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Best Lotion For Masturbation In 2023 - According To Sex Experts

To avoid complications and health risks, people should only use the best and safest masturbation lotions. This article will help you discover the best lotion for masturbation available on the market according to sex experts.

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Searching for the best lotion for masturbation? You've come to the right place.
Lubricants, also known as lubes or lotion, can make sexual practices more joyful, exciting, comfortable, and memorable by reducing friction.
Some options are acceptable to use, while others should be avoided.
To avoid complications and health risks, people should only use the best and safest masturbation lotions.
This article will help you discoverthe best lotion for masturbation available on the market according to sexexperts.

Masturbation Fast Facts

10 Stimulating Facts about Masturbation

Before we proceed to the list of best lotions for masturbation. Let us first give you a quick overview of what masturbation really is.
For many people, masturbation is something they don't like to talk about. It is, however, not a bad thing. Many people have different views on masturbation and different ways of engaging in it.
Masturbation is defined as the self-stimulation of the genitals in order to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm (sexual climax).
Touching, stroking, or massaging the penis or clitoris until an orgasm occurs is a common method. Some women masturbate using vaginal stimulation or "sex toys" such as a vibrator.
Masturbation is a practice that has numerous advantages. It is an excellent way to show yourself some love while also learning more about your body.
Almost everybody. Masturbation is a common occurrence, even among people who have a sex partner. In one national survey, 95 percent of men and 89 percent of women admitted to masturbating.
Masturbation is the first sexual act that most males and females experience. Masturbation is a natural part of a child's exploration of the body. Most people continue to masturbate as adults, and many do so for the rest of their lives.
Whether you are masturbating alone, with porn, or with your partner, it is a practice that can lead to incredible orgasms that leave you feeling relieved.
Masturbation is a great way to start the day for some, and a great way to end the day before bed for others.
Others live for the opportunity to rub one out in the middle of the day. The act of self-pleasure can greatly assist you in maintaining a balanced mindset.

Best Lotion For Masturbation

A man sitting on the toilet bowl with an erotic magazine on his lap and some masturbation lotion on its background
A man sitting on the toilet bowl with an erotic magazine on his lap and some masturbation lotion on its background
Whether you're a guy or a girl, knowing the best masturbation lotions can improve your experience and make you feel more at ease.
Lubrication can help ladies combat vaginal dryness during masturbation, while it can help guys reduce the risk of chaffing.
Thus, if you want to masturbate and want a lotion that feels good, is easy to clean up, and isn't too expensive.
According to sex experts, these are the best lotion for masturbation in terms of price, feel, and quality to improve your sex life.

Shibari Lubricant

Shibari Lubricant on top of a white cloth
Shibari Lubricant on top of a white cloth
Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant is the ideal product for you. In terms of ingredients, it is a 100 percent water-based lube that is nearly free of potentially harmful components.
The ingredients include glycerine, water, carboxymethylcellulose, glycol, and others. It is not only smooth and slippery when combined; it is also beneficial to vaginal or penis hygiene.
While it has a taste similar to black licorice, it has no odor or color. Its thin, water-based formula makes it a long-lasting product. This is neither a gel nor a liquid, but it is definitely something in the middle.
This is a liquid gel, and it is an excellent example of a high-quality lube. Other advantages include the fact that it is washable and compatible with latex condoms and toys.


  • 100% water-based
  • Fine, soft, and fluid consistency
  • Combats dryness and inflammation of the vagina
  • Supplies a reasonable quantity of lube in every session
  • Non-staining and light to remove
  • Great for delicate and smooth skin

Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel

Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel on top of the table along with phone, sunglasses, plant, accessories and charger
Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel on top of the table along with phone, sunglasses, plant, accessories and charger
We don't need to tell you how much people adore Astroglide because it's a household name at this point. This is the brand's extra thick water-based lubricant, which is particularly long-lasting and suitable for masturbation.
It works with all sex toys and latex condoms. It is also unscented, simple to clean, and does not leave a residue on your sheets like silicone lubricants.


  • Thick, durable formula
  • Odorless
  • Almost tasteless
  • Condom-compatible
  • Compatible with all sex toys
  • Easy to clean
  • No stains on sheet metal or other surfaces

Swiss Navy Premium

Swiss Navy Premium bottle with blue label
Swiss Navy Premium bottle with blue label
Swiss Navy Premium has all of the features you're looking for in a great masturbation lube. It is long-lasting, non-tacky, and non-marking, has an ergonomic flip-flop container, and, perhaps most importantly, is reasonably priced.
When you lubricate your skin before massaging, it will initially become extremely soft and supple. It begins to condense with the warmth of your body over time, which gives you the most pleasure.


  • Applies to both solo and couple sex.
  • A great body massage lubricant.
  • Based on organic oil.
  • Sensational and long-lasting.
  • Agricultural pack design.
  • No smell or taste at all.
  • No hard stains.
  • It comes in a 5-oz. handy pack.

Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

Gun stroke bottles with words stroke 29 on its label
Gun stroke bottles with words stroke 29 on its label
Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the pleasure of a non-greasy and smooth solution while masturbating.
It's designed to be slippery, and it gets better the more you rub it on your genitals. As a result, it is intended to provide you with a steamy masturbation experience that will quickly elevate you to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.


  • It is supplied in a collapsible tube which makes it easy to handle.
  • It envelops your skin evenly and forms a lubricating solution.
  • Just a few drops of this lubricant are enough to last a long time.
  • The unique combination of the lubricant’s friction and the warmth of your hand allows you to reach the height of sexual ecstasy in no time at all.

Nooky Water-Based Lube

Nooky Lube black bottle with box
Nooky Lube black bottle with box
Nooky Lubricant's ingredients list completely excludes three potentially hazardous components: glycerin, paraben, and petrochemicals. Although we recognize that the lack of glycerin necessitates more lubrication, it is far safer.
This lube has been described as satiny, with virtually no rubbing discomfort during an intense sexual experience. We believe that younger couples who have just completed the first few sessions of intimate lovemaking will find this extremely beneficial.


  • Has no toxic components
  • Oil-free
  • Ultra-soft and supple
  • Works well with all toys and sex accessories
  • No adverse health reaction
  • Simple to wash
  • It does not stain or deposit any residue

People Also Ask

Why Is Masturbation So Important?

Masturbation relieves stress, improves your mood, and allows you to relax more effectively. Masturbation's relaxing effect has also been linked to improved sleep quality. Self and mutual masturbation are effective methods of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while still providing sexual pleasure.

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Masturbation is natural and can be a beneficial way to learn about your own body. In fact, it's the most risk-free way to have sexual pleasure — there's no risk of pregnancy or STDs.

What Should A Man Do After Masturbating With Lotion?

It differs from masturbating without lotion in that men must clean up the lotion after masturbating with it so that it does not feel sticky on their underwear. Or, because masturbating with lotion is pleasurable, some men would go for another round.


We have now completed our list of the best masturbation lotions according to sex experts. These are the products you should look into if you want to keep your sex life happy and content while still masturbating.
Having the right, safe, and best masturbation lotion can make a big difference in your ability to fully enjoy the act of self-pleasure. These lotions have all been thoroughly tested by sex experts who can attest that they truly are the best masturbation lotions.
We recommend trying these out to see which one works best for you and your wanking needs. The right masturbation lotion can make a big difference, and these products are proof of that.
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