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Betty Lyrics By Taylor Swift - Fan Theories And Lyrics Explained

Let's dive into the fan theories surrounding the song, including the Teenage Love Triangle theory, the Bisexuality theory, and the Blake Lively Third Baby Name theory. By examining the Betty lyrics, statements from Taylor Swift herself, and various interpretations, we aim to shed light on the multiple dimensions and meanings attributed to "Betty."

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Taylor Swift's folklorealbum has captivated fans with its introspective and storytelling nature. Among the 16 tracks, one song that has sparked numerous fan theories is "Betty."
Let's dive into the fan theories surrounding the song, including the Teenage Love Triangle theory, the Bisexuality theory, and the Blake Lively Third Baby Name theory. By examining the Betty lyrics, statements from Taylor Swift herself, and various interpretations, we aim to shed light on the multiple dimensions and meanings attributed to "Betty."

The Teenage Love Triangle Theory

The Teenage Love Triangle theory revolves around the connection between three songs on the album: "Cardigan," "Betty," and "August." Taylor Swift confirmed this theory during a live chat, revealing that these songs explore a love triangle from different perspectives at different times.
Taylor Swift's Confirmation On The Teenage Love Triangle Theory On Her Instagram Post
Taylor Swift's Confirmation On The Teenage Love Triangle Theory On Her Instagram Post
Fans have noted the parallels in the lyrics, such as the references to cobblestones in "Betty" and "Cardigan," which further support the theory.
For instance, in "Betty," which is told from James' perspective, there is a notable line that goes, "I was walking home on broken cobblestones / Just thinking of you." On the other hand, "cardigan," from Betty's viewpoint, includes references to cobblestones in its opening lines: "Vintage tee, brand new phone / High heels on cobblestones."
The lyrics in "Cardigan" provide insight into Betty's perspective, with lines such as "Chase two girls, lose the one / When you are young, they assume you know nothing / But I knew you." In contrast, the lyrics in "Betty" reflect James' viewpoint, with phrases like "I'm only seventeen, I don't know anything / But I know I miss you."
Swift dropped hints about this concept in an Instagram note discussing her album, where she mentioned blending her personal experiences with fictional narratives in folklore. It is worth noting that she specifically alluded to "Betty" with the line, "a seventeen-year-old standing on a porch, learning how to apologize."
This interconnected narrative adds depth and complexity to the album, showcasing Swift's storytelling prowess.
Each song in the trio contributes to a different aspect of the love triangle.
"Cardigan" introduces the perspective of the narrator, who longs for a lost love. "August" shifts the viewpoint to the other person involved, recounting a passionate summer fling. Finally, "Betty" offers the remorseful teenager's perspective, attempting to apologize for betraying Betty's trust.
These contrasting narratives, presented with emotional depth and vivid imagery, immerse listeners in the complexities of teenage relationships.
Swift's ability to capture distinct perspectives in her songwriting allows fans to immerse themselves in the narrative and empathize with the characters. The Teenage Love Triangle theory adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling within "Betty" and elevates the overall thematic coherence of the folklorealbum.

The Bisexuality Theory

The Bisexuality theory emerged from fans' interpretations of "Betty" as a hint towards Taylor Swift's own sexuality. Swift's propensity for blurring the lines between fact and fiction in her songwriting has led fans to speculate about her personal experiences and feelings.
Some listeners interpret the use of a male perspective in "Betty" as a reflection of Swift's own bisexuality. Additionally, references to the queer community in Swift's past work, such as the colors of the bisexual flag in the "You Need to Calm Down" musicvideo, have further fueled this theory.

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

However, it's crucial to note that Swift has explicitly identified herself as an ally of the LGBTQA+ community and has denied any intention of queerbaiting. She has emphasized the importance of understanding the difference between advocating and baiting, showing her commitment to genuine support and representation.
One fan theory suggests that "Betty" may be connected to Taylor Swift's rumored secret romance with model Karlie Kloss. For years, fans have speculated about the nature of their relationship, although neither Swift nor Kloss has confirmed or denied the rumors.
Given Swift's penchant for drawing from her personal experiences in her music, fans have interpreted "Betty" as a possible reflection of the emotions and complexities associated with their rumored romance.
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift
While the Karlie Kloss Theory remains speculative, it highlights the impact of Swift's personal life on her songwriting and the way fans actively engage with her music to uncover hidden narratives and connections.
While the ambiguity in Swift's songwriting allows for various interpretations, the Bisexuality theory provides an additional layer of complexity to the discussions surrounding "Betty."
Fans' engagement with the Bisexuality theory reflects the impact of Swift's music and her ability to resonate with diverse audiences. By navigating the realms of personal and fictional narratives, Swift invites listeners to connect with her artistry on a profound and emotional level.

The Blake Lively Third Baby Name Theory

Fans have also connected "Betty" to the mystery surrounding the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' third daughter.
Swift's inclusion of the names James and Inez, Lively and Reynolds' two other children, in the lyrics of "Betty" has led to speculation that she may reveal the name of their third child on her album.
Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds With Their Two Kids
Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds With Their Two Kids
As Swift shares a close friendship with the couple, fans eagerly anticipate whether she will offer a subtle nod to their family in her music.
While Lively and Reynolds have maintained privacy regarding their third child's name and birth date, Swift's inclusion of their daughters' names showcases her affection for her friends' children. The potential connection between "Betty" and the Blake Lively Third Baby Name theory adds an element of intrigue for fans who enjoy unraveling the connections and hidden meanings in Swift's music.

