vital. Public perception of safety is a key factor in the success of any park. Any negative incidents can have a profound impact on an amusement park's reputation, attendance, and even legal liabilities.


What Happened During The 'Lumberjack' Ride Incident At Canada's Wonderland?

During the incident, passengers on the 'Lumberjack' ride were left suspended upside down at a height of 75 feet for nearly 30 minutes due to a mechanical malfunction.

How Did The Riders React When The 'Lumberjack' Ride Stopped Abruptly?

When the ride malfunctioned, some riders screamed, while others clung to the safety bars. Panic and fear swept through the passengers.

What Impact Can Such Incidents Have On Riders?

Riders who experience incidents like this may suffer from anxiety, nightmares, or reluctance to ride similar attractions in the future.

How Did Canada's Wonderland Reassure Park Guests After The Incident?

The park reassured visitors that the 'Lumberjack' ride would remain closed until a comprehensive review and necessary repairs were completed.

What Lessons Can Be Learned From The Incident?

The incident underscores the importance of regular ride inspections, maintenance, and safety protocols at amusement parks to protect guests and ensure their peace of mind.

How Do Amusement Parks Typically Provide Support To Guests Who Have Experienced Traumatic Incidents On Rides?

Amusement parks often offer support and counseling services to riders who have undergone traumatic experiences on their attractions.

What Is The Overall Message Of The Incident Involving The 'Lumberjack' Ride?

The incident serves as a reminder of the need for rigorous safety measures in the amusement park industry to prevent future malfunctions and prioritize guest safety.


Canadian amusement park guests left 75 feet upside down for nearly 30 minutes on a ride. This incident was a harrowing experience for all involved. It highlighted the importance of rigorous safety protocols, rapid emergency response, and ongoing vigilance in the amusement park industry.
While the incident left a lasting impression on the riders and the park, it also served as a testament to the professionalism and expertise of the rescue teams and park personnel who worked together to ensure the safety and well-being of the stranded passengers. Ultimately, it is a reminder that the safety of amusement park guests remains paramount, and the industry is dedicated to learning from and preventing such incidents in the future.
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