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BotW Moblin Club - Exploring The Power And Versatility Of BotW Moblin Clubs

In this article, we will take a closer look at the BotW Moblin Club, its characteristics, and how to obtain it in BotW. Breath of the Wild (BotW) is a popular open-world game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles.

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the BotW Moblin Club, its characteristics, and how to obtain it in BotW. Breath of the Wild (BotW) is a popular open-world game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles.
One of the key aspects of the game is the variety of weapons that the player can use to defeat enemies and bosses. One such weapon is the Moblin Club, a massive and powerful club used by the Moblin enemies.

What Is A Moblin Club?

A Moblin Club is a weapon used by Moblins, which are large and aggressive enemies that appear throughout Hyrule in BotW. The club is made from a thick tree branch and is large enough to be wielded with both hands. It is an extremely heavy and powerful weapon, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies.
The Moblin Club is a two-handed weapon, meaning that it cannot be used in combination with a shield. Instead, players will need to rely on dodging or blocking with their other weapons or abilities to avoid incoming attacks.

Characteristics Of The Moblin Club

The Moblin Club has a few unique characteristics that set it apart from other weapons in the game. First and foremost, it is an extremely powerful weapon, capable of dealing a lot of damage with each swing. It also has a long reach, which makes it effective against enemies that are farther away.
However, the Moblin Club is also a very heavy weapon, which means that it is slower to swing than other weapons. This can make it difficult to use against faster enemies or when trying to dodge incoming attacks.
Another characteristic of the Moblin Club is that it has a relatively low durability compared to other weapons in the game. This means that it will break after being used for a certain amount of time, so players will need to be careful not to waste its durability on weak enemies or in situations where it is not necessary.

How To Obtain The Moblin Club

There are a few different ways to obtain a Moblin Club in BotW. The most common way is by defeating Moblin enemies, which can be found in various locations throughout the game. Moblins can be found in places like the Central Hyrule region, the Faron region, and the Gerudo Desert, among others.
When a Moblin is defeated, there is a chance that it will drop its club as loot. The drop rate for the club is not guaranteed, however, so players may need to defeat several Moblins before obtaining one.
Another way to obtain a Moblin Club is by purchasing one from a merchant. There are several merchants in the game that sell weapons and other items, including Moblin Clubs. However, the clubs sold by merchants are often more expensive than those obtained through defeating enemies.

Upgrades And Variations Of The Moblin Club

In Breath of the Wild, players can upgrade the Moblin Club by speaking to a certain NPC called Blacksmith Rohan. Rohan is located in the town of Tarrey Town, which can be accessed after completing the "From the Ground Up" side quest. To upgrade the Moblin Club, players will need to provide Rohan with specific materials, such as Flint, Moblin Fangs, and Moblin Horns.
Upgrading the Moblin Club increases its damage and durability, making it a more effective weapon in battle. The upgraded versions of the club are called the Spiked Moblin Club, the Mighty Moblin Club, and the Savage Moblin Club. The Savage Moblin Club is the most powerful version of the club and can deal massive damage to enemies.
There are also variations of the Moblin Club that have different elemental properties or other effects. For example, the Fire Moblin Club has a fiery effect that can set enemies on fire, while the Thunder Moblin Club has an electric effect that can shock enemies. These variations of the club can be found by defeating Moblin enemies in specific regions or by purchasing them from certain merchants.

Strategies For Using The Moblin Club

The Moblin Club's long reach and high damage make it a valuable weapon in many situations. One strategy for using the club is to use its long reach to attack enemies from a safe distance, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish them off. This strategy can be especially useful when facing enemies that are faster or more agile than the player.
Another strategy is to use the club in combination with other weapons or abilities. For example, the Stasis rune can be used to freeze an enemy in place, allowing the player to get in close and land a powerful blow with the Moblin Club. Alternatively, the club can be used to break an enemy's shield, allowing the player to follow up with a flurry of attacks.
Using the Moblin Club's heavy weight to stagger or knock down enemies is another effective strategy. By timing swings properly, players can knock enemies off balance and create openings for attacks. Additionally, the club's high damage can be used to take out multiple enemies at once, making it a useful weapon in group battles.

Moblin Club In Boss Battles

The Moblin Club can also be a valuable weapon in boss battles, especially against bosses that are weak to blunt weapons. For example, the Stone Talus boss is weak to blunt weapons like the Moblin Club, making it an effective weapon against this boss. Similarly, the Hinox boss can be defeated more easily with a blunt weapon like the Moblin Club.
Using the Moblin Club in boss battles can require careful timing and positioning. By studying the boss's movements and attack patterns, players can use the club's long reach and heavy weight to their advantage. In some cases, using the club to break a boss's shield or armor can create an opening for more powerful attacks.

Where To Find Moblins In BotW

Moblins can be found in various regions throughout BotW, but some areas have a higher concentration of these enemies than others.

Zelda Botw - Blue Moblin, Moblin Club, Yiga Blademaster, Windcleaver (Location, Master Mode).

For example, the Central Hyrule region has several Moblins that can be defeated to obtain Moblin Clubs. The Faron region is another good place to find Moblins, as is the Gerudo Desert region.
Additionally, some areas may have stronger or more heavily armored Moblins that are more difficult to defeat. These stronger Moblins may drop more powerful versions of the Moblin Club or other valuable items, making them a worthwhile challenge for skilled players.

Unique Ways To Use The Moblin Club

The club can be used to launch Link into the air by hitting it against the ground while standing on top of it. This technique is called "club surfing" and can be used to reach high places or travel across the map quickly.
Another fun way to use the Moblin Club is to play a game called "bowling for Bokoblins." In this game, players can use the club to knock over Bokoblins, which are small enemies that resemble goblins. The goal is to knock over as many Bokoblins as possible in a single swing, with bonus points awarded for hitting multiple enemies at once.
Finally, some players have found creative ways to use the Moblin Club to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles in the game. For example, the club can be used to break open rocks or smash through walls that would otherwise be impassable. Additionally, the club's long reach can be used to trigger switches or activate distant objects that are out of reach.

People Also Ask

How Do I Get A Savage Moblin Club In BotW?

To get a Savage Moblin Club in BotW, you need to upgrade a Moblin Club with Blacksmith Rohan in Tarrey Town using specific materials, including a Lynel Horn.

What Is The Strongest Moblin Club In Breath Of The Wild?

The strongest Moblin Club in Breath of the Wild is the Savage Moblin Club, which has a base attack power of 52.

Can The Moblin Club Be Repaired In BotW?

No, the Moblin Club cannot be repaired in BotW. However, it can be upgraded to stronger versions using materials obtained from defeating enemies.

Final Words

The BotW Moblin Club is a powerful weapon that can be a valuable addition to a player's arsenal in BotW. It has unique characteristics that make it effective against certain enemies and situations, but also has some limitations that players should be aware of.
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