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Bitplanets Similar Multiplayer RTS Games

RTS games provide an excellent means of escaping reality. You can enter any world you want, depending on the game's type and environment. As technology advances, so do games.

Author:Al Dente & Tony Soprano
Reviewer:Maxwell Canvas
Feb 17, 2022
RTS games provide an excellent means of escaping reality. You can enter any world you want, depending on the game's type and environment. As technology advances, so do games.
With their creative abilities for io card games, the developers of free online games strive to create a brand new game every time. Through free online games like "Real-Time Strategy," you can hone your creativity, leadership, and decision-making abilities.
Bitplanetsis a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game based on space and the universe that provide an excellent means of escaping reality.
Formation of planets in space, which differ in colors and sizes
Formation of planets in space, which differ in colors and sizes
The game's objective is to conquer all of the universe's planets. This game is playable on any device, including your smartphone.
Bitplanets is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, Android, Linux, iPhone, and Mac. The unique feature of this game is that it can be played directly from the website without the need to register or install anything. This is one of the best unblocked space io games available in 2020.
This game features two modes: standard and domination. The game lasts only 15 minutes in standard mode. And at this point, the player with the most planets wins the game. Alternatively, in domination mode, the game will end when the player achieves complete ownership of all planets, which is 100%.
Bitplanets' primary goal is to climb to the top of the leaderboard. You are mistaken if you believe that reaching the top will allow you to relax and feel secure. Numerous players will begin stalking you immediately upon reaching the top of Bitplanets.
Bitplanets can be played here through this site:
If you like to play Bitplanets similar multiplayer RTS games, you can try Alien Caseno and Space Warfare.

Bitplanets Similar Multiplayer RTS Games

Alien Caseno

Alien Caseno is a very silly and amusing low-poly experience in which you explore an alien re-imagining of a human casino games, complete with strange aliens and small notes expressing the aliens' wonderfully naive view of human behavior.
Alien Caseno's casinois more of an alien museum piece than a working casino. It's a place where aliens come to learn about the strange customs of "humans," who appear to enjoy visiting "Caseno's," playing "Ponker," using "Odd Money Machines," and eating "Peetzer." Needless to say, the aliens made a few errors in their re-interpretation of what happens in a casino, but in reality, it makes for a much more enjoyable visit! While it's more of an experience than a game, as you're unable to interact with anything, it's a lot of fun exploring the casino and checking out all the wonderfully strange aliens packed with personality.
This endearing, vibrant, and silly alien casino is a delight to explore, brimming with eccentric characters, great humor, and hidden little secrets. If you're looking for Bitplanets similar game, we strongly recommend Alien Caseno, a vibrant little spot where everyone wins.

Space Warfare

Space Warfare is a straightforward strategy game in which the players conquers planets and builds mines and factories. Automatically, battles with the enemy, ship construction, and movement occur.
In the Game, There Are Four Different Types Of Factories.
  • Frigate manufacturing facility. The frigate is the most straightforward and fastest type of ship.
  • Cruisers are manufactured at this factory. A cruiser is a ship of moderate strength.
  • Shipbuilding factory. The battleship is a large ship that takes a long time to build, but it is capable of easily defeating frigates.
  • Starbase manufacturing facility. The starbase protects the planet; if it is destroyed, a replacement starbase is constructed immediately.
  • Because the player is not responsible for unit construction or battle control, he can concentrate exclusively on factory and mine construction and improvement. The player's primary responsibility is to establish an appropriate order of precedence.
  • Maps that are generated randomly and can be completed using a variety of tactics.
  • Battles involving hundreds of units on a large scale.
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