Betty Lyrics And Meaning

Having explored the various speculations surrounding Taylor Swift's "Betty," it is now time to delve into a line-by-line interpretation of the song, unraveling its emotional depth and narrative intricacies.
Each lyric holds significance in painting a vivid picture of a teenage love triangle, and through close analysis, we can uncover the raw emotions, personal introspection, and relatable experiences that Swift masterfully weaves into her storytelling.
Verse 1
Taylor Swift introduces the character of Betty, whom she refers to as her "friend." However, Taylor is reluctant to acknowledge the truth that Betty moved out of their shared space because of something Taylor did. The exact reason behind Betty's departure remains a mystery, but Taylor hints at her own involvement in the situation.
Rumors about Taylor's actions begin to circulate, and she believes that Inez, another person involved in the story, is the one spreading these falsehoods. Taylor accuses Inez of being a habitual liar, but this time, the rumors happen to be true. This revelation adds to Taylor's guilt and intensifies the mystery surrounding her actions towards Betty.
The first chorus of the song sheds light on why Betty is furious with Taylor Swift. It becomes apparent that a love triangle is at the heart of the conflict. Taylor questions, "Was it just a summer thing? / I'm only seventeen, I don't know anything."
It becomes clear that Taylor had a brief romantic involvement with Betty's boyfriend, which explains Betty's anger and avoidance of Taylor. Taylor attributes her actions to her youthful naivety and immaturity.
Furthermore, the chorus marks a significant milestone in Taylor Swift's discography as it includes her first explicit language, with the use of the "F" word. This bold choice contributes to the album Folklorebeing labeled as her first explicit release.
Verse 2
In the second verse, Taylor recounts the events surrounding the infidelity. It takes place during a school dance where everyone is enjoying themselves. Betty and her boyfriend are dancing to their favorite song, a scene that Taylor witnesses. However, as the night progresses, Taylor finds herself in the arms of Betty's boyfriend.
After the encounter, Taylor walks home on "broken cobblestones," symbolizing the emotional pain resulting from her mistake. To make matters more complicated, Betty unexpectedly drives by and offers Taylor a ride home. The lyrics feature a dialogue where Betty says, "James, get in, let's drive." This unexpected turn of events raises questions about Taylor's state of shock and whether her subconscious replaced her name with the name James in the lyrics.
Verse 3
Now, Taylor Swift is determined to apologize to Betty and gathers the courage to confront her. As Taylor approaches Betty's doorstep, she anticipates the outcome of their encounter, fully aware of the complexity of their relationship.
Taylor decides to make amends by showing up at a party, hoping to address the situation directly.
In an unexpected twist, Taylor arrives at the party, only to realize that it is Betty's boyfriend's celebration. Whether Betty is present remains uncertain. Conflicting emotions flood Taylor's mind as she contemplates what will happen when she finally faces him. Will he reject her or embrace her with a kiss?
It becomes evident that Taylor harbors feelings for the boy with whom she had the fling. This infatuation is further explored in the preceding track on the album, "August." However, Taylor's focus in the present moment is not on Betty but on seeking a more meaningful and lasting connection with this boy.
The lyrics of "Betty" have given rise to several fan theories and interpretations. Now, Let's look at how the lyrics go:
Betty, I won’t make assumptions
About why you switched your homeroom, but
I think it’s ’cause of me
Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard
When I passed your house It’s like I couldn’t breathe
You heard the rumors from Inez
You can’t believe a word she says
Most times, but this time it was true
The worst thing that I ever did
Was what I did to you
But if I just showed up at your party
Would you have me?
Would you want me?
Would you tell me to go fuck myself
Or lead me to the garden?
In the garden, would you trust me
If I told you it was just a summer thing?
I’m only seventeen, I don’t know anything
But I know I miss you

Taylor Swift – betty (Official Lyric Video)

People Also Ask

What Song Is From Betty's Perspective?

Cardigan. Within the context of the teenage love triangle, the narrative unfolds through the perspectives of three individuals: James, Betty, and Augustina. While James' viewpoint is depicted in the song "Betty" and Augustina's in "August," it is "Cardigan" that allows us to delve into Betty's perspective, providing insights into her experiences years later.

Who Is Betty In The Song Betty?

There has been speculation suggesting that "Betty" refers to Karlie Kloss, with some fans theorizing that their relationship went beyond mere friendship. It is widely known that Kloss made a discreet entrance into Swift's apartment, and many believe that Swift's song "Cornelia Street" also alludes to their connection.

Who Is Taylor Swift Talking About In The Song Betty?

In a press release, Taylor Swift provided insight into the subject of the song saying, "So, the song 'Betty' is about a 17-year-old named James learning to apologize, because James has lost the love of his life basically and doesn't understand how to get it back."


In conclusion, the analysis of the Betty lyrics offers a fascinating glimpse into Taylor Swift's ability to craft a compelling narrative filled with emotional depth and relatable experiences. The song's exploration of a teenage love triangle, conveyed through each line's introspection and vivid imagery, captivates listeners and invites them to delve into the complexities of relationships and the vulnerabilities of youth.
The interpretations and theories surrounding "Betty" showcase the power of Swift's storytelling and the impact her music has on her fans. From speculations about her personal experiences to connections with other aspects of her life and friendships, the song has ignited discussions and allowed listeners to connect on a deeper level with the artist.
As we examine each line, we uncover the nuances and layers of emotion woven into the fabric of "Betty." It serves as a testament to Swift's songwriting prowess and her ability to evoke powerful emotions and create relatable narratives that resonate with her audience.
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