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Best Spells For Eldritch Knight In Dungeons & Dragons

Adventurer, Are you about to begin a new campaign, or did your last character die? You are probably researching how to optimize your (future) Eldritch Knight in 5e if you are reading this. Here are the best spells for Eldritch Knight available in the 5th edition D&D in this article.

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Adventurer, Are you about to begin a new campaign, or did your last character die? You are probably researching how to optimize your (future) Eldritch Knight in 5e if you are reading this. Here are the best spells for Eldritch Knightavailable in the 5th edition D&D in this article.

Eldritch Knight Spells 5e

Here is a list of the best spells for Eldritch Knight in DnD 5e.


Blur is one of the few level 2 defensive spells that can rival the competition. It is one of the most effective spells for Eldritch Knights. Blur has minimal to no drawbacks, and if you are on the front lines, it is your most valuable defensive asset.

Absorb Elements

Choosing between Blur and Absorb Elements is extremely difficult for people. Some prefer Blur because they find it to be more useful overall. Some may disagree and argue that Absorb Elements is the most effective spell for an Eldritch Knight.
Regardless of your position, you must possess both. Absorb Elements is a level 1 spell that provides you with a variety of additional defensive options in certain combat situations. If your DM favors elemental spells, this is an excellent counter.

Misty Step

Misty Step frequently appears on such lists. This concludes this top three Eldritch Knight spells for 5e D&D. Even though this is not a very flashy spell, it is very useful for players who are creative.
In Dungeons & Dragons, conjuration is an excellent choice for Bladelock builds. The fact that it is a bonus action is also advantageous for action economy and utility.

Top 10 Eldritch Knight Spells In DnD 5e


Unsurprisingly, this is yet another defensive spell that prevents incoming damage. The Shield is excellent if you intend to be one of your party's front liners, Eldritch Knight or not.
It allows you to withstand more hits and avoid having to retreat when the combat becomes intense. It should not be confused with other shield spells, such as the Shield of Faith.

People Also Ask

What Spells Should An Eldritch Knight Learn?

The Eldritch Knight gains access to the best defensive spells in the game: Shield, Absorb Elements, Blur, Mirror Image, etc. are all extremely effective means of preventing your heavily armored Fighter from taking damage in combat.

What Race Makes The Best Eldritch Knight?

High Half-Elf - This is arguably the best racial option for the Eldritch Knight because you can increase all three relevant ability scores while still gaining Booming Blade at first level.

What Are Eldritch Knights Good At?

Eldritch Knights can obtain extremely high AC (plate+shield+shield spell = 25) and have access to area-of-effect and control spells. Decide on the role you wish to play in your party, and construct it accordingly. They are ideal for Tanking and Skirmishing, as well as dealing with hoards.


Above is the list of best spells for Eldritch Knight in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. It is simple to deduce from the preceding list what kind of theme you are pursuing when selecting your magic.
The nature of Eldritch Knight spells is defensive. There are a few notable exceptions, such as the Fireball, that deal damage.
The best spells for your Eldritch Knight are those that can be cast frequently, function quickly, and have a potent effect that can get you out of danger quickly or allow you to absorb additional damage so you can stay in the fightlonger.
